Medicom Mafex Justice League Movie BATMAN Action Figure Review

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2682shark says:

It still baffles me that none of these companies can make a proper cape

Domenic Liparoti says:

I think the SHF figure looks better. This figure is way too skinny. JL Batman was beefy, and this one looks a little too skinny.

Chicago Film Network says:

D amazing Blocked me for Calling SHF Batman Trash… I regret nothing

Knight Captain says:

Great review as always Boog_ACBA! Where can I get that Mafex JL Batman?

5MFR says:

Looks alot better than the SHF one. Actually really like the head sculpt

M Shafiq says:

It’s disappointing there’s no wired cape. That’s the main reason I’m not getting it. Thanks for cutting the nails!

J-Asher says:

The gun is the grenade launcher he used against Superman in BVS.

AntonymicallyCorrect says:

When you said:

“As we all know THIS Batman is down with the 187”

I fucking died laughing and had to rewind a bit.

Jay Mattick says:

Good review. Nobody has complained about any looseness of joints yet so that is very promising.. I love the aesthetic look of the figure but there’s still something about it that I don’t like but I can’t put my finger on it.. Maybe it’s the cape or maybe I’ve been burned one too many times by mafex’s brittle plastic ^_^ I don’t know.. Looks good tho.

Jamichael Johnson says:

Boog you killed me say he down with the 187!!!! Great review bruthem

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