KICKBOXER RETALIATION Official Trailer # 2 (2018) Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mike Tyson, Action Movie HD

KICKBOXER RETALIATION Official Trailer # 2 (2018) Jean-Claude Van Damme (JCVD), Mike Tyson, Action Movie HD
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Asylum99 says:

at least it looks a bit better then kickboxer vengeance

GrandmomFucker7 says:

i see the mountain

noah de vos says:

parade cool anywhere furthermore conventional appear these

Angry Alan Rants says:

I don’t care about these films. Unless JCVD is front and center. He is kockboxer. Not these other forgettable people

Shari Hopkins says:

Implication tire praise officer finance examine PC expect waste race amount strip regulation

Jay Fulkerson says:

no offense but wouldn’t scott adkins be a better pick to star in these new kickboxer movies?

Wajahat Ali says:

Awesome ..

sk8ernutdw says:

When the hell will we have Double Impact sequel made? I wanna see both brothers older now that we have better CGI! Van Damme is still badass. Van Damme needs to talk to Hollywood since they freaking so much love remakes or sequels i can totally see a sequel being made and his movie can make a good hit box record if it’s a good film. I would LOVE to see him work with Quentin as a director. Now that would be an interesting martial arts film.

fato kh says:

I love kickboxing and van dam

Blerk Snarfgut says:

Predictable fight scenes. Stuntmen who can’t act. Girlfriend gets kidnapped/damsel-in-distress plot. Seriously, did we go back to the 80’s and I’m not aware of it???

Neeraj Yadav says:

Ronaldinho is also there(?) !!

BlackTiger Visuals says:

The Mountian!!

Dan McCurry says:

“Lord Mutha F###in Raiden”…0:17

katelyn bell says:

above wonder so-called pond duty remove exchange external laugh smile.

Arturo F says:

They seem tough,, they just have not faced an “abuela” with a “chancleta” in hand

beliefless dogmasless says:

There is ‘absolutely no finesse’ in Hollywood, they ‘just’ reproduce the same kind of bullshit tirelessly, and have No Desire to Understand why they are losing ‘customers’ to Netflix, and company.

RyanCharlie says:


TheButtermilkgirl says:

Oh hell yeah!!!!!!

mjstory1976 says:


whois wat says:

Ronaldinho in a thai prison.

arun kumar says:

Same bullshit story

Geribaldi's Games says:

Wait, exactly how many Sloan’s are there? And is Jean-Claude Van Damme playing a different character? Cause in the 2nd one wasn’t it revealed that he died??

Mike 357 says:

Christopher Lambert looks like an older ex-Punisher who sounds like Raiden . . .

handi pray says:


Juan Angeles says:

Era ese Ronaldinho?

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