IS THIS THE BEST LIVE ACTION ANIME MOVIE?! – Netflix’s Bleach Movie Review



Many Anime fans cringe when they hear the words “LIVE ACTION ANIME MOVIE”, but somehow, this movie is the exception? With all the rave reviews it has been getting, what is it about this movie that makes it stand out compared to other adaptations? Let’s find out as Robyn reviews Netflix’s BLEACH Live Action from Warner Bros. Japan.








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Anime America started out as a podcast created by Bradly Kingston and starring him, Anastazia Copeland, and the channel’s current host Robyn Barry-Cotter. Robyn now runs the production with Shannen, Hannah, Lark, Tara, and occasionally Brad as they review Anime and make Top 10 lists!






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Sonic171000 says:

Good movie.

Luis Lopez says:

Is it just me, or do almost all live-action movies based on cartoons, including anime, suck?

Anthro Wolf says:

Atleast it it seems like they actually watched the anime

Yahiko says:

3:43 yes yes i do

NeoZeoHenshin says:

If you liked Sota Fukushi’s performance, check out Kamen Rider Fourze as he plays the Friendship gathering hero ^_^

Majora Uchiha says:

Quite honestly, I’ve only seen the movies tbh. Read the entire manga tho. #AnimateBloodWar

Cool Guy says:

A live action Bleach movie? I feel HOLLOW inside!

soap randle says:

Weren’t you going to do a Ms. Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid review? Bc I’m very curious on your thoughts on it!!

Kiriay Troust says:

I didn’t have too many problems with this one until it got closer to the end of the movie itself & even then, they were minor issues. And I think it was in part to me getting a little tired from how long the movie was & just how much was crammed into it.

AlphaXTitania says:

This was honestly the best live action adaptation I’ve ever seen. The actors played their parts well, the choreography was good, the music fit perfectly, and they even made the Hollows feel real. My only worry is that it won’t hold up in later arcs when things start getting crazy.

MoonflowerX3 says:

I agree with the Bleach live action movie being pretty good. Sure, there were some things that made me raise an eyebrow and go “okayyy?” but otherwise, it was pretty enjoyable overall.

RLynnT says:

Top 10 satisfying deaths

wafflepancake 666 says:

Anime chin problem or not?

Sarah Telles says:

I kinda liked it. I already went in knowing that it was a season reduced to movie format and it wasn’t going to be perfect.

Joven C says:

Best live action adaptation: Hentai Kamen 1&2

Xavier Triggs says:

Why have people learned this lesson yet, live action versions of anime don’t work.

Michael Stethem says:

I don’t have Netflix so I hope this film gets a dvd/blu ray release.

Ricky Torres says:

The first half was pretty accurate.. The latter half went down the toilet A bit but ended in an acceptable way… I was really disappointed in some of costume department choices.. Like A few characters could have had their hair done more manga/anime accurate Rukia being one..

Duffy Boi says:

I agree with your husband Robyn. SOUL SOCIETY ARC!!!!!

Jason Dembowski Jr says:

What’s with the bowsette tag?

EJ Elec Flame Tails says:

So Megan became Genocider, Hannah became Lucy, and Robyn is… Yuno… I don’t even know what Terumi is

damrod says:

I actually kind of liked the bleach movie yes…
Granted, it tried to cram a lot of stuff in the movie but overall it was a good one. Still wanna see more as i am curious how they would show the bankai part and the different trainings ( and lets not forget more kidou and kurotsuchi or toshirou as well ). They even showed a small bit of soul society so if all goes well there should be a second movie after a while right?
If they come to the byakuya vs ichigo rematch, that will be a lot of fun at that point.

Ivellios says:

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I heard Kubo was planning to end Bleach at the end of the Soul Society arc, he went full out, and that’s why it is so awesome. But the manga was just so popular, and he was encouraged to continue it. The next good arc in Bleach was the Arrancar arc… but that’s still a loooong ways off, and felt to be such a good closure to the series.

I thought if it was going to continue Karin would become the MC… such a shame….

Brandon Roberts says:

this looks decent, also love your yuno avatar, and do magic girl site for halloween………IT’S CREEPILY TRYHARD AND OVERLY EDGY!

Kuraiuta says:

No. Bleach is not the best adaption, that belongs to the Kenshin live actions.

Suriko Azimaet says:

With Hueco arc around….. Soul Society any day.

dkdragonfang says:

I watched it and thought it adapted the first arc quite well.They did a good job building up Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship with what time they had. Byakuya should have been played by someone older. I am kinda hoping they do a sequel just do I can see what they would do with the SS arc.

B.I.C. Violet says:

Toko Halloween costume. Heck yeah

SuperRay5000 says:

Can anyone else see a #Bowsette?

AniKbad says:

I highly enjoyed the Bleach live action

bobbyh15 says:

Love the yuno gasai costume

Joanna Kaelin says:

I found Gintama life action good too but I didn’t watch Bleach life action but will maybe watch it now. I loved the anime. Oh and your vid was great.

TTB Detagari says:

I still think that best anime live action movie in recent years was Gintama live action – covers everything important from certain arc into one movie very well + uses some interesting ways to present the main cast in short amount of time without feeling rushed.
And the most impressive thing is that gintama series is VERY difficult to adapt to live action for it’s action and humor(gintama fans should understand ☺)

But surprisingly Bleach was good movie, good review.

Deep Sabre25 says:

Ichigo seems taller in the live action film

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