Netflix’s FMA Movie is a Dumpster Fire. Here’s Why.

Live action Fullmetal Alchemist is an abomination that could give Shou Tucker’s best work a run for its money. And it’s so bad precisely because it tries too hard to give fans what they think they want.
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In the depths of his Mother’s Basement, Geoff Thew creates videos analyzing the storytelling techniques of anime and video games. He has been named the number one Worst YouTube Anime Reviewer by The Top Tens.


NaKUA says:

This was made by Netflix right? why was everyone Asian? The whole story takes place in the Eastern country. Ling Yao and everyone from Xing are clearly drawn Asian, which means the other main characters are meant to be European-ish. That alone tells me this is a movie made by people who never read or watched the series and have no respect for its actual content and story

Cody Fritts says:

It was better than death note so I’m not complaining

katelyn ast says:

How fucking hard is it to put a wig on a dog? The Muppets are more convincing.

Caleb Aguirre says:

Lol I would rather them make a scene by scene live action of the anime taking on like the 1st 6 eps

Lassi Uusitalo says:

Wait wait wait! There’s an Erased drama?? 6 hours of j-drama binge later.

Victor Hugo Guillén López says:

The problem with anime inspired movies will be the source material. You can always draw a cool scene of someone eating a potato chip cool in a context, but there’s not enough editing in the world to make a human being look cool or triumphant eating chips.
My biggest issue with FMA live action is that the world doesn’t feel like a militar dictatorship, which is a huge plotpoint in the series. It could have a whole different plot the movie, maybe just about father Cornelius, then the next movie you could stablish the military dictatorship and how the Lior incident sets up a series of incidentes throughout the country, show Father as the man behind the courtain.

Chara Dreemurr says:


Polix Abad says:

I tried watching this without subtitle, which i didnt mind coz i finished the whole anime series, althought i think there’s something odd with the actors’ acting specially when mustang was scolding ed, and mustang sounded really really angry but with a poker face…that’s when i thought, OK. CUT. BYE.

CtisGaming says:

0:55 that’s a really bad misrepresentation of what people look for after a film like Death Note. The argument was to keep the main draw of Light as a character instead of inverting him, not stuff the entirety of a 25+ episode series into 2 hours. FMA has plenty of really good stand alone arcs that all explore alchemy, relate to the Elric brothers, and show the strength of the series. Choosing 1 or 3 of them and rolling them together would be best. This is another obvious story writing problem you’re talking about, don’t try to use it as a way of dismissing people’s criticisms of how Death Note’s script was fucked too.

Tom theWonderDog says:

At least Death Note was funny. This is an abomination.

Cielo M says:

Thank you for this review. You saved two hours of my life.

Gabe Dobrozsi says:

The FMA movie reminds me
of the Avatar the Last Airbender movie.

better late than never says:

You had one job Warner Bros….

Jaune Arc says:

Live Anime adaptations she just stop being made all together

Luke Castillo says:

WTF Netflix or live film productions JUST FUCKING STOP JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!! I am personally not a fan of anime being turned into live action film I FUCKING HATE IT!!!! Why??? Because it always always always ends up being like this, shit! They don’t portray the characters accurately, they don’t follow the story, they don’t show the most significant parts of the series, they just raise people’s expectations like “OH perhaps this live action of blah blah blah is gonna be actually good” and the results FAIL!!! Like it happened with Bleach, Deathnote, Ghost in the shell, Attack on Titan, Dragonball Evolution, and it even happened with World of Warcraft which isn’t an anime I know but it just fucking proves my point. And now FMA!!!! STOP JUST FUCKING STOP!!!! And now there’s gonna be a live One Piece tv series! Don’t fucking ruin the # 1 Manga/Anime of all time for me please don’t JUST STOP!!! IDC what people say about it Oh this one’s actually gonna be good. I don’t fucking think we need a live adaptation of anything we just don’t the anime shows it all and shows it better. IDK sorry for the rant but I just am pissed off at this all.

Macilnar0Anquietas says:

Damn. After the first review of this movie I saw I was hopeful but damn.

switchtalent123 says:

So it sucks, got it

Abhi Rao says:

Shamballa was that bad?

Byakko says:

I feel like it could have been better if it was a series of movies instead of a single one like the nana live action movies.

sonicsnake44 says:

Netflicks has bright us a few good reboots and continuations over the years but now they seen to be giving us one bad reboot/adaptation too frequently now. Last year it was the weak Deathnote movie now this year their giving us a weak FMA movie and a ReBoot series that’s has nothing to do with the original series. So far they are living up to the South Park joke of green lighting anything.

