Mandy (2018) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Action Movie Review)

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This week on The Horror Guru and Count Jackula review MANDY (2018)!

MANDY (2018) was written/directed by Panos Cosmatos, co-written by Aaron Stewart-Ahn and stars Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough, Linus Roache, Ned Dennehy, Olwen Fouéré, Richard Brake & Bill Duke.

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Jeremy Jenkins says:

Okay, I want to see this movie lol.

Syd SugarSkull says:

Bitch Boy Charles Manson. I want that on a T-shirt! LMAO

Tinkerer says:

Oh, the GIRLFRIEND is called Mandy. Was anyone else assuming that the axe was called Mandy?

Irrefutable Matt says:

how did they not get cage to fight the tiger though LOL i know its symbolism hes meant to be the tiger i.e his tiger shirt… but come on, nic cage fighting a tiger with a giant axe woulda been awesome

Xeiren says:

I saw this and I IMMEDIATELY went to the store and picked it up on Blu-Ray!!! Loved it!

Irrefutable Matt says:

mannnnnn i cant tell you how good this was BLAZED AF… just holy god… movie took me somewhere else

so psyched to watch this sono/cage collab thats coming now… i knew it was gonna be crazy before but now my interest is super peaked

Metal Head says:

My Heavy Metal senses are tingling, I must see this movie now…

MiscellaneousSoup says:

….I’m all for revivals of Cartoon Network’s classic programming, provided they’re good, but this sounds like a weird live-action remake. I’ll stick to their animated properties. Ha ha, I’m not funny.

Aidan Elliott says:

Where’s Cheddar Goblin, guys! I need my fix of Cheddar Goblin man!

Daniel Ross says:

Mmmmm This Movie just Sounds So Sweet!!!

smittythemoviedude says:

Super cool to see a movie I suggested getting talked about you guys are awesome

James Bootywolfe says:

***Spoilers below***

To address the tiger, it’s what lives within Cage’s character Red. Red is a man with a hidden past, a possibly violent and brutal one, that dark essence of him we can call The Beast. When he met Mandy and fell in love with her she helped him learn to become gentle and caring, caging The Beast with compassion and companionship.

After she is killed the The Beast has been awakened, but even though he gets his weapons and goes after the bikers he still doesn’t know where the cult is hiding. Once he meets The Chemist and he sees what these people he’s been selling his drugs to have been doing, he helps Red and tells him where to find them. He then opens the cage of the tiger which instead of attacking Red simply goes outside and roars at the moon.

All of Red’s rage and violent hatred has finally be unleashed with direction. He knows where to find the people that murdered his wife, the only person who could really contain The Beast. Now it’s been unleashed from its cage and no one can stop it. This is even show by the The Chemist saying goodbye to the tiger because as The Beast is freed from its cage, Red is gone too.

All that remains is The Beast.

khac2072 says:

SUCH A FUCKING GORGEOUS MOVIE, and the rare Cage performance that is both excellent and bat shit crazy, which I haven’t seen since Bad Lieutenant, and I thought nothing could top the crazy in that. Literally every frame is like a painting, the sound direction is incredible, and holy shit the scenes that are funny are startling hilarious.

Billy the Meme Lord Asshole Tesla God says:

I love this movie so much!!!

Daniel Giles says:


LeadingBlind says:

It’s amazing when you guys love a movie

Zacary Bruner says:

I can’t wait to see this movie.

jtilton5 says:

Spoilers for the review. The old “SPOILERS” bumper is back! Yeah!

nicole3359 says:

Mandy is amazing. I’ve been waiting for one of you guys to do a review for it. I knew you’d love it!

wstine79 says:

So this is Crazy Nicholas Cage film that’s good in the right way. Awesome!!

Ariella Kahan-Harth says:

You had me at “bitch-boy Charles Manson.” I’ve been super into horror material featuring cults lately, thanks to rewatching too much AHS: Cult.

DecoyBlackMage says:

Flat out loved Mandy, the massive Heavy Metal vibes and fantastic visual direction not to mention the soundtrack.

Mallory Lauve says:

please for the love God Review Overlord. I think you guys would it. I love your reviews with countjackula

Mike White says:

Hmmm santanic panic, album covers, animated sequences out of heavy metal….. welp, I’m sold

KweenyTodd says:

This movie was amazing! I loved it!

Jonny Blaze X1 says:

The director reminds me of Quentin tarantino and Ralph Bakshi had a love child.

HiDesert004 says:

Mandy and Suspiria are my favorite movies of the year!

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