MILE 22 MOVIE REVIEW – A WASTE OF A GOOD CAST – Mark Whalberg and his boston accent are back! Only this time Lauren Cohan is with him! All the talk with her leaving The Walking Dead has been pushed to the side as her and the rest of Whalberg’s super team of badd asses try to take down some baddies, and the Double Toasted podcast discuss how Peter Berg has brought the action to us! Was it great? Or was it a waste of a good cast? Find out in this funny video!

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Jane F. says:

<3 <3 <3 RHONDA!!!! <3 <3 <3

VideoSensei says:

I have to respectfully disagree. This movie was fire.

King Greed says:

Was looking forward to this but I guess it is just another action movie that could have been great if it had a Hong Kong action director to direct the fight scenes.

liljohn730 says:

I enjoyed it

Sam .P says:

I just woke up from a long nap. I also discovered something. Did you know when you sauteed dried red peppers that it activates the hotness of the pepper to the point where it fumigates into the air and makes you cough? I did that with trying to make one of my soups spicy. I love New England clam chowder, and I just wanted to make it spicy. So I did it, I sought ate the dried spices and it almost knocked me out. The end result of it though was spectacular! The soup was so good. I made two cans of it, and after I’ve eaten it all it knocked me out for a couple hours. I miss my chance to go see the movie. Anyways I didn’t have any money. Eating the soup was so good.

The Jazz King says:

Say Hi to your mother for me.

Courtney Roberts says:

Awesome video guys and the trailer for iron fist season 2 is out now

NYCsOwnFury says:

This movie made me dislike Equalizer 2 more. This had way more action and didn’t meander for an hour before anything really happens

veksone77 says:

I could’ve told you from watching the trailer that this movie was weak… And please stop trying to make Rousey happen…

Andre Wakefield says:

I think that you guys should make a new rating that is between SOBS and “Rental” and it should be “streaming” or “netflix” or something like that. When I think of a rental I think of going out, paying $3 or whatever and then returning the movie the next day. It requires effort, which some movies don’t deserve. For example there are movies out that I wouldn’t want to spend any money on, even a dollar, and I definitely wouldn’t want to go out and rent it, but when I’m scrolling on Netflix or Hulu and I see it essentially for “free” I’m willing to click on it and check it out.

luis hernandez says:

My worst fear in action movies is shit editing, sounds like they did my man Iko Uwais wrong. The more we see in action scenes is good!

Robert Lockhead says:

I was going to see it just because of Iko uwais, but not now.

Dirg Ramsey says:

Rhonda looks and acts like a waxed gorilla.

gmjr30 says:

Bought Corey’s shirt while watching this vid.

foney2000 says:

The actors from The Raid are bigger action stars than marky mark’s hoodrat ass.

Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández says:

Marky Mark good cast? C’mom! Since when?

Rollercoaster Rider says:

1:15 if you are annoyed of Korey plugging his merch

LegoWarFilms says:

Can Peter Berg stick to his niche with creating movies based on true events

Juan S says:

Lauren Cohan has no range.

Zack Swann says:

Where you guys in a movie huh?

endplanets says:

Troopers having personal cameras has been a staple since before they were used in the cinema classic “BIG ASS SPIDER!”

Jonathan Segure says:

it really looks like a generic action flick,that aims to be more but it’s likely one of those end of summer maybe we can make back our budget movies

Professor Griff says:

Great review! I just subbed cause you guys had me rollin!! I felt like I was at home reviewing this with the fam. I spent more time laughing than anything. I’ll still checking this out but it’s a shame cause I liked all three of the Peter Berg/Mark Wahlberg collabs, especially that shoot out on the streets of Watertown in Patriot’s Day.

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