KICKBOXER: VENGEANCE 2016 | Action Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

A short review of the 2016 action film Kickboxer Vengeance starring Alain Moussi and Dave Bautista.

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Elad Lazin says:

GSP should’ve played the lead

El-Waeli Productions says:

Movie was not good, and am an Action fan and MMA fan

Gerson Monroy says:

In my opinion this movie is better off being watched when it comes out on, on demand. I really liked the original kickboxer but I don’t know what they were thinking with this movie. I think Van Dam was trying to portray some actor he really isn’t. However, as they say, movies are subjective and some may like it just for the fighting. It was just a bad movie at least for me.

B.A. THOMPSONATOR - ActionRation says:

In the words of Sam Medina: CHECK IT OUT.

Donavon Pen says:

As a person who actually goes to Muay Thai classes I thought the movie was pretty shit.

Ammar Nemo says:

the real Tong PO is in the movie he was in the jail scene! he said did you forget about me

Dougy doug says:

This movie feels like its a B movie to me.

Lukasz Maciejewski says:

how was that spoiler free?

Ammar Nemo says:

good review bro

Nepthu says:

I wanted to love this movie, but it sucked. The action was the best part, but the main character was very generic and did not match JCVD’s original charisma. This movie could have been 100 times better if GSP had been the main character with JCVD as his mentor. Anyone into MMA knows that GSP and JCVD are friends, and that GSP credits JCVD for inspiring him to be a martial artist.

Despite a possible gold mind of talent, GSP is treated as an errand boy (door man) and has a forgettable part, even when he “turns good” and becomes the main character’s sparring partner. They could have added some good bromance to make the movie better, but they stuck to a story-less movie that was devoid of character development.

The fight scenes are ok, but standard movie stuff. This could have been much better. Plus, I hated how the bad guy is immune to all of the main character’s moves until the end when suddenly, they start to work. The entire final fight felt fake. Either your punches work, or they don’t. They don’t cause zero damage in round one, and then become lethal in round 3. Without JCVD and GSP, this movie wouldn’t be worth a second glance.

greato80 says:

when I first heard gsp was tied to this movie I was pretty excited because I thought he was going to play the lead which would’ve been perfect because he has the body, skills, look and voice of a young van damme just without hair. but when found out some nobody I’ve never heard of and saw what he looked like it was already forgettable. well at least we have the original to still watch.

RealBoboghost says:

Great review man. I really enjoyed this remake. Cant wait to see Kickboxer Retaliation.

dannyrivera8300 says:

I tried to like the movie but it was bad and I didn’t like the new story elements was actually hyped to see this … what a disapointment

SoullessPotato says:

how do you have only 258 subscribers?

Angry Gamer Smash says:

Looks like a worthy reboot, don’t know why they feel the need to reboot it as the original was fine lol great review dude 😀 #stayangry

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