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Martial arts movie is a genre of cinema Hollywood has largely abandoned, but in Indonesia, that style of movie is thriving. With movies like The Raid, stars have emerged and the genre has asserted itself. The latest offering in this vein is Netflix’s ‘The Night Comes For Us’, which features many of the same stars and choreographers who made The Raid as well as other martial arts movies. This is a can’t-miss opportunity to watch unapologetic gore, action, martial arts fighting and more.

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Randy Olson says:

Well then, I know what I’m doing tonight.

Sam Jones says:

Ong Bak is better than The Raid.

Silaha Toxic says:

I downloaded it and both raid movies while listening to this

JD Henchmen says:

The Raid 2 is still the one to top.

Oscar Castellanos says:

Metacritic is much better than Rotten Tomatoes…just saying

Espen Pettersen says:

Just saw it. Does not hold a candle to The Raid imo. Story, tension, choreography. Just a ballet of violence.
Biggest issue, one against many and they all wait their turn to get wrecked. A lot of waiting and not using an oppurtunety, when the alternmative is to die.
There is a LOT of GORE 🙂

Fajar says:

can’t agree more

Nugroho Ery says:

Luke do you think pencak silat artist can compete in mma and become star? Btw pencak silat is the name of the martial art of indonesia which is portrayed in both the raid film, headshot, and this movie.

Frankie Cal says:

Dude that’s not mm a fight scenes,it’s fiction kung fu

John Smith says:

If you aren’t getting your fix from real actual martial arts being displayed, then perhaps UFC, Bellator, PFL, etc need to put out more events for you, Mr. Thomas.

bizzy511 says:

Holy crap, that butcher fight scene is fucken nuts.

Wahyu Hidayat says:

and that martial arts which iko uwais practicing is called “pencak silat”

ooPROTOTYPE1oo says:

I”m a huge fan of this actor from “The Raid”. I watched it last Sunday and i love it.

Wahyu Hidayat says:

now people can see how good indonesia movies are. yesss indonesia we can do it.

andi mulyawan says:

Did anyone notice?! Joe taslim is one of the villain in the fast furious movie before,!!

Bear Wolf says:

Y’all ain’t know about the Raid movies?!

The SouLMindeD1 says:

I just finished watching it, it’s a really good movie but if your looking for something similar or even better I highly recommend this action packed badass tv show called Banshee, it has everything you want on a movie no restrictions fight scenes, sex, & beautiful woman. I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

velociper says:

Can you listen to the entire show somewhere? Does it have it’s own seperate podcast?

Odin Aesthetic says:

Interestingly while mma is not exactly hot, and Ariel helwani is still around, Luke’s channel is rising up.

Bitcoin Buddha says:

That’s why Khabib is a Mixed Martial Artist and McGregor just a prize fighter…

ThemeNYC J. Saltos says:

Damn, I need to see this now!!!

Dan Man says:

Donnie Yen has made some good HK films, some with MMA. The best ones are:
SPL: Kill Zone (2005)
Flash Point (2007)
Dragon (2011)
I’d say all 3 of these are as good as The Raid 2 but not as god as The Raid: Redemption.
They’re not next-level like those Indo ones though.
John Wick is terrible, I laughed all the way through.

Eric Lamoureux says:


snorlaxcom says:

+1 on the Raid. Didn’t know there was a sequel!!!
Have you checked out Baki on Netflix? Great anime for a release via martial arts and creative violence.

Mat Carpentier says:

”Headshot” was pretty good too, gotta watch that!

connerMC goat says:

Ip man & ong bak are great if you’re interested.

Oscar Castellanos says:

2016 Swordmaster is a great film. Also, Kung Fu Killer with Donni Yen is freaken awesome.

Superjoint says:

The best ever Martial arts actor was Loren Avedon! No retreat No surrender 3 blood brothers is truly an impressive masterpiece!

david beardy-kam says:

Hey Luke,i recommend “Kung Pow- Enter The Fist”

niz Rocker says:

luke you should check out “headshot” most of the cast from “the night comes for us” is in it including iko uwais 🙂

Heisenberg 2420 says:

i liked both antman 1 n 2 so bring it dwn

Pencak Silat says:

Silat Martial Art

antony cuff says:

The last two kickboxer movies were really good , they had a lot of mma fighters and Mike Tyson in the cast !

CxsG90 says:

This was a great film.

Keke Edordu says:

raid and raid 2 is beyond martial arts it was a gr8 movie ..transcends martial arts .

Neophyte MMA says:

Anddddddd I’m hyped to watch this now!!!

ComplexGentleman says:

The Raid 2 is tied with Mission Impossible: Fallout for best action film ever.

Jesus Lacanilao says:

Bad guys cant walk through doors/attack one at a time
Good guys were superhuman
Bad guys were too easy to kill
Regular car windows were bulletproof
Fight choreography was good tho

Full camp Oezdemir says:


severian Xi says:

this movie fucking rocked

Morris Mckenzie says:

Donnie yen is the biggest star over there right now n Hollywood only put him in one movie since ip man XXX n he’s bout to do true crime streets of LA after the hit video game he does martial arts movies justice

Nick Jacobsen says:

karate kid 1 and 2 were epic when i was a kid. I am 38 though and grew up in the 80s and 90s

dabrainyyyy says:

I didnt like the raid 1. Didnt see the 2nd. 🙁

SuperPenguin5495 says:

Luke reply to this comment please!

Bahasan Singkat says:

only The Operator (Julie Estelle), the unbeattable character in this movie, badass girl!! I think she is an Interpol agent.

Ulf Hazelcreek says:

Chocolate/Zen with Yiya Yajin (might be mispelled) is one hell of a thai martial arts movie.

tomimn2233 says:

I was hurting all over once the movie was finished, and i had the stupidest grin of my face everytime I remember key moments in every fight scene in that movie. The way the choreographers approach violence and gore is similar to the way Sam Raimi approached it in Evil Dead 1 and 2.

Despite the grim and totally serious tone of TNCFU, more than _half_ of the kills and bodily harm inflicted on the characters border on the slapstick horror comedy. Gareth Evans, director of The Raid, enjoyed TNCFU and likened it to 1992’s Dead Alive…and it’s actually _appropriate_

Ludy First says:

Night come for us is orgy of the violences stabbing, slicing and bone breaking dudes

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