Netflix’s Triple Frontier Review

This Netflix action movie features a top-notch cast and a dark story about the dangers of greed, but it fails to capitalize on its own promising premise.

Triple Frontier: Working with Live Ammo!

Triple Frontier Cast: Trained to Fight, Shoot and Prank?

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emersonleon85 says:

Too many males
Too much muscles
All white guys
No female
I’ll pass!

Jay Wolin says:

I’m looking forward to it. The cast alone brings enough intrigued to keep me invested.

Jason Rollins says:

What scene is Matt Damon in?

Nick says:

This cast is so stacked. I’ll definitely check it out!

HIareUmad says:

I don’t really care, this movie is for the call of duty fantasy and thats all, I’m not looking for citizen kane

Juan Torres says:

Ghost recon wildlands the movie

Radical Greek 3 says:

5/10 too many 3s

Antonio Montana says:

5 awesome actors, gotta check it out

DevilGames says:

Expendables -8?

RAZOR12334 says:

IGN…. Too much war movies.

LightOfSkyFalling says:

7.2/10 – Too much IGN

jevon1 says:

7.2/10 – Ben Affleck’s beard wasn’t thick enough


thats not bad

John Cena says:

7.2/10 Too much Frontier not enough triple

Burt Macklin says:

Ok now that that’s over, can someone give me their own review?

DanFarrell98 says:

This was a very short review

bacon not cripy says:

I just want a solid netflix movie

solidnem says:

7.2 – “Too much zig. Not enough zag.”

Stevenson Cervantes says:

7.2 too much triple no H

yuzeen nazeef says:

Am i the only one think that this movies look like ghost recon wildlands?

Jose Cruz says:

IGN: Reviews that are 2 minutes long and filled with sponsored bullcrap.

Karak would be proud…

Dwayne Davis says:

I don’t trust IGN because they gave Captain Marvel an 8.3 when apparently everyone else HATED IT

Nicolai Trevino says:

I’m onboard with all the IGN memes but this was actually a pretty solid review/analysis surprisingly.

Skylander says:

*7.2/10 – too much facial hair*

N N says:

They gave captain marvel a higher rate than this

Nathan Harkins says:

Too much Ben, not enough Affleck…

Eli Hentai says:

Too many white dudes, 5/10.

Nonoy M says:

Is the guy talking from Cinefix?

Taimur says:

Gonna watch it for the cast alone

Jason says:

Guess Garrett does do many movies or anything. You didn’t say dogmas Ben Affleck X-Men apocalypses Oscar Isaac

shaq 101 says:

im batman

Tommy Texter says:

Batman working with the Apocalypse???

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