John Wick 2: Movie Review by a Former Action Guy

Guns of John Wick 2
Tactics and firearms instructor John Lovell reviews John Wick 2. Spoiler alert for John Wick 1, but not for 2. I just finished watching John Wick 2 tonight and was pleased to see the same solid weapon manipulation, shooting, and general movement skills I noticed in the first John Wick movie. I give props and respect to this actor for putting in the hardwork and submitting to good instruction from good dudes like Aaron Cohen and Taran of Taran Tactical. A pleasant surprise was how much Keanu Reeves upped his martial arts game in this movie, drawing on an incredible amount of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (my beloved past time), and some good Judo. There were also some pretty fun knife fighting scenes, and the long awaited ‘kill people with a pencil’ scene that was hinted at in the first movie. Other fun elements like Laurence Fishburne’s cameo felt like a sentimental Matrix get together.

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Amos Perry says:

You still don’t understand. You didn’t listen. The dog was given to him by his dead wife and his car is his car. Don’t mess with a mans car!

Man of Action says:

Never question a man after you fuck with his dog!

Justin Todd says:

Keanu Reeves trained wiitj Taran Butler at Taran Tactical* There’s lots of videos out there… Go watch them 🙂

Alex Larsen says:

Keanu Reeves is actually a black belt in Aikido and has been for a long time.

AliasSLH says:

to bad none of them taught him trigger control.

Jorge Alfaro says:

John, you are simply just a regular Joe Schmo just like the rest of us! I love it. That is why I I am a subscriber! Keep up the awesome videos

Mod Justin says:

“Somebody’s parked behind me… and… not a threat” – is this paranoia part of an act to come off as a needlessly ultra-alert spy?

Rolf Hartmann says:

Close quarters tactic #1, be John Wick. This trumps all other possible tactics.

richard fell says:

He was trained by the best three gun shooters in the world alongside the best martial artist . He has more training than most navy seals . I would really hate to piss Keanu Reeves off the man really nows his shit.

Michael Kenny says:

John Wick II was good. But John Wick I was better. All the same, the way II ended, one can only wait hopefully to see if the make (“I’ll kill ’email all”) John Wick III.

As for the the character John Wock, how many cars can one man be struck by without breaking bones? All in all, very much enjoyable. Like you said, “did not disappoint.”

brianandzane says:

John you should check out Reeves doing some 3 gun. He’s pretty dang good in real life too.

J. Ferebee says:

Thank you.

mikey martin says:

Ah yes dessert my favorite line

William Stephens says:

Hollywood what did you expect, Me I watched it and thought if only…

J Olivas says:

Nothing to see behind you John, just a couple having an affair lol.

Bruce Magruder says:

In the first one his wife gave him the dog. They where assholes . I would have been pissed myself. He always had a plan it was to kill them all.

Zac C says:

Wick is badd ass

Denie erham says:

i think you should watch the jackal when it comes to how an assasin planned his/her assasination . bruce willis is really cold manipulative assasins in that movie (sorry for the typo since i’m using my phone)

meme theif says:

I mean dead dogs… Remembering back to Marcus Luttrell..

mtsEnrique says:

With a fucking pencil

Dave Biddle says:

While obviously not morally justifiable in real life, I love the idea how Wick has certain principles by which some wrongs must be made right even to the cost of almost hundreds of lives.

Joseph Izzo says:

For what it’s worth, Keanu trained in M.A. since the matrix. He also received heavy stems training that covered position, etc. they left the mistskes in film because of cinemetogfophy.
Plus, he can hit 19’out of 19’in under 19 seconds

avandervest says:

there is a YouTube video of Keanu shooting 3 gun.

joesashiify says:

Hitmen don’t pay for insurance, lol!

Good Food says:

Hey you ain’t been to Arkansas my first fight in the first grade was because some kid kicked my dog. I about beat all the bark off that boy he was four years older than me

jonleefts says:

Dude you sound exactly like layne norton

Chasin' Aces says:

I’ve been looking for this channel all my life. I love it all.

Mike Benjamin says:

I loved both movies but we both know there is no way he would have made it at alllllllllllll.

ReelFishingNW says:

It wasn’t just a dog man, that was the last gift his dead wife gave him, it was the only thing keeping him sane and the one thing still kinda connecting him to his dead wife. It was almost like losing his wife again, not quite but almost.

Eric Gill says:

It’s not that they burnt down his house, id say it’s because they burnt it down with a grenade launcher with him inside

Tony Z says:

I like the guns & fighting, but could we have some other plan than stroll in and kill everybody? Even Jason Bourne had a plan 🙂

Goodo says:

If someone killed my dog they would find themselves knee deep in a sea of their loved ones blood while I contemplated their demise. Killing someone’s dog is an unforgivable act in my view , I consider my dog part of the family unit.

Tyler Reis says:

I heard they’re coming out with a prequel. It’s called John Lovell.

krilin31 says:

sir thats great but this is kfc either order some chicken or drive through

Ian Jones says:

I’m looking forward to seeing the movie now. I liked the first one, but when you say the moves were good, but the tactics questionable I believe you. I’m going to try to see it tonight. Love your channel. Hope YouTube doesn’t mess with you. Keep up the good fight.

cchgn says:

LOL just witnessed a romantic interlude behind you. Guy parks in theater parking lot, girl picks up guy, takes him home, rocks his world, drops him off, right behind you…lol BTDT, got the t-shirt…lol

hey you , hi. says:

That guy behind you just shot you but you couldn’t tell cause you go immediately go into a alternate reality where you could continue your journey

l2a3sterling says:

esp liked blending of gun-play and martial arts. Lots of judo and Jiu Jitsu

Austin Murphy says:

John wick is one of my favorite movie characters EVER

klown mittenz says:

Id hurt someone for killin my cat.Too bad hes such a bad actor. Worse than Steven Seagal.

Leon Nemirovsky says:

You can walk in and do anything when you have auto-aim

Brett Snell says:

What did you think of ‘Den of Thieves’?

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