Last Action Hero Review

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With an acting career as large as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, you’re bound to have a few stinkers under your belt. However, few have the reputation of Last Action Hero. The first film which Schwarzenegger was credited as executive producer, Last Action Hero released to a buzz of hype to take on…. Jurassic Park. Well then, that’s not a fight to pick lightly…

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i am negan says:

I always wanted to see Arnie as hamlet in a full movie

Jeremy Ray says:

But Decker, this is the infamous movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger punches himself in the face. The only man who could beat Arnold Schwarzenegger is Himself.

corey hamby says:

This is the best Arnold film of all time. Makes Terminators 1 and 2 and Predator lok like pieces of shit. And those are great movies.

Yassin French says:

The worst Arnold movies in my opinion
Last action hero
Terminator 3
Jingle all the way
6th day
True lies
All exspendables movies
Conan the barbarian
The last stand
Escape plan
The running man
Collateral damage
Terminator Genesis
Hercules in new York
Conan the destroyer
Red heat
Batman and robin
Raw deal
Total recall
Kindergarten cop
Around the world in 80 days

Ryan O'Cerous says:

Upon subsequent viewings, I actually ended up enjoying this movie! The 80s action paired with the fourth-wall-breaking self-awareness was quite amusing!

Chris Wilson says:

I love this movie.

Malo Perverso says:

I liked this Movie, and quite a Bit, No Shit…..

Minutz Akira says:

This was a great movie for me as a kid. Really related to Danny. My step dad gave me an old VHS player and I had a handful of movies on tape so I must’ve watched them each 100 times. This was one of them. The others we’re lethal Weapon 2, The Mask, and Fugitive. Growing up in the 80’s/90’s was awesome 🙂

Swlightdreamer1985 says:

See, this is one of those guilty pleasures for me, I loved it growing up

Deathcoldan says:

“Welcome to Jesus Christ´s Reviews”

just look at the picture says:

Tiwyn Lannister was the best fucking thing in this already awesome movie

Kata Blanc says:

A movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes a parody of himself.

DoctorHver says:

1:04 thats me

ziljin says:

Arnold Scharwzenger and Jackie Chan will reunite this year in Viy 2 Journey to China. It looks like a Russian Pirates of the Caribbean.

Donald Newton says:

12:26 you can see The Doors movie in the background. I’d love to see you do a review to that.

PopeJones Wang says:

Man, I loved this movie when I was a kid. I was nuts for it. I had the entire toy line too.

Alexander Flamson says:

Love this film lol

Andrew Jensen says:

This movie is extremely underrated. It references the Seventh Seal and is an awesome parody of the action movies of the time. The only problem is that it was a parody of what the audience actually wanted to see.

Brennan Hearn says:

Regarding ‘exit stage left’, stage left is the left side of the stage from the audience’s point of view. So, the clip where you said it would be “The power of Exit Stage Right”.

tyler chapman says:

If u dont like this movie your a cunt

Julian Baxter says:

He’s Decker Shado!

OLD MAN MARLEY the south bend shovel slayer says:

As Mr freeze would say
Let’s kick some ice ✊

kingsford says:

damn the T-1000

filosophia22 says:

come on this movie is awesome despite everything bad about it, which makes it awesome.

Francis Qauinoo says:

You know its a parody off all action movies from the 80s , 90s

TheZombieMage says:

I always thought this was an underrated film which has aged pretty well, perhaps a little too clever and tongue in cheek for its time.

Ciaran Statham says:

I would totally pay to see the Arnold-ised version of Hamlet.

piplup2009 says:

14:04 paedo alert

TheArkhamBat 1138 says:

10:46 lol

Patch O'Kanen says:

I never really hated this film growing up. Even as an adult, it still has some appeal. Mostly from Charles Dance as the villain (definitely a stereotype, but he has a lot of fun with it, so I can forgive it) and the campy tone of the film. Where it suffers is in the balance. Great review and I’d say a fair score for a film that people claim is complete garbage.

maximumrisk2004 says:

I always loved this movie. Thanks for the awesome review.

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