REPRISAL and WARNING SHOT – Midnight Screenings Review

Movie Reviews: the Frank Grillo/Bruce Willis action movie REPRISAL, plus the David Spade thriller WARNING SHOT!

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Character Art: @Joseph_LFrog


almightycinder says:

The diamonds! Mah god!

duckiedale80 says:

More Willis LG Premiere crap I see. He’s the new Nic Cage.

Jiru Candy says:

David Spade… thriller?

David Spade just makes me miss Chris Farley and Just Shoot Me… T.T

th3mdt says:

Who the fuck is Frank Grillo?

flmbyz says:

I worked on Reprisal…..what would you like to know?

JasonPoophess says:

Did you guys skip the new Javier Bardem movie?

Jeff Anderson says:

The Warning Shot review begins at 21:08

HollyBlueAgitated says:

the “Bruce Willis” movie

futuremovieactor says:

Animated Angry Laura in the thumbnail is scary.

Andrew Klang says:

I don’t care what that illustration tells me, I just can’t picture Laura angry.

MrTBoneSF says:

If you want to see a good home invasion movie, I’d recommend Better Watch Out. As you can guess, it takes place during Christmas (so it would be appropriate as we enter Winter). It stars Patrick Warburton, Virginia Madsen, and some of the kids from Stranger Things. It’s like an alternate universe version of Home Alone that was directed by Quentin Tarantino. Highly recommended.

Jay Archer says:

Changing my name to dude in the chat

Hajo Pluess says:

What ever happened to the Hillary’s America review? 🙁 Is Dinesh D’Souza trying to use Copyright infringement to block your review? If so, when is it going to come back? I only watched the first 10 minutes and loved every minute of it!

CaptainMarvell92 Returns says:

What happened to her face?

Eric May says:

whats wrong with her face, shes always making one.

yakuza01 says:

Bruce Willis should start a trilogy called “Don’t Give A Fuck!” so you will get “Don’t Give A Fuck I, II, II & IV. And of course, the eventual prequels.

CommanderZx2 says:

I wonder how much money Bruce Willis gets for these give no shits short performances. Do the producers really still believe that splicing Bruce into it will drive up their ticket sales?

Clay Pidgeon 162 says:

At least Bruce Willis has “Glass” on the horizon. After that … “What a Day to Die Hard” or maybe a cameo on a “Moonlighting” movie staring Channing Tatum and Anna Farris?

HeisenSaul says:

Dave Spade Thriller….. I feel like those words don’t go together.

Valdagast says:

Laura looks tired. Does she get enough sleep? **worries**


I have just one question…..Who the hell is Frank Grillo?!

Hopingover Leavesinfall says:

Why is Frank Grillo in shit action films? He’s a really good actor and way overqualified.

Dunes8 says:

More like Recycle…

Saturday Morning Cheap Seats says:

34:20 brad totally says “do do”. uh huh huh huh….

MrJessiesammakia says:

He was funny in black sheep too

Salud 74 says:

0:03 Reptilian!

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