Looney Tunes: Back in Action (review)

Originally uploaded: June 2015
There was a Looney Tunes movie made that had nothing to do with basketball, product placement or muscular aliens???

2003 * Daffy Duck * Bugs Bunny * Brendan Fraser * Jenna Elfman * Steve Martin * Timothy Dalton * Joan Cusack * Bill Goldberg * Heather Locklear * Space Jam * Foghorn Leghorn * Yosemite Sam * Nasty Canasta * Granny * Tasmanian Devil * Marvin the Martian * Elmer Fudd * Acme Corporation * Blue Monkey diamond * لوني تونز: باك إن أكشن * Zpět v akci * De nuevo en acción * Les Looney Tunes passent à l’action * 루니 툰: 백 인 액션 * לוני טונס: חוזרים לאקשן * Bolondos Dallamok – Újra bevetésen * ルーニー・テューンズ:バック・イン・アクション * znowu w akcji * Луни Тюнз: Снова в деле * Taas kehissä * Taas kehissä * scooby doo * car chase


Rollercoaster Rider says:

7:31 if Scooby and Shaggy exist in this world, Why didn’t they just play themselves in the live action movie?

Keshia Anders says:

The Blue Monkey actually exists, but it doesn’t turn people into monkeys;
And it’s actually a giant red diamond.

Miximals7 says:

Maybe you can do a review on “Space Jam”
Or maybe “the Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle” next

James N Will says:

not nearly as good as my review

Harry Boyd says:

Or the soundtrack of space jam is better than the movie if you agree?

JYoungblood says:

Brendan Fraser is actually in a dual role here. He plays DJ *AND* Taz!

*EDIT* And I guess a triple role for playing as himself

EmilyTophatfan 59 says:

17:19 Actually I think Bugs is referring to her as a Screw Ball.

Nikola's art house says:

Well I know you love looney tunes,but did you think of making a review about a looney tunes game?Like Bugs Bunny lost in time?(That’s my favorite looney tunes game by the way) :))

StupidMarioBros1Fan says:

I actually saw this years before space jam. lol

ProfCoolio says:

This is my favorite movie

Tom Newbold says:

Love the fact that your intro parodies ‘Bottom’, great TV show, dissapointing it is so often overlooked!

Tommy Edmonds says:

2:08 you said it Garfief!

Clay Perez says:

Spear 10:24

Teag Brohman says:

Ya Know, Chuck Jones, Despised “Space Jam”, because he knew the filmmakers got the characters personalities wrong, and that if he Wrote it, Bugs Bunny would’ve taken on The Monstars himself.

Eric Schmincke says:

13:46 What song is this by the way?

Gaby George says:

What’s that bit abut the ancient weapon that’ll clean out your bagpipes from?

SuperBlaze456 says:

I watched looney tunes back in action this morning

Chaz Wiggly says:

6:20 That does not explain how the animaniacs Survived In there…And how they are getting a reboot…

EmilyTophatfan 59 says:

I’m sorry, but I’ve gotta say Space Jam is overrated.

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