PETER RABBIT Movie Review + Peter’s Following Me?? (Black Nerd)

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Andre Black Nerd Review of Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit 2018 Movie Review. Plus a random appearance from Peter Rabbit… how did he find me? Is the Peter Rabbit movie as bad as the trailers made it seem? Yes and No. There are parts that are actually sweet, genuine, and funny… and there are parts that are like every live-action/CGI movie franchise reboot we’ve seen before, this time with Peter Rabbit and friends. Peter Rabbit stars Rose Byrne, Domhnall Gleeson, and Sam Neill, and features the voices of James Corden, Margot Robbie, Daisy Ridley, Matt Lucas, Elizabeth Debicki, Sia, and more.

Note: Trailers and Clips from Sony Pictures Animation for press to use for reviews, criticism and commentary purposes under rights of fair use. All opinions 100% my own. Peter Rabbit costume theater appearance was coincidence, not planned at all, I swear!

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Music: “Platform Game Tune”


Aaron Evans says:

I’m just going to pretend this is an origin story for General Hux 🙂

Joshua Blitzer says:

I didn’t like the music in the Black Panther trailers

HerobrineHunter26 says:

Peter rabbits gunna getcha

sophia D. says:

7:34 Fifty Shades of Rabbit

Grayson Green says:

why do all the animals have cloths on

TalesfromAPhantom says:

Hey i was wondering while watching this review do u get permission to use footage from the films or use it based on fair use. Also Good review

NateGaming899 says:

Sausage Party better not be next.

ia akra says:

so peter rabbit is the new boogeyman

Marie Soleil says:

I didn’t know there was a Peter rabbit movie, this looks so cute, will go watch lol 😀

DJ40andOver says:

Actually you sorta got me hyped to see this. Vudu it is.

Brian Jr Spero says:

3:20 Don’t forget the birds that just want to sing but NEVER GET TO.

Sarah Elizabeth says:

“Don’t gif that.” XD

DRCROC 123 says:

That slow reveal of the guy in the bunny suit kinda creeped me out.

Fandom Random says:

Ha Andre I already have my Black Panther movie tickets……….does that mean Peter Rabbit is gonna find me…..well I never had a life anyway so theres no really time I’m gonna waste watching the movie

NeverMindGaming says:

Oh no he’s real

DynamoJoe says:

Smooooth Donnie Darkoooo

Antoine Williams says:

Me: Peter Rabbit gonna find me if and come after you if I don’t watch his movie over yours!
T’Challa: Let him try…

princessthyemis says:

This is a great review! However–butt carrots and too many pop songs?! EW NO! Those sound like the worst parts to me! However, everything else you mentioned makes it sound halfway decent. If it comes to Netflix I think I’ll check it out! Thank you Andre! 🙂 🙂 P.S this is the first review of yours I have seen and I think it was very well done!

Brian Jr Spero says:

3:45 Yep. 4:05 YEP. 9:35 THERE it is!

Raphael Marquez says:

Did you hear about the controversy this movie is getting from upset parents because of “allergy bullying?”

June The Fox says:

I have no plans to see this AT ALL.
The commercials I’ve seen seem like the most typical cartoon adaption, made in the modern day. Nothing new.

chidera semper-henry says:

That Peter Rabbit costume is kind of scary

BoingotheClown says:

So are you saying this movie needs a fan edit cut to make it right?

JK D says:

10:35 they are setting up the Peter rabbit cinematic universe!

namixful says:

But, If I get a ticket for Peter Rabbit… you’ll come find me. ;3

Briana Shoulders says:

Another good review but your right, not going to see this. Lol

John Snape says:

Will a 6 year old kid like this?

Nick Hardwick says:

Yeah I’ll wait for the Netflix drop

FlareKnight says:

I know Peter Rabbit is stalking me. I’m trying to find movie times for later in the week to see Black Panther and that darn rabbit is spamming the screen!

At least this movie isn’t horrible. Sounds like they tried here. Still…..I’m not going Peter! My movie budget for this month is going to Wakanda!

Adrian Dehaney says:

Is Andre and Joy dating?

NateGaming899 says:

Sausage Party better not be next.

Eduardo Flores says:

Andre why haven’t you made a video about the ninja turtles being in injustice 2, your a huge turtles fan I fought you would have made a video about the turtles by now

Pegasi Love says:

Black Panther will protect from Peter Rabbit, on the other hand… I do like naked foxes! …. yeah I think I’ll see Black Panther

The Glass Castle MovieCHANEL says:

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Retro Crunch says:

Note to self – Don’t throw berries at someone with a allergy to them. Got it..

okay awesomesauce says:

imma go and watch peter rabbit on black panther weekend just so i can meet black panther irl. I mean how cool would that be XD

Nausi Windstrider says:

I wish you would do a video of you one manning pop songs. You do amazing caricatures of songs.

Pink Ugandan Warrior says:

what if Sony made Animal Farm?

we would be screwed…

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