Ready Player One is a 2018 American science fiction action adventure film produced and directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Zak Penn and Ernest Cline, based on Cline’s 2011 novel of the same name. The film stars Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn, T.J. Miller, Simon Pegg, and Mark Rylance.

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sapphiro says:

If there are no references to Tenchi Muyo! I won’t forgive it.

muragaru553 says:

Someone really enjoyed this movie :p

Can’t say that I’m really one for it, but I think my youngest brother may get a kick out of this film (I’m not too much of a movie guy). That said, I do remember when you guys had him on an episode of All Gen Gamers. Pretty crazy cool 😀

The Last Game Hunter says:

Holy crap I love buckaroo banzai

Rain Yuri Young says:

Love your show Johnny. Been a fan for 4 years now !!!

Tasso Luz says:

This movie looks terrible to me. Just a bunch of references mashed together without rhyme or reason, seems very cringy.

S.Harv18 says:

They’re only projecting like 50-100 million opening weekend, I say horse shit and that number is way off. I think this movie is going to pull in big numbers at the box office this easter weekend, the movie looks amazing and imo it’s brawling with the likes of star wars, avatar, marvel movies, heck its way better than Jurassic World and just from watching previews the movie is taking cgi where we’ve never seen it go before and let me say that to me it had more appeal than black panther and that’s saying a lot, I expect a lot of people will see this movie and I’m thinking it’s gonna break some records!

Ron Romero says:

Made for uz – Johnny

Jaime Luna says:

8.5 9 out of 10? or 8.59 out of 10? so, 8.6 out of 10? or just round it up to, 9 out of 10? Anybody else confused with his score?

Retro Millennial Gamer says:

Gotta love Johnny for that glowing, emphatic, energetic, positive review… for something he deems 8.5 / 9 out of 10.

I gotta go back and hunt down what he said in some of his 10/10 videos for comparison now…

segagenesis1989 says:

I’m going to re-read the book again before watching the movie! HCG recommends watching the movie in 3D? DONE!

Space Harrier says:

drunk wheelchair hobo should have had a cameo shot in this review

Trim Prism says:

I have one question: Does it have substance? Or is it all “Oh look at these nostalgic references!”

rxzero00 says:

At least it’s not the Gundam from G-Savior right?

Yellow Flash004 says:

*Kinda amped to see this flick*

ninjasec says:

Thanks Jonny

Drewsefer89 says:

They could have easily done a 3 movie franchise with Ready Player One. There’s so much in the book I feel it’ll be hard to capture everything in 2 hours. Really excited for this movie though.

bdleed says:

I left the movie wanting more. Should have been 3hrs. Still rate it 9/10

28misterluna says:

men I’m so excited for this movie, I love the book and I can’t wait to watch the movie, your reviews mimic the way I feel and I believe you on this one

SigmaShawn says:

You’re the first person I’ve heard say anything good about this movie. Looks meh to me, plus they don’t seem to understand The Iron Giant’s character

HappyConsoleGamer says:

Not adding movie footage as Warner Bro loves to strike videos here on Youtube.

Alexander Kingsley says:

‘member Chewbacca again?

deadbloodlust says:

Why do so many people hate on the book and this movie? WHY?!?!

I read the book recently because I wasn’t keen on the first teaser that was released. I read the book and was like “Holy shit, this is awesome!”. Definitely seeing this movie.

Benny Blanco From Da Bay says:

Don’t drink that orange juice

Gary Benjamin Holt Jr. says:

Aw, now I’m scared that a lot of Art3mis’ characterization was shafted. Oh well, I’m still excited to see the movie


So, lots of references of better products and no plot.

xxnike629xx says:

It couldn’t have been easy to get the licensing rights.

Blarghonk Plays says:

Watching it on Thursday in IMAX 3D can’t wait

Foxtrop13 says:

but if you ignore the cultural references is still a good movie?

Johnny Elsewhere says:

I saw Sonic in the trailer! He was so small!

RealmOfWonders says:

Johnny, Were there any Final Fantasy references!

William Hetherington says:

so excited to see this tomorrow!!

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