Kim Possible Live Action – Movie Review


Is the new live action Kim Possible worth the watch or so not the drama? I break down the new film and what I think worked and didn’t work when it comes to adapting this legendary action hero for a new audience.

Join me in the comments below to continue the conversation — and feel free to leave a comment with any recommendations of projects you want me to review or react to!

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Zita Zajka says:

Now I’m enthusiastic to watch it! 🙂 Great review!

Ryan D says:

Spoiler alert the movie was a Kim possible episode

ia akra says:

haven’t seen the movie yet,but i wanna watch it

Tim Raven says:

Didn’t know this things. Not interested. But I heard about the cartoon.

Myreegirl200 says:

I haven’t watched it yet but I’m going to give it a shot

Lily parmida Parmida says:

So I watch the movie and it was good it’s just that I there were two problems that my brother and I had with it. 1. Athena, she seemed great but in my own personal opinion it would have been better if it was Bonnie being mind controlled by draken rather than an android because it would have created a situation in which Kim has to set aside her dislike of Bonnie and chose to save her and the world, btw I don’t hate the actress or the character I’m just saying it would have made more sense to do that then shove someone new in and expect us to feel for someone who we have barley known, with Kim and her gang we know them and we love them but with Athena it’s hard to feel bad for her ,even though it s not her own doing, because we just knew the rest of them longer. And 2. The soccer thing, I am all for women being great in male dominated fields but I just think personally that it would have made more sense if she joined the football team and Ron joined the cheerleading team, thing way you flip stereotypes while keeping it in line with the characters. I also wish we got more Ron, with Athena in the picture it was hard to focus on any other character like I wanted more wade and more about Kim’s family I did enjoy the film and hope there’s more but I was looking more of a familiarity rather than a switch up
Anyway those are my own personal thoughts if you thought Athena was a great addition then great an if not then that’s good too I just expressed what I felt about the film and that doesn’t diminish your thoughts and feelings on it

Music Lover says:

Monique should of been in it but then again it probarly because she …nevermind

Tracy Low says:

I just wanted Christy Carlson Romano’s voice as Kim Possible. I mean Ron Stoppable sounds like cartoon Ron! Anyway this movie is totally meant for kids, not me haha also I was annoyed that she didn’t wear her iconic high school green top!!! What the heck!!!!

Devilish Aggie says:

I knew that there was something off about Athena the minute Kim met her

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