IMPOSSIBLY FORGETTABLE: Mission Impossible Fallout Review – Movie Podcast

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This week Adam and the boys review Mission: Impossible Fallout and discuss Tom Cruise’s death wish, modern action movie tropes, what the hell happened in the previous installments, and other action picks for you to watch this weekend!

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easy414 says:

Yay for moviepass

Jacob Shepler says:

During the scene where they are looking for the the second bomb in the medical camp, all of the X-ray machines and other equipment is interfering with them finding the bomb. Simon Pegg finds a block called “X-ray radiation”. The radiation comes from the X-ray beam, not a block that would give everyone around it stage 5 ass cancer. I’m an X-ray tech and was the only nerd who noticed it in the theater. I understand it was a quick bit to keep the movie going, but this was just funny to me. Good movie and love the reviews!

United States of Nerd says:

Weirdly, the soundtrack for the first MI film is credited to Artie Kane, but if you look at the track list all of them are credited to Danny Elfman.

GordoRamsei says:

Lorne Balfe is actually very famous.

SaucyNinja007 says:

What? Henry Cavill was awful in this! Wooden acting the whole time, no skills to really rival Tom Cruise.

WarpStarKirby says:

Bruce had it right, it’s pronounced “Raish al ghul”

Nathan Algren says:

you guys are super dull, im out

mmosop says:

Is john smith a pedo cuz he sure looks like one………

Yo Dawgz Gaming says:

An entire podcast about Mission Impossible and nobody mentions how they’re all so much better than every Bond flick since Casino Royale?

JMC 3147 says:

Somebody did die though…

Wheoacskeely says:

I loved the stunts in this movie, but damn it went downhill towards the end. The “15 minute” countdown drove me nuts.

reach9111 says:

Honestly thought that was a real Rahoul

Kevin Korenke says:

Sorry, its just not possible for me to suspend disbelief with all the over the top action that was obvious CG trash. Action for the sake of action makes for a forgettable movie that does not deserve my money.

TreesandLeaves says:

the true fallout bethesda never gave us

Chase Novak says:

Ya’ll are sleeping on Rogue Nation. Very good MI movie.

Aaron Lyman says:

I’m from America and I didn’t even fuckin know what a D box was

metalgamer 817 says:

It’s pronounced raysh but I like Ras more.

JAFO-PTY says:

I was surprised to see Tom Cruise riding bikes and piloting helicopters and skydiving in the movie.

GamingByteTv says:

Well aren’t you just a delightful edge Lord?

Jacob Shepler says:

Watching Henry Cavil absolutely tank the punches from dough boy Alec Baldwin was hilarious and badass all at the same time. Loved the action in this film.

Valkyrie27 says:

Just my opinion, id really like them to stay in this format for Dude Soup….

emersonleon85 says:

Ok so I saw the movie last night. I liked it but the 15 minute timer at the end took soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long! Lol it was like 40 minutes of the film

Ed Aka Demarcus says:

Nothin like a cold Pepsi with a bag of hot Cheetos to kill me In my sleep

ScuzoidMelee says:

Shut that cunts mouth before I come over there and fuckstart her face.

Way of the Gun was great.

Joseph Su'a says:

24 is the shit yo!

Badass Dan says:

DBOX sounds dirty

Mateus Brito says:

stop showing the movie on this small screen, please!!!

metalgamer 817 says:

Favorite movie of the year for me. Didn’t think I’d like a film more than Infinity War.

lastwolflord says:

I’m one of those few that just doesn’t care one bit about the mission impossible movies. I have seen like the first 3 and just stopped caring.

NickBD says:

Interesting Rogue Nation not getting much love, I thought (not seen this one yet) was the highlight of the series.

MAtchSticK says:

Lorne Balfe. He’s composed scores for the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Justin Price says:

Lorne balfe did the soundtracks for assassin’s creed 3 and revelations

Sam Goldstein says:

When the film ended, my theater clapped. I haven’t been in many films where the end of the movie gets a round of applause. This movie isn’t perfect, but god damnit it’s a fantastic movie. It’s entertaining throughout, it’s gorgeous, it’s funny when it wants to be and dramatic when it wants to be. My only complaint is that the movie is somewhat exhausting to watch. By the end of the movie, I was still having a great time, but I also was ready for the movie to end, because of how unbelievably real the stunts are. You feel it every time Cruise gets punched or hit by a car, etc. Also, that bathroom fight scene is the best scene in the movie BY FAR. It blew me away. That scene was absolutely perfect.

Drunken Robot says:

Mission Impossible
MI4: Ghost Protocol
MI5: Rogue Nation
MI6: Fallout


Humberto Guzman says:

To be fair….he was trying to save ONE THIRD of the world in this movie. Just sayin’…

Cesar Cerda says:

Honestly one of the best action movies I’ve ever seen. See it in imax if you haven’t already.

snafu xxx says:

Lawrence rockin that liberal librarian look

PulseR HD Gaming says:

Poll: have you seen :Mission Impossible Fallout

Arcadius 256 says:

Call me a hater but I don’t see the reason behind advertising erectile dysfunction pills when discussing a Mission Impossible movie…

Extra Terresria says:

The second mission impossible is absolutely horrible

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