KIN MOVIE REVIEW – A BAD MIXTURE OF DRAMA AND SCI FI? – The Double Toasted podcast explained a lot of things in this review, however, they unfortunately can’t explain how under-utilized the cast was. We show some clips, the trailer, and even some cool music starting our review in this funny video full of science action as much as sci-fi confusion. Is that a good thing in disguise? Who knows! Let us know what you thought of the movie in the comment section below this funny video!

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Dukesucks says:

Can someone who has seen this movie comment and tell me the Spoilers they are referring to, por favor?

Master SHANGO says:

James Franco playing the same slimy character he did in Homefront and a few useless other films he’s directed straight to video.

inginging3ing says:

In case you’re wondering who they’re talking about in terms of the cameo – Michael B. freaking Jordan lol

Mark Hazleton says:

I kind of had hope for this. Just because it looked kind of low-budget like Upgrade. Only Upgrade LOOKED expensive because they did a good job but it was around $6 Million to make. This looked ok for an end-of-Summer Action Flick. It’s sounding like I should just watch this on TV though, where it belongs.

Jevangood says:

Everyone is probably wondering who the Cameo Person is they’re talking about… It’s Michael B Jordan.

Falcovsleon21 says:

23:58 Ah good call Korey. That’s an MST3K classic.

Quartz Cairn says:

I haven’t seen Lazerblast, but I’ve seen IHE Review it. And from what I saw it isn’t good… But funny to tear apart.

Magnus Lei says:

I wholeheartedly agree Coleman, if the script calls for a strip club… then I better get some leg, breast, and thigh. And I ain’t talking about no chicken!

Otherwise make her a waitress in a diner, the parables are not that different!

inginging3ing says:

Well now we know Korey’s age lol

Melo MVP says:

I wanna see it more know I love James Franco and it sounds hilarious

JazGalaxy says:

I’m not quite sure why you guys started putting the summation of the review in the title, but it makes me it want to click and watch the video. I just know it’s going to be Cory doing ten minutes of teasing and building up to what’s already spoiled in the title of the video.


This movie got no promotion. Never even heard of it.

redstormfighter29 says:

I wish this movie and The Disaster Artist had a crossover. I would love to see Tommy Wiseau as the villain of this movie

jonker says:

If anyone’s wondering, the song they referenced at the beginning is Black Box’s Everybody Everybody. It’s a certified bop and the second best thing to come out of the 90’s behind Pokémon.

Santino says:

Not a subscriber, just looking through youtube for reviews on Kin. Just got done watching it and i got to say im blown away on the story and visual effects. The movie will get a sequel by word of mouth im sure. But you guys try to hard to be funny and being really negative over the narrative of the film is low. Whack of a channel.

Jevangood says:

Zoe Kravtiz must have had that same DONT STRIP rule during X-Men First Class. Played a stripper in there too.

Jon Baley says:

I can totally see why they didn’t like it. I enjoyed it just because I like seeing directors play around with sci-fi on a budget and the cast was good, but they definitely dropped the ball by the end.

MrFlipperInvader792 says:

15:15nice dreads though

Google Sucks says:

Laserblast was also on an episode of mystery science theater 3000, which is why I knew immediately what Kory was talking about hah

Missile87redefined says:

Who was the cameo????

Howard Brooks Jr. says:

I’ve never heard of this movie until this review, and it looks like crap just like max steel.

Raiken Xion says:

Most of these movies you guys review are literally always bad, but i luv you guy’s reviews they’re entertaining. I just like how you break them down and just have a laugh and a good time. I can always tell when a movie is something special, because theres always a buzz arnd that movie or film, long before its even officially came out in cinemas.

kevo23630 says:

Martin needs to see the mst3k episode of lazer blast one their best eps.

Robert_gomez 32 says:

So did nick fury show up and recruit the kid and had Stan lee as his assistant

BamBamTheInfluence says:

*Spoilers* he was hell bent on killing him because he killed his brother & stole the money. So it makes sense why JF character was blinded by the chase & his crew has pretty heavy artillery in comparison to the Police

erickiam25 says:

Seems like a white savior film

Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog says:

Go ahead and spoil it, I am not going to waste my $10 and seeing this crap.

malcolm adderley says:

Is crapamation an excuse to not make quality family sci fi of the 80’s like prayer of the rollerboys and starman!

JosephDiEgidio says:

Please do a spoiler review

No No says:

I’ve never heard of this. What?

Ruza Roos says:

I think they are being too harsh on this film. It’s a Rental for most and a Matinee for fans of anything Sci-Fi. It fits nicely alongside Upgrade and Hotel Artemis this year. A tolerance for teen protagonists is important though. All the performances were solid. The characters weren’t stupid, they were under duress. Avoidance behavior is a thing. I would agree that the assault on the rural police station is the most implausible element. The idea of rural police being out-gunned by a handful of criminals with fully automatic weapons has been played before though. I would also agree that they went a little too far with the ending. I thought the central premise of the reveal was fine, but they kept adding details to it that comprised the substance of it all. A more mature storyteller would have held back those details for subsequent installments. How Game of Thrones works is a great example of this. Reveals in Season 7 have impact that they would not have had in Season 1.

Kevin Rivera says:

Does the cameo happen to be Nicolas Cage? Wouldn’t be surprised.

SeventhkeyOmega Revenge says:

I saw that Michael B. Jordan was in this, what did he do?

Rashid C says:

every intro needs that DT merch remix of that song

Amber Dawn says:

Not related but you guys should review the trailers for Suspiria and Bad Times At The El Royale. I’d love to see what you guys think of them.

AJV1Beta says:

23:12 – what movie are they referring to there?

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