REVIEW – The Last Airbender (Live-action Avatar Movie)

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So after watching through Avatar: The Last Airbender, I decided to watch the live action film based on the show. I know how much of a bad reputation it has, but I wanted to see for myself.

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Gimic King says:

The director of the film stated that he learned he’s mistakes after making this movie. Like, why the fuck would you create this horrible movie then. Did you like research the cartoon or did you look at it and just used the characters only and then change the story and stuff. That makes no fucking sense. Glad they didn’t make another sequel. Shitty, stupid, director.

Melsarion says:

One of my friends asked me, while watching Avatar series for the first time (besides sometimes seeing an episode airing on tv) and he asked why everyone hated the movie so much.
That just made me silence and think of how it must be nice to watch a movie without looking at the problems with the story telling, storyboarding, camera techniques, pacing… and just enjoying it cause yay avatar

Bazooka Bear says:

Even when I was a wee lad and saw this movie, I thought it was pretty crap.

Igorowan says:

I’ve heard the movie suffered because of the budget, they blew a third of the budget on the opening filming in Greenland for the first chapters, and then they had to re-schedule and re-budget it all. Ever noticed the unnecessary motions they do for the bending, including the infamous 5 Earthbenders scene? There were supposed to be elements flying there so they had rush the entire thing using hand-made sets.

Also Katara’s actress was promised she would be in one of M. Night’s movies ever since the Sixth Sense when she was turned down as the titular kid there. The actor for Sokka thought he was going to paint his skin at some point, but he never got any direction. There were auditions for the role of Aang here on YouTube.

StarryNight1313 says:

I paid for opening day tickets. In 3D. Yeah. I suffered hard.

Pyramid Blaster says:

I remember laughing at the scene when around 10 earthbenders made a rock the size of a football to attack one firebender.

Kapuchu says:

This was strange… An entire video about a movie that doesn’t exist? Huh…

Shirotora Godsbane says:

I made the mistake of going to see it in the theater opening day. I still have nightmares.

Shenyongo The Dragon Slayer says:

Why was there no Mr Plinkett review that riffed on this movie?

GeminiJoule says:

As GOD AWFUL this film is, the only thing good about it, in my opinion, was Dev’s performance as Zuko. He couldn’t quite save Zuko from the terrible writing, but his effort and charisma was 1000% better than every piece of trash performance in that film.

Evan Ponte says:

This film truly ruined the series, but made it even worse. Definitely deserves a 6 on Rotten Tomatoes.

webkilla says:

I can tell you at least part of what went wrong. A couple years back I read an interview with someone who had worked on the movie. sauce:


1) Kitara and her brother being white and being shit actors (and all the other water tribespeople also being white) was because someone with a lot of money had a niece, and because procuder, she got a staring role. Everything else had to b reshaped to accommodate that.

2) this led to a problem with prince Zuko – since another white actor had been slated for that role – but then all the main cast and ”races’ would be white. Can’t have that – so Zuko was recast with Dev Patel, but then all the other fire nation people had to be recast as well, so they all would look sort of middle eastern/indian

3) the aang actor was not good at working with green screen, which is why a lot of his acting ended up sucking

4) the effects. the budgeting had originally be focused a lot on epic set-pieces and locations – locations that would fit the source material…. but then all that money ended up going to ILM for the bending special effects, and to make it worse then it was newbies who oversaw the special effects, which is why they ended up looking so weaksauce
– this would also indicate the whole movie had been budgeted really poorly, if they had to eat the location budget to feed the effects budget

5) Shamylamy apparently ultimately just gave up and collected his paycheck – giving no fucks – because he knew it was a clusterfuck

Daniel Attrell says:

As bad as this movie was, Dragonball Evolution was worse

Manuel David Rendon Acevedo says:

Its literally OK, I mean not the worst thing in the world

SarcasticLeaves says:

Zhao was clearly the best part. His obsession with the scrolls from The Great Library, reporting back to the Fire Lord every five minutes, being able to identify Zuko as the Blue Spirit by just seeing his lips, stabbing the moon spirit… XD
But all joking aside, this movie was nothing but a huge mess.

Hatter 9514 says:

I listen to your videos while illustrating my graphic novel. Thanks for the great content 🙂

Doblestorm says:

Damnatio memoriae this movie! DAMNATIO MEMORIAE!

Timothy Watkins says:

don’t do the legend of Korra please don’t do it

Impus Tredecim says:


Yes, I’ve seen the movie, but… just no.

paul fairweather says:

Ok I like your videos but you need to sound less like you’re reading off of a script

woutmees says:

There is no movie behind the walls of Ba Sing Se.

Kenny Peterson says:

I saw this movie in theaters…in 3D…in IMAX.

Preston Lockhart says:

I have. I watched it all the way through…. there was no light, only darkness. All I heard were screams of torment, not laughter, nor excitement. An endless tunnel of pain and agony. I asked myself if it would end. It did, but it left me in anguish. I had a warm soul, but a cold, empty void replaced it. Nothing was left. All I learned was that there really is something diabolical in this world.

😛 in amateur poetic talk… that movie was god awful.

Tania Bams says:

I think some commenters tried to warn you on the previous video. Welp, now you have suffered like everyone else who watched it. Glad I didn’t though.

Loosecat 56 says:

Oh that reaction in the opening shot. Shamalam never should have been considered to direct this movie it is waaaay out of his field

Cj Moncrief says:

There is a good reason I never revisit this movie (besides that nickelodeon pretends it never exists)

Carl Bloke says:

And for some fucking reason Nick would still air this movie sometimes. Are they not aware of the hate?

RuthieTheGreat says:

*B O O M E R A N G*

Carl Bloke says:


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