I watched the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Live-Action Movie

Here’s my thoughts after seeing Takashi Miike’s live action Jojo Part 4 Movie, as discussed on SBFC.

Woolie Versus:
Vergil, waifus, and stands are real.
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JustSomeGuy says:

I saw a few clips from the japanese warner bothers channel. I just have to say this, crazy diamond doing his “DORA” barrage sounds like a robot.

JashDoesThimgs says:

have they announced a limited north american run of this movie or am i just going to have to watch this illegally

Soul Semblance says:

How does King Crimson Work?

DrFunk98 says:

When is this coming out in U.S theaters, everything i’ve tried to find of it, has been confusing, and has not stated it, the only thing i got, was the imdb page, and it says it came out on the 17th of august, but didnt list any theaters, can anyone help? PLEASE!!

Senketz Gaming says:

joseph: next you’ll say i dio blood shouldn’t bring me back.

Loli Raviolli says:

so…..where the fuck is my fucking torrent

Travis Boswell says:

Why is Woolie a villain in a Matrix film?

Danker Tortise says:

Where did he watch it tho? Where can i watch it?

Rexodiak says:

on the actual premier they better feature a trailer for part 5 anime

TheMaster100 says:

I haven’t seen it yet

Chris Cuthbertson says:

Oh yeah, no come on, they totally did DiU because the entire cast, minus Joseph is Japanese. If we were to ever get an adaptation of Parts 1-3, it’d need to be directed by Terry Gilliam or Edgar Wright.

Zeatheon says:

Where can I watch and download the movie?

Isaiah Lattimore says:

Get a feeling so complicated…

ChocoKaylaRobin says:

so we’re not getting any Joseph…..okay

Mike fizzled says:

That actor at 4:25 is Jun Kunimura. Fantastic in The Wailing. Was also in Kill Bill.

Captain Lackwit says:

Woolie Goldberg.

Mark Watts says:

Question, timestop sound. Is it the same from the 2000s anime?

Demi-Fiend of Time says:

Use king crimson to avoid spoilers

phoenixsplash135 says:

Woolie looks like a fucking douche in those glasses with his hood up

「The Planet 」 says:

“Another one bites the dust bursts through the window” I’m not going to be a cock here, you obviously meant sheer heart attack. End of.

Accel says:

Sounds like a cheap adaption and shit movie since they skipped all over the place.

Archer Bennington says:

Hey it’s supposed to come out today. Anyone have a link to where I can watch it?

Josuke Higashikata says:

Did crazy diamond and star platinum do their stand cries?

Edgar Quek says:

Woolie you know exactly why they didn’t make a part 1 movie, they’ve already made a part 1 movie that cut out so much to the point where Araki had all copies destroyed and never released it on home video.

Johnny Blade says:

The only time I can watch a twitch VOD.

orinpax1 says:

where can I watch this at?

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