Officer Downe (2016) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Action Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru & Count Jackula review OFFICER DOWNE, the directorial debut of Clown from Slipknot!

OFFICER DOWNE (2016) was written by Joe Casey, directed by Shawn Crahan, produced by Mark Neveldine and stars Kim Coates, Lauren Vélez, Sam Witwer, Lindsay Pulsipher, Reno Wilson, Mark Neveldine, Adi Shankar, Tracy Vilar, Shad Gaspard, Corey Taylor & Bruno Gunn.

Movie is based on the OFFICER DOWN COMIC by Chris Burnham and Joe Casey.

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Ray Ruckus says:

The second you guys hit the spoiler section I hit Netflix and Holy fuckballs this movie is so gooder it’s gooderest.

Joel Squire says:

I watched this movie based off your review and I loved it

Daniel I. Brizuela says:

Sounds over the top and awesome.

Raist In Hell says:

The only thing that would make the whole movie better would be a slipknot cover of “ice ice baby” or “go ninja”.

Neonghostwolf 88 says:

TORILLE !! suomi mainittu !!

San Qiang Li says:

Y’know, just listening to this review, I feel like you’re describing one of those 90s kid movies with ridiculous plots and characters that you love despite of or because they are so ridiculous, but with gore. On another note, Have you seen the Cromartie High School movie?

TripleHate33 says:

Enjoyed the shit out of this movie, loads of fun! I never would have known about it without this video, thank you and Jack for always bringing amazing movies like this to my attention!

Glowkite says:

Am I the only one who thought this movie was going to be about a cop with Down syndrome?

Nicholas Rodriguez says:

IGN score was 6.8

Jeremy Jenkins says:

It’s an ultraviolent thrill ride 😀 It’s one of those movies that you turn your brain off and watch the violence and gore

morotzoo says:

Liked and Subscribed! Can you leave a comment at my latest video please? 🙂

Joe DePersiis says:

I would love to see you guys do a vlog about Dog Soldiers, the John Wick films, or Bunraku. After seeing your Vlogs (huge fan btw), I think you guys would love these films. if you’ve already seen them, I would love to see what you think of them. keep up the awesome work you guys!

The Faustian Man says:

Nice! I wanted to check this out sounds like I will!

Irrefutable Matt says:

mind quads… im in

theabberration says:

Going to make this a watch for my “Superhero Summer” this year. Have you seen a cheesy bad 1967 Italian movie, called Super Argoman? Long story short: Dick superhero, who loses his powers for six hours after sex.

Nancy Nightmare and the Wizard says:

The “Downe” pun alone sold me! You made this sound like the most incredible movie ever made. Great review!

Jakob Gurley says:

Here’s one you could do a vlog on the Japanese anime movie Gantz:0 if you love violent anime then you’ll love this film.

Sean Bateman says:

out of five Jackulas, it’s a six.

Megan Ingenito says:

From poking around the internet, it looks like $850 was it’s box office revenue, according to boxofficemojo. I can’t find the production cost of the movie, at least not yet. You guys are awesome, I enjoy your vlogs!

Chloe Malveaux says:

Saw this in the theater, and when someone asked me how the movie was I summed it up as “Cocaine: The Movie”

Jason Takes Ωmegle says:

A 5 star, 2 star movie!? STRAP ME IN!!!
> Logs into Netflix Australia
> searches Officer Downe

John O ́neil says:

Definately gonna watch this next. Thanks Guru and Jack!

Samuel Roberts says:

Oh great, just when my netflix account ran out…

Orestria says:

My party movie is Wild Zero. I force pretty much everyone I know to watch Wild Zero.

S.L.C. Films says:

The Horror Guru, we would love for you to check out our films! Shorts, but right up your alley sir! you’re not the critic we deserve but the critic we need.

Tony Forristall says:

it is on Blu-ray, I bought it the day it came out

Dionne Watley says:

i cant find the movie on Netflix

Keith Pasculli says:

Love your review and absolutely hated this movie; it was trying to be interesting and I thought that it was just the dumbest, most pointless movie that I have seen in a while.

Sherman Bess says:

check out Wolf Cop, Fear Inc. and The Void.

Zachary Haith says:

did you know it’s a comic?

MisfitBYTE says:

I had to put off watching this vid because I knew I was going to get a chance to watch this one soon. Made it a double feature with finally getting to watch Deathgasm, as well. Hell yes!

I’d never seen Sid Wilson unmasked, so thought the thug in the end scene was the singer of Cancer Bats. Speaking of references I missed, what was the thing about 37 orgasms?

Btw, while I was on IMDB, I noticed that they do have a second actor credited for Zen Master Flash’s dubbed voice.

zekroh6986 says:

Hey Guru, mind if I recommend to you a Halloween movie?

CheeseyfoxGaming says:

Guru I was wondering if you could give me some of your favorite videos that you made so I could compile the best moments in them and make a video project thing!

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