MOHAWK Official Trailer (2018) Action Movie HD

MOHAWK Official Trailer (2018) Action Movie HD
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MC_Pablo says:

what is this shyt???

brokennoah says:

1:03 Is that Luke Harper?

81ackman says:

made for $20.00 looks terrible.

Ria Fals says:

God movie

Brant Frans says:

It’s Luke Harper from the WWE.

bill592011 says:

god this looks awful

A L I E N S says:

lmao thought it was a dude at first

Mad Max says:

This movie is shit and caca

Louie Daily says:

I believe this could be better but I’ll still watch

einc70 says:

No disrespect but it looks like an amateur project. However the concept looks great. I wish it’d had a bigger budget.

Natalie G says:

That’s the problem with indie low budget movies now… even if they’re good, nobody cares anymore. I’ll try it.

TheYokohat says:

Feels bad for Hollywood. You can smell the desperation.

amosfinn76 says:

Another bullshit rip off of the noble savage myth like Dances With Wolves. Mohawks used to boil people in deerskin sacks above fires while they were still alive. They’d sew up the sack so they couldn’t get out and slowly roast to death. It’s about time to put some musket balls in the sjw snowflake culture…

Scott Taggart says:

Oh brother, another gynocentric interpretation brought to you by the hollywood jewish marxists.


Another whitewashing film

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