PACIFIC RIM UPRISING MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted – The Double Toasted podcast review a new sci fi film in 2018 called Pacific Rim Uprising. This action film follows on from the original Pacific Rim film that starred Idris Elba, with a younger cast, starring John Boyeg and Charlie Day . In this video we look at the trailer just to give you a feel for the film before we get into it. The film, which tries to take anime to live-action in a lot of ways, is basically about robots fighting monsters. A robot movie and monster movie all in one. What could go wrong? Well check out our movie review of the film while using some of our trademark toasty goodness humour. Who knows, maybe a giant monster will come crashing into the studio and eat Korey and crew. What would we do then? Build giant robots of course just like Pacific Rim Uprising.

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Laser DuChamp says:

please make more videos about good musicians, new and old like nina simone, jimi, santana, street artists and cool stuff cos big movies are not best topics nowadays : )

Elliot H says:

The action scenes were fun, so just watch the trailers. But I just want some animated tv show or comic instead of another of these

Kal El says:

anime fan all my life and this is a rip off of eva so i enjoyed the action, it was close enough to eva that i had fun with it. not great story but the battle visuals were pretty dope.

Mark Hazleton says:

I would rather save my money and buy some DT Merch… and where did Goodwin get that badass Black Panther / Killmonger T-Shirt with the Outkast theme?

Taj Campbell says:

Poor Scott Eastwood…

James Arlington says:

Damn First one was a Full price-Matinee range to rentals and some old bullshits for the sequel what a disappointment

RP says:

This is probably the first time I want to see a movie in theatres, just to see how bad it is.

spaceboy2095 says:

Yes, it was stupid but it was way better than the previous one and way better than any movie of the Transformers franchise! Mainly because John Boyega brings his charisma and because Charlie Day is not as annoying as in the first one…

SMOKESCREEN Cloud Nine- says:

love you guys so much

Kimberly M. says:

dam, martin the harsh critic strikes again. lol

Kevin Qerimi says:

Come on transformers ain’t that bad, maybe the last night was and age of extinction but the other were alright

Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández says:

Old Kat Daddy (as most of times) MY MAN!

A B says:

Love your channel. Keep up the good work.

Tagxo platnumberg says:

“looks like dinzel” ??????

jason fasthorse says:

Scott Eastwood sucks

kriqtic says:

Gotta get that Shirt that Goldwyn is repin

Graeme Vaughey says:

Man, this film sounds so boring that I’m distracted by the idea that Coleman needs to wear a blue hat (he’s the only one not color coordinating today).

Jesse Collins says:

I hate dceu but I really like Ann of steel lol

joeolarte says:

I would buy the s#@t out of a “Cosmic Girts” shirt.

paul rai says:

I really feel like Scott Eastwood’s agent is purposefully lowballing him with these J-Crew-looking soldier roles ’cause he was desperately trying his best with the crap lines he was given and the thinly-dimensional character he had to play in this film.

BIGBDABO$$ says:

Deadpool 2 trailer review plz and thank you

h0ll0w0ne says:

I’m sorry to say so but it really seems like they did not even watch the movie. I mean sure, it’s a some easy leave your brain at the door stuff but, that’s what it’s supposed to be. Besides, they do explain what needs explaining quite clearly. Based on this review it’s like they just throw random stuff in the air and say “fuck it”. That’s not the case at all.

This really came across as the DD crew having slept through the whole thing to me.

David Hylton says:

Love the reviews

Gokaiger says:

A movie this expensive a rental? yea right

Candace Williams says:

I didn’t make it all the way through Tomb Raider, so it sounds like I should just skip this one and go see Love, Simon.

May May says:

honestly, we’ve waited this long for a second one to come out, but the thing is that, i thought there weren’t going to be second…

Infernoman64 says:

I’d rather face a Kaiju than do child support

To Release is To Resolve says:

First movie was lame so nor surprised.

Dan Schoening says:

Amazing review. LMAO

Jarrad Schreiber says:

The first movie wasn’t exactly Citizen Kane. It was full of bad dialogue and one dimensional characters, but it was still a lot of fun. If you go into Pacific Rim 2 looking for well written characters, a tight plot, and great dialogue, well, that’s your own fault. All I ask from Pacific Rim 2 is fun robot on monster action. And it looks like it delivers that in spades. On another note, you guys are exaggerating the hell out of the destruction in Man of Steel. Superman didn’t kill ANYONE except for Zod. Zod was the one wrecking shit. And you have to remember that Superman was only Superman for a few days in that movie and he’s still inexperienced. You seem to conveniently forget all the property damage Spider-Man and the Avengers cause.

Juan S says:

This feels like a movie I will enjoy despite the mix reviews. I mean to have a film that gives you story, but have criticism for it getting in the way? I dunno I’ll give it a shot. Besides I got to support lil Denzel, I’ll watch it for matinee price.

Andrew Henry says:

for the record, superman never destroyed a building in MOS, zod did.. just saying

Joshua Collins says:

good thing that godzilla 2 has little character and a dumb story

EnigmaDrath says:

No Ron Perlman?? Well fuck that. After they killed off Idris Elba the only reason I’d considered watching a sequel was because I’d assumed Perlman would be back. BOOO!

Pancake Knight says:

Man people dont leave Florida when hurricanes become more and more disastrous and more frequent, and some people denying they eve exist!!

Nigel Foster says:

1:33 skip to review

kc 3182x says:

Hey bitches isn’t the overrated Marvel movies especially Avengers and Dr. Strange nothing but CG? But you fools applaud Dr. Strange! Avengers did the exact same thing and you also applaud it. Fucking trolls just use that as a excuse to look and sound cool! Or what about Godzilla when he is in a city destroying everything in his path killing everything and everyone just by walking through! Fucking hypocrites now complaining about Asian people being in movies now?? NIGGERS and their excuses!

Mahyuddin Zin says:

Makes me wish for a movie based on the game Into The Breach. In that one, mechs fight kaiju but collateral damage is a HUGE DEAL (civilian buildings are your HP) but it’s still cool because if you can pull off a mission without anything getting damaged, it feels like a big achievement.

Revolver Ocelot says:

Talking about nerdy shit….why not a Gundam movie!?

Robert .Breedlove says:

So you’re saying Pacific Rim is saying “Fuck you thoughts”?

Charles Fernandez says:

Boyega is more of a mini Idris Elba more then Denzel.

codafett says:

Superman/Zod wasn’t even this pointlessly destructive

Roddy Rod says:

A high some ol bullshit!! lmao

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