NECA It 2017 Pennywise Movie Broken Action Figure Toy Review

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FATBAZZZ 99 says:

Dam that’s too bad, the ultimate one is dope

elviaa42000 says:

sharptimusprime you should rereview spider man classics venom

Armando Gutierrez says:

We all float down here

Juan Laforteza says:


lord bawnchie says:

Both figures I’ve bought from NECA the hands broke on both the quality is shit

Adolf Hitler rules says:

I have tons of Texas chainsaw massacre figures
And Michael Myers figures
Including Jason figures
Mostly leatherface stuff

Charzey says:


Jonathan Roberson says:

( 6:41 ) Well… *calm and quietly* That’s disapointing

-1ᏭᏭᏫ - says:

3:02 Family friendly

Leo Zam says:

I live in Glendale Arizona

nosha47 says:

3 outta 10 of my NECA figures break. either the main figure or accessories. and I didn’t even play with them

Asriel Dreemurr says:


Jenny Wilkinson says:

Fourth hand got em

DXS 5 says:

6:45 *oof*

Carnage Gang says:

Maybe you broke this toy because you’re adult hands were playing with it too much??

Speeder Productions says:

My sh figuarts spider man homecoming af just snapped at the waist too

Jeshuah Gerard Mercado says:

6:46 I was wondering what would break first, your spirit, or your pennywise action figure.

Armando Rios says:

Do michel myers

Sūpā hīrō says:

(ノ*゚ー゚)ノ Man is a shit that pennywise figure. I cheated the buy it twice and the same thing happened to me. The first time such happened to you and this second the little red ball that comes in his shoe took off. A horror joints. I disappoint completely.

Mikial G Productions says:

darn no size comparisons

Leo Zam says:

I want the penny wise toy

frog24get says:

I love neca but i’m always really nervous opening up there figures unfortunately!

Kevin O'Bill says:

ShartimusPrime, I think you can make a custom figure with a half spider lower torso part to make Pennywise looked like a horror movie character.

Rake V Padilla says:

Hola meyano Leonel

Garry Sidhu says:

Mine comes broken aswell 🙁

Horrorman says:

Those DST figures loosened up in every Pacific Rim review you did. DC Collectibles and DST are way worse IMO. Also this is the risk you take in reviews. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. I always test out the articulation off camera first. Sucks it broke though, dang.

no gold says:

shut *thanos glove 0mG* up

ピーターパーカー says:


Anthony Robinson says:

“You guys gotta work with a different factory or get different plastic all together”

Or stop making things in Ching Chong China!

Roblox says:

We all float down here haahhahaahah

Leo Zam says:

My malebox is 6or8

Mathew Manoel says:

Pennywise have a toy what

William SMITH says:

Awsome Action Figure review

エヴァンスアベンジャーズ says:

*Good moves*

big baby josh says:

You’ll float to

elviaa42000 says:

Shartimus there is a new neca it called ultimate well house it but it has not came out

Fat and Furious says:

I just got the figure, and now I’m worried about twisting his waist now. Other than that, my only gripe is that his wrist joints are stiff, so it’s not so fun moving his hands up and down so much lol

Andres Q says:

Do a childs play neca ultimate chucky please

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