“Predator 2” 1990 Sci-Fi Action Movie Review – The Horror Show

Cecil & Fuego review the action sci-fi classic, “The Predator”!

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Hosts: Cecil Laird & Jaime En Fuego
Produced & Edited by Cecil Laird

Opening & Closing Logo Designs by Rolo Ledesma & Kristopher Anderson.

Music by Mark Mason & Peter Hall.


Leander Yazzie says:

Neat review
You dudes from Arizona?

jeremy trusty says:

Hey yall should keep doing classic reviews. You know for other things after this. I could go through my collection and just list it for yall. It’s not done. I got some of the best b though. You would be surprised what qualifies as b too. You know all it takes is cult status really. I dont got hair spray or nothing. You know i stick to the horror. Im just saying i know movies enough to know you just cant review every thing. Even cinamassacre does not have a complete list. People have a problem reviewing smut. Ill be honest, though angry video game nerd does drop some nasty ones too. You know i have scared people out of my life talking about some of these films. So you know troma is a ruff one for folks. Though home invasion and exploitation in my opinion took over and just bleh. Last house on the left and i spit on your grave. very controversial shit man. Im more into peter jackson and troma yet still.

Lol Shit, i just scared my buddies girlfriend. Just tryna bond through music last night. hey look up this song i love it. Just found them the other day. Miserable failure- iron reagon. Fucking sweet right? Fuck the neighbors is also a great one dude. I would kick the shit out of my neighbors bush.

Two Guys and A Few Good Men says:

I thought it was a fun movie. It reminded me of Doom or Suicide Squad.. IMDb says it is an action horror. But the movie didn’t feel like a horror movie.

Kaleb R Blackman says:

I dug this movie alot,brought some very exciting elements to it, and it’s got a terrific climax.

Oliver Sikes says:

The scene where it heals himself in the old ladies bathroom is right at the end, just before they both go down the elevator shaft to get to the ship. He heals the arm that was cut off and gives himself an injection in the stomach.

Jw Nj says:

Plus Danny Glover beats the shit out of it instead of using traps. Its a fun ride.

Kaleb R Blackman says:

Stephen Hopkins also directed half of the first season of 24.

Budskie Wells says:

Highly underrated, definitely best entry we’ve had since the original. Danny Glover portrayals such an amazing character.

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