MISS BALA MOVIE REVIEW 2019 – At Double Toasted we do movie reviews and today we have a new movie review 2019 for you for a movie called MISS BALA, starring Gina Rodriguez. In this funny video, we take a brief look at the Miss Bala trailer before going in-depth into or Miss Bala 2019 movie review. Will Korey enjoy this action movie or was he too drunk to remember anything about it? Find out by watching this video! And, let us know your thoughts on our Miss Bala review down in the comment section below.

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Don Gordito says:

It was horrible. I fought sleep hoping to see an awesome showdown and I was disappointed. This movie felt like something on the USA network.

Menstrel says:

18:12 Because he was gay….. hysterical.
1] What matters to women? Nice cars & houses & dresses. What featured prominently in this movie…. nice cars & houses & dresses, and a lot of ‘aspirational’ courage. The ‘phony’ nature of the film is often what I get from female directors, not always, but the vast majority of the time.
2] I read an interview with Gina Rodriguez in Variety. It was all about hispanic girl power, but she is a very plain girl for all that bold talk & cheerleading, and that absurd level of girl power came through in the movie I am sad to say. The original movie had more grit, and the star was much better looking.
3] I can get on board with the mansions and the fancy cars, but anybody I am paying to look at should also be in that category if that is the vibe you are presenting. If someone is going to win the beauty contest, she should look like she could actually win the beauty contest. This story was a lot like the plain girl becoming a badass Cinderella… which is basically a lot like Twilight and 50 Shades. The director of this movie is Catherine Hardwicke, who also directed …. Twilight. How about that? It amounts to the ‘female power fantasy’ (video about this below)
4] If a movie worth 5/10 is worth seeing (as literally above the ‘average’) this movie would rate somewhere between 4.99 and 5.2 for me, and I got to see it in Dolby (courtesy of AMC A-list), which always improved the experience.

Female Power Fantasy

Hazu Beken says:

MISS BALA film available : t.co/zUcKTSAZIc

Gli studenti di Zombietown vengono trasferiti in una scuola superiore in una città di periferia!

Jonas Blane II says:

Boycott this movie . Gina Rodriguez has been exposed as a racist and a liar.

Stephen Nootens says:

I know I kind of wonder what the original is like since form what they say and show it looks a lot more grim and heavy.

Clarisa Mille says:

*Miss BaIa* FiIm ~ t.co/zUcKTSAZIc

Gloria encuentra un poder que nunca supo que tenía cuando se ve envuelta en un mundo
peligroso de crimen transfronterizo. Sobrevivir requerirá toda su astucia, inventiva y fuerza.

The One Man Who Beat You says:

That looks more like a boy band than a drug cartel

Kenlyn W says:

Def a movie you gotta get drunk to sit through

Nona Mazreku says:

They are the subdivision of the Mexican cartel the pretty boy devision hahaha.

Bo Xue says:

Just watch the original, it’s a really good film
Edit: Within a month we got two inferior remakes of foreign language films (The Upside and Miss Bala). Why are American audiences so against reading subtitles?

M4urMoM says:

I will get that dtmerch all over my mind body and soul

J says:

only got 30% on Rotten Tomatoes
“The movie suggests Gina Rodriguez has a future as an action hero; unfortunately, it also demonstrates how hard it is to balance set pieces against a compelling story.”
It’s a shame cause that first movie is so good

Groovy Tonya says:

is this movie like american made

Eli DEVITT says:

This looks like a rejected Zoe Saldana movie from 2012.

pinchealberto says:

Dude am going to tijuana and buy this of a pirate street seller man , ps that big shoot out would never work in the area th as t they film that theirs only 2 ways in that place and they got military at both ends so yea.

jason fasthorse says:

so Korey gave it a Jahns rating t minus 1 day already forgotten

anthony cheesman says:

This felt like something that would of come out in 2011 lol.

Matthios Hunduma says:

I’m expecting a Trump type of character in the movie who is secretly funding the cartel to push his campaign forward. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s doing it for real.

Ruza Roos says:

All you need to know is this is a PG-13 movie about cartels and human trafficking. It was very weird tonally. Teenage girls seemed to be the target demo. Rental is a fair rating just because the two leads hold your interest. I had no idea that was the dude from Mary Queen of Scots though.

May May says:

i kinda figured it was a mexicam movie, by the thumbnail and name alone

Hex Maniac says:

I currently live on a bordertown between Mexico and USA. All I need is a nice shirt from DT

ChowDownDetroit [Seoung Lee] says:

Please do a review of Cold War if you haven’t yet.

ShawN shawN says:

From my view, they kind of stripped out too much violence, sex and drugs to make the PG-13 rating. I think they may have Americanized the movie a bit too much with the accents skipping all the pure Mexican vs American Spanish subtelty. I wish there was more meat on the cartel to feel more villainous. Thanks for sharing. Check my review if you get a chance.

Vezok Neema says:

I lived for a good chunk of my life in TJ, and you learn to know the good areas and bad areas. I’ve only ever seen one dead body though, that’s actually an achievement.

Luvie1980 says:

Did Gina get paid more than her black counter part…because you know that’s all that matters to her…( sarcasm)

lovehatething says:

You guys are awesome.

lwandile dube says:

That one bird taking after Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Baywatch.

Saleh Saud says:

The Zoe Saldaña movie the Colombiana

vincent byas says:

I got an ad for Taco Bell watching this

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