Review // THE LIMIT / VR180 Action Movie with Norman Reedus & Michelle Rodriguez

Available on most VR platforms! Enter a new world of storytelling in this blockbuster “immersive cinema” experience from visionary filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (Sin City). As a rogue agent with a mysterious past, you enlist the help of enhanced super-assassin M-13 (Michelle Rodriguez) to retrieve your identity and strike against the deadly organization that created you. Also featuring Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), THE LIMIT will put you inside a high-octane 20-minute action movie like you’ve never seen!

THE LIMIT is a lean-back experience captured in a new cinematic VR format, wider than 180 degrees, that bridges the gap between large-format movies and 360-degree video. It offers ultra-high fidelity and unprecedented production value from a live-action VR film.


* Full-length 3D and 2D versions of the film
* 2 featurettes on the making of this groundbreaking production
* Director’s commentary featuring Robert Rodriguez and co-writer Racer Max
* Chapter selection to easily share favorite moments with friends
* Virtual “Surreal Theater” environment
* A rocking spatial audio mix featuring an original music score
* Subtitles in English, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese

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Virtual Reality Mustache Cult says:

dang it so its working on the oculus go but not the oculus rift ????

desiv 1 says:

Thanx!!! ;-( I saw it on the Deal of the Day and was thinking… Hmm.. Probably not… Maybe I’ll wait and see… er.. what? Ramarcus has a new vid? Oh.. It’s on this..
Dang it!! Now I have to buy that one!!! You are NOT good for my wallet, sir!!! 😉 Thanx for the review. As I have a 32G GO, I’ll have to clean up several things to check it out tho. Oh well. 😉

TheMixmastamike1000 says:

its not dollars it’s Freedom bucks lol

NeuralDagger says:

Could not disagree more, Slightly better than other takes on interactive movies. Why not 3d or even 360, but it’s 3 gig and your downloading it, still grainy, soo crazy. NO WAY worth 5$ , let alone 10 bucks. FOR FREE, youd agree it is rubbish. It’s a dumb story, in one scene the bad guy, catches a bullet fired from a gun, and it’s still in the casing, in the guys hand. And other dumbness, ITS SOO BAD. I bought it based on the positive reviews, wow they were insane, I often smoke, so cant ask what they were smoking, that’s not it, for 5 bucks, it’s a total burn, already requested refund and deleted it, ( i will fight for it, i only watched for the 20 mins) would never watch it again.

CaesarTheShibaInu says:

If cords are such a problem with vr, then instead of standalone vr that only use wires to charge, why not use batteries? Is it because they would be consumed too fast, or is it another reason

Howard Abraham says:

Since the O-Go is considered a media consumption device, is it worth owning if you already have a home theater?

Jason Shelly says:

The Limit shows a promising future for VR movies. I really liked it and hope to see more.

Kevin Cudmore says:

So they kind of ripped off the first person movie “Hardcore Henry” and VRd it..

Marc Hankel says:

Oh GOOD GOOGLY MOOGLY! Rodriguez has done it again! This guy is always on the forefront of things! Hats off!!!

Paradise Decay says:

“You’ve lost your teeth, you might need them later….” lol

Carrie Lindsey says:

Anything involving Norman Reedus is automatically awesome!

TheChild Tuber says:

Do you have an oculus rift?

Tony Haughton says:

Hardcore Henry would be a good movie in VR

Joe Stevens says:

Just a note that this is a 360 video and not VR 3D 180. The scale is massively wrong. It is still interesting, but places like Amaze and NextVR do it better, shoot some Youtubers do VR 180 better.

David Clay says:

The 3D effects were pretty good and Michelle Rodriguez looked great. It’s a cool idea making the viewer a character in the film. The story features a lot of action, but not a lot of substance. I can’t see it as something I’ll watch again and again. I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

Kwistenbiebel200 says:

180 degree 3D….where have I seen that before ?… Oh wait, that’s right, Oculus Go is for pron! 🙂

Rob Davenport says:

I see you’ve changed your straps now , looking pretty cool.

Graphics Monkey says:

Downloaded and watched… the 1803D is ok… but has that direct to DVD bland acting which is rather odd putting!

It’s a good start, reminds me of the film Hardcore Henry which is ALL first person and very cool to watch on the GO.. alas that’s a pancake film.

At least I got it when it was cheaper… but don’t think I would be happy paying full price for it!

Tried my old Vive strap on the oculus go but it’s REALLY wide and doesn’t fit through the Go Holes… damn it.

Dave Martel says:

Looks great. Thanks for the review. Will grab it now.

Eispfogel says:

This is how i imagined “Hardcore Henry”. Was kinda dissapointed that it was just flat. Still an awesome action movie so go see it ^^

Timothy Lewis says:

Fired up my Go for us first time in about a week. The layout is different. Has there been an update that we don’t know about? There’s a “TV” button on the bottom and the gallery has moved. There’s probably more but I only looked for a moment.

Looking forward to a new video or some answers!

Sam Vila says:

Is it a 360 degree experience or a 180?

Sparhawk says:

Great video as always, I’m sold going to pickup that movie because this is the way movie are supposed to be watched.

Munch'sMakeBelieveBand Studios says:

Cool! The menu does look beta for now but the quality is great.

Arjun Anand says:

Pretty interesting!

liverush24 says:

The Go has really hit its straps in the last couple of months. A lot of good, worthwhile stuff available on it now.

superheavymetaldemon says:

this looks amazing! i love Michelle Rodriguez from the resident evil movies. i don’t have money now but i will buy it even at full price.

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