Rama says:

Should have just made a movie about Ling and Greed if they succeeded in returning back to his home and maybe had to fight against everyone else who had found a way to be immortal or prove himself.
Or just make it about the journey and have Ling returning home as the ending.
Could have made a movie about Xerxes as well?
Or the war but i think that would cost way too much to do well.
For it to be worth watching they need to elaborate on existing points or do them better, why would a watch a low quality inaccurate re-cap?

Tespri says:

also why is edward asian? the world was suppose to be like europe.

katelyn ast says:

What’s the point of taking a visual medium with lots of fantastical elements and transporting it to another visual medium which is SIGNIFICANTLY less capable at illustrating those moments

Swordkiller says:

I kinda think that casting japanease people for it was a bad choice aswell, because clearly Ed and Al is of german decent.
Not strange tho since the series is from japan, but still, i think its kinda unfitting, might be just me.

MARM says:

This is such a shame. FMA is one of the best and most influential anime of the 2000s and it deserved so much better.

Loud says:

Worse than dumpster fire actually watched it 4 days ago and i wanted to just die

Zombiewithabowtie says:

Only thing I’d butt heads with you over from this video is that where you highlight Brotherhood as being rushed, I felt it was more concise. It shows the interaction between the Elric brothers, Shou Tucker and Nina for exactly as long as is needed. The show cut out a lot of the bloat that FMA suffered from, and an anime devoid of filler arcs and storyline stuffing is a rarity in and of itself.
That’s just a minor detail however; fully back you up on the overall thrust of the video that this movie is a steaming heap of rubbish.

better late than never says:


A-2K2 says:

There’s just shit you can do with animation that you can’t do in live action.

CtisGaming says:

6:30 Al shouldn’t be CGI for the most part. Just put an actor in the armor.

Salokin says:

The horrible part is how my family will see this as what FMA is

Josh Williams says:

So they included the base components of FMA but failed to account for the soul? The movie’s a homunculus!

A.S.A says:

They should just stop making live action!

vaughn Pedroso says:

lol i didn’t even get past 30 mins. this movie is not worth watching.

No-V-Ana says:

also why did winry go with edward to doctor marcoh? Ed and winrys relationship is mainly based off ed not letting her know about their journey, to have her come with him disregards that fundamental part of their characters.

ProtonCannon says:

Ed in this movie is a literal dumbass, a basic brooding anime protagonist who is angry at everyone for not understanding him and wants to solve everything by punching things. How sad…

switchtalent123 says:

Movies should first and foremost be complete on their own.

Jun Taiohara says:

Eds wig is so freaking distracting

RANDAM says:

So glad I didn’t watch this

Silver Wizardess says:

(honestly not trying to be racist) I understand that this was filmed in Japan, but… Almost none of the actors have any resemblance to the characters from the manga/anime. All the characters seem to carry a more Arian physic to me. And the light hair wigs on Japanese people just looks very strange.

Rinoa Heartilly says:

Something I really dislike about many Japanese film adaptations of anime is that it’s so heavily reliant on making it *just* for the fans. It should be for the general public too. They assume those watching have already seen the anime so they get lazy when adapting the story for the film as they feel like they don’t need to and the end product often feels very rushed and shallow/lacking impact and emotion. I feel like newcomers to the series would be left feeling either confused or indifferent about the series which is not ideal.

I wish they would’ve created the film for newcomers to FMA, with only certain specific scenes as fan service. That way emphasis will be on the plot, world building and character development rather than just trying to recreate ‘iconic moments’, I think both fans and newcomers would prefer that.

(Also, this is nitpicky but I hate how so many actors in Japanese anime adaptations look like they’re just wearing cosplay. The obvious wigs, contact lens and costume-y looking attire can be a bit off-putting sometimes).

Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams says:


ChocoKaylaRobin says:

The pacing sucks and the ending is just like fuck it.

Joey says:

Am I the only one that thought FMA characters were European not Japanese? This is an honest question.

KittyKatt Uzumaki says:

You are so right. I was really disappointed with the movie, they couldn’t even get the visuals right! I’ve seen better costumes in cheap cosplay.

Bane Dorrance says:

i tried watching the movie but couldn’t due to not wanting to ready everything to me it takes away from enjoying the movie the bad part is it has every other language but English so i never watched it but sounds like a good thing.

Dhagoth Alvera says:

I tried to watch this with a cleanish slate and it gave me a hellova headache. way to rushed

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