Race 3 Review: Slick Action Scenes Can’t Save Race 3 From a Mindless Plot

The moments of lull are so many in this 159-minute-long Race 3 that we develop a strange detachment from the on-screen proceedings.
Video: The Quint
Music: Big Bang Fuzz


filmy suresh says:

One of the worst film I ever seen salman ko ticket me paise wapas karne chahjye

Review Tips says:

if u dont know salmaan ne behozgaar yojana shuru kia hai..

yogesh prasad says:

Salman is best in movie .Aaplog bhi jawo movie dekho in faltuwo ki review na dekha kro ….

Ashish Kaul says:

Bollywood in a nutshell…

swarna bhattacharjee says:

You are too good

yogesh prasad says:

Aaplog kuch bhi kr lo sister lakin film blockbuster ho gayi

Vivek Dankhara says:

this is not expected by salman khan muvie .bakvass muvie

Sourabh Nandwana says:

One of the best movie review I have seen in recent days
Hats off to her for this funny but guinue review
5/5 stars for her
I would love to go on a date with her.

babui pakhi says:

Remo tu pehle demo dey

Reshma Mamtani says:

Please stop uploading videos in portrait mode.

Nazar Hussain says:

If someone saying the shit about the movie or salman khan. They are not true fans of him

Zia Ahmed says:

Hello everyone, I’m a big fan of Salmaan, but now a days he has no sense to choose a good movie,so please don’t waste your time and money.

Subash Thapa says:

bcoz u have zero knowledge


kuch bhi

Bhargav Reddy says:

1:39 hahah .

Ramzan Ibrahim says:

Are hum dekh ai hai movie blockbaster hai yarr

Krrish Rajiv says:

Remo is not good director ! That’s the Biggest mistake of the movie : Direction !
Abbas -Mustan was better.

Aamir SHAREEF says:

Thanks for making me laugh.. LMAO. Salman reminded you about Nipah virus, that’s hilarious:D

Champak Dash says:

FCK Salman Khan and more importantly FCK his gadhe gabar autobale chutiya fans


race3 ki maa chod daali…nice review mam….love it…and rip in advance for entair bhenchod race3 cast.

sriram pradhan says:

Who r u.?

Liaqat Ali says:

They think that by big explosions there is no need of (great) acting

Ramzan Ibrahim says:

FIlm mo sirf salman bhai ki zaroort hai baki sab jai bar me

challengers point says:

Sab chutiyapa director ne kiya hai

amit singh says:

Remo jab action filme banata hai to end product comes out to be big time chutiyapa

Sanaya Dey says:

frustrated Saali…. I Love Salman. Moti bheeshiiiii

coco megnar says:

Didi like unlike wala chalega kya

sriyani loku galappaththi says:

go fatty go and sleep

Review Tips says:

suppose daisy is watching this video
mujhe koi fark nhi padhta kuch bhi bol but our business is our business none of ur business

Sampurna Nand Tiwari says:

Salman to actor h hi nahi wo to politician h

dear sir says:

Just survived race 3

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