Sicario: Day of the Soldado – Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the next Cartel Action Film Sicario an unexpected sequel, does it live up to the surprising original? Find out!
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Toppins says:

This movie really suffered from the lack of Villeneuve.

June Llantada says:

I like this movie and I’m looking forward to part three…… Called the “Revenge of the Sicario”

Oncle Sam says:

I love that better call saul shirt!

Spawn3X5 says:

It’s the collector and thanos lol
Where’s the stone?

Eric Smith says:

Imo the audience didn’t need a character to connect to. Why introduce the events through fresh eyes when we were already introduced to the tone and corruption in the first film.

M R.P says:

joe and gang miss the point entirely. the series is basically about the industry letting out its guilt. admitting that the DEAs real job is to facilitate the biggest firms in the illegal drug world. the military have gone from funding films that make them look like heroes to now funding films that reveal their true nature. like the reality we now all know that the DEA flooded black ghettos with crack in the eighties. sicarios is that film of admission. joe why is it that you completely symbolically blind? lol. I mean you go on about “I wanted to be a director” yet symbolically you miss every point in every review. directing is all about symbology.

Gums 92 says:


Ades Fish says:

First 2/3 of the movie are incredible IMO, final third crumbles so bad.

Catherine Chandler says:

I found it completely unnecessary and full of testosterone. Also Josh Brolin was painted as the hero. If you are a trump supporter you’ll have a blast but for those like us who are not then just don’t even bother to go watch it its completely unnecessary. Loved the first one but this one is just… The plot is all over the place and they paint the Middle East, and Mexico like the worst countries in the word but of course America is painted as the best country in the word which is just fucking annoying when actually most of the things that Brolin’s character does are corrupt. Soo….

Rage Of America says:

This community is garbage.

Lord Bauer says:

I’m definitely on the opposite side for this one. The film was a fantastic continuation of Del Toro’s character Alejandro, as well as a solid contribution from Brolin who’s a lot more grim this time around. The world still feels hostile and desolate, and the gratuitous violence helps remind us of the high stakes set in this shadow war between separate nations and factions. Isabel was the emotional core of the story and gave one of the most nuanced performances, slowly shifting from the fiery wild child we see in the beginning to the girl torn apart by all the violence surrounding her. An 8/10 for me.

June Llantada says:

It’s funny how people always say the first one is better. But just imagine if part two was made first in other words switch the movies people would say Emily Blunt part sucked why was she in the movie they did not need a protagonist. Hahahaha…..


The guy on the left suck fat nut sacks

0072017 says:

It was ok but yes it could have been better sham. The first one was so good. I give part 2 5 out of 10.

SevenDaysToNoon says:

You lost me at “the 1st one was good.”

Baz king says:

Your reviews are way to long 20 mins max please.

Lee Meerun says:

News flash boring miserable knob on the left don’t like it

Jay says:

I just shouted “Thank you” “Thank you” the whole way through this video. Agree with everything.

Gun Play Gaming says:

it was pretty good i enjoyed it almost as much as the first. was sad as fukk when i thought they killed fenster.

June Llantada says:

The message is real we (USA) needs a wall…… I say build the wall like they have in the movie “Escape from New York” with Gatlin guns on top of the wall and anything that comes close gets automatically destroyed.

Silver Ancient says:

Yall holding guns in the thumbnail scared me.

Atoy Ekra says:

Before i watch this video, from left to right. Didn’t like it, loved it, and it was ok

THE RedneckPrincessOfTacticoolness says:

Is it right or wrong that I knew they were going to hate it before I even clicked on this video?

Julian Prokop says:

I walked out of this movie the same way I walked out of The Last Jedi saying, “Did this suck? I don’t know how to feel.” If you hated Last Jedi, then don’t bother, if you loved it, maybe you will like this.

André Chapetta says:

Both movies were written by the same author. But Villeneuve’s direction certainly had a HUGE positive impact on the first one.

Vanildoge The PC gamer says:

Sicario Day of the Soldado was Excellent by its own standards and it wasn’t pointless in my opinion but, the twist ending while Kinