Peppermint (2018) Movie Review

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Peppermint Movie Review. John gives his quick thoughts on the new Jennifer Garner action/revenge film Peppermint.

Riley North awakens from a coma after surviving a brutal attack that killed her husband and daughter. When the system shields the murderers from justice, Riley sets out to transform herself from citizen to urban guerrilla. Channeling frustration into motivation, the young widow spends years in hiding — honing her mind, body and spirit to become an unstoppable force. Eluding the underworld, the police and the FBI, Riley embarks on a deadly quest to deliver her own personal brand of punishment.


Exciter Matronik says:

maybe i will check out Crazy Rich Asians again LoL

Alex Ortiz says:

why does peppermint remind me of face/off

TINA!! says:

The way you started this videos I thought you were gonna say this movie is good xD omg thank god you didn’t let her make you think the movie is good xD

thelegoman 0 says:

Who are the legit action stars? If I had to guess, I’d say Jackie Chan, Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, and of COURSE…

Keanu fucking Reeves

John Smith says:

This movie SUCKS! The editing is so bad in this movie. John. Jennifer’s last action movie sucked! Elektra was a terrible film. This movie is slightly better than this movie but it is still stupid.

Les Anderson jr says:

I enjoyed this movie

Van Exel says:

Does she play a better action hero than her ex husband?

Benny Nunn says:

Peppermint patty is 13 going on 30 as the Punisher.

Naman Idrees says:

Oh man I was so looking forward to this film.

J Boy says:

I loved this movie. There’s definitely room for a sequel. Although Jen Garner should star in Crazy Rich Asians as another beautiful cast member. Phew. I was rooting for her all throughout.

Official Filmilen says:

very good review

PokemonAshGreen2 says:

I just got out of watching and I enjoyed it. John I can agree with you on the villains and pasting. Also I felt like some of the actors felt out of place in this film.

obama bin says:

John Direct a movie, stop shitting on other people movie

Geek Wood Science says:

After all that s*** you talk to us about people that didn’t want to go see it and now you can’t even recommend it

Kakki82 -Roddy M says:

Sorry John she’s my girl lol,,,love her in action movies was patiently waiting

Kaiju Kid says:

Movie reviews have become less important with these new Movie pass programs. I can see 3 movies a week, so OKAY movies are gonna get watched.

Kylo Ren says:

So you watched two movies that you cannot recommend in one night? That sound bad!

Nobody No One says:

What’s better, this or Roth’s Death Wish?

Asian Movie Enthusiast says:

I guess I’ll save my money for MANDY next week.

Diego Larios says:


obama bin says:

Jon turk

DemBoyz 7 says:

Trailer looked good, so I’m surprise about the terrible reviews

gopdogg says:

So, basically “Taken” + “American Assassin.”

tosh 120 says:

saw the trailer for it looks boring as heck and the movie has a low score so ima not going to see it sorry

Cinematic Tendency says:

Watched it last night too. It could have been better. Yes, Jennifer Gardner shows great presence as an action here/vigilante. She even trained (with Don Lee) for this role. (I am still writing down my thoughts to review it). Fun to watch if you like violent movies.

H says:

When i saw the various Chinese / unknown company logos that made the movie at the beginning, i know this would be a B movie. Do you guys remember how many time the name RILEY NORTH was spammed to us? I laughed everytime they said her full name which is RILEY NORTH. It’s bad but still pretty fun.

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