MovieBob Reviews: FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST (2017)

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Jonathan Eilbeck says:

So I’m a normie, is Brotherhood a sequel or a completely different. Again Normie.

dylan chase says:

As someone who was rewatching brotherhood when the movie came out. I didnt think that the movie was that bad. I actually rather enjoyed it. And if you do the research into the movie before you watch it. In Interviews with the writers and Director they do mention that they did have to cut a lot of things out. Characters even. They all even had Hiromu Arakawa (The Creator of the Series) there to help guide them. After reading the interviews and such you do realize that the downfalls of the movie are more just issues with the budget. But now that Netflix has full control over it. And they pay more attention to fan reviews that Critic reviews. We may be getting a Sequel and possibly a Threequel, to finish off the story. And bring in missing characters like Scar and Major Armstrong, The other Humonculi, Father and Hoenhiem.

sirloinofice says:

Brotherhood has far better opening themes then the original.

Corey Lucas says:

It sucked. I was insulted. Luckily Black Panther washed it out of my taste

Ankford says:

Bob, just because you don’t get how alchemy works in the setting doesn’t make it weird handwavey nonsense.

Arc Dogma says:

As AngryJoe would say, “You done fucked it up!”

sputnik oitavo says:

lol the movie is not THAT bad

keybladesrus says:

This is a bad movie, but I really don’t like how dismissive of the source material Bob was. FMA is fantastic. And “anime nonsense”? FMA makes infinitely more sense than the superhero comic books Bob can make video after video on. He’ll go on and on about how nonsensical comics can be (COMICS ARE WEIRD), but FMA, a relatively grounded anime with consistent internal logic, is “anime nonsense”?

Come on, Bob. I’ve been watching you for years, ever since the Escapist. But you can fuck off with that.

Terrible movie, though.

ixkariot says:

You don’t like Brotherhood? That means you don’t like Olivier Armstrong. Or Lan Fan. Or Pride. Or Wrath. Or the far superior ending compared to the first series. Bob, I don’t like you right now 🙁 Brotherhood is amazing. You have no taste in anime.

SSJ3MJ says:

Better than Bortherhood?

1 sec in and I ready not going to bother to watch this review. Sorry, Bob thumbs down and backing out the video. See ya next video.

Cable Strictly says:

I mean… ah, oh well, I probably will bother out of curiosity, but knowing that it’s a Netflix thing means I’ll push it back late April when I have time to kill.

Mr.Dragon says:

Bob, I love your work, and 9/10 times I greatly value your opinion AND suspect that this film is indeed pretty garbage…. That said. FMA/FMAB is has one of the hardest and most consistent magic systems of any fantasy story and the fact that you appear to have missed that or the extremely well thought out philosophical underpinnings of a celebrated genius author I find strangely incongruous with your normally rather detailed analysis. I can only conclude that you didn’t bother to do your usual amount of research.
Try giving Wisecrack’s video on FMA a look, I’m sure you’ll find it enlightening.

You don’t have to like FMA/FMAB but don’t misinform your viewers.

Also speaking as a huge fan of FMA before FMAB started airing and went in with the assumption that it was a cynical cash-grab competently produced to not piss off the fans: FMAB is an entirely different league above FMA in overall narrative cohesion.

Francisco Arruti says:

“Alchemy pretty much meaning whatever it needs to in any given situattion”

Kingman Highborn says:

FMA was a good show but it has so much plot armor and plot holes that you can drive a truck through, and it’s tear jerker moment to me is a damn joke when you realize what can be and IS done later and it’s passed off like no big deal at all.

Hyper Studio - Anime Content says:

What is it with movie reviewers and anime though? Stuckman giving Erased a full score, and moviebob thinking Brotherhood is bad?

Hayden Brown says:

Brotherhood is the best fma

Sora744 says:

“Like Moviebob’s taste in anime, Bad” — Razorfist

The Ghost of Gotham says:

Oh boy, an anime-related review by someone who clearly doesn’t understand anime!

I get why you think the original FMA series is good, but you’re wrong.

BlankKnight says:

Damn, watching this video has clued me in to my own biases.
I find myself disagreeing with Bob but I haven”t even seen the movie. anyone else?

bloodmercs says:

“Still liked this more than brotherhood”

Never disliked a video so fast

jonathan garcia says:

Dislike because of the first sentence

Ian Stewart says:

Maybe he has a hate on for anime? FMAB was one of the greatest, though I did like the gravity of Hughs (sp?) death in the original more. Also even a watching of the first episode would inform you that alchemy has rules and restrictions, though those can be circumvented by a Stone because of the immense energies it contains which still fits into a energy to mass concept. So I think he watched a couple of random episodes and didn’t actually pay attention to any of it so he can say he watched some of it.

J. Kelly says:


Andrew Tremblay says:

Didnt like Brotherhood? K thats fine your entiteled to your own opinion. Not everyone has the same tastes. But i would like to more why? I feel like as a critique you should explain your self more. Rather than insulting something and giving a half ass answer. I just expected a little more than that

Aaron Kenyon says:

no you cant make fruit into a car unless you are making a fruit car

Steve says:

I’m happy to hear that someone other than me doesn’t care for Brotherhood.

Chance The Critic says:

“Rambling Incoherent Nonsense” wow MovieBob just summed up my thoughts about anime

Darrius Cooper says:

Get the fuck out of here Bob when the whole “It’s better then Brotherhood!” 

I know you like to push out the contrary but now you’re just being ridiculous.

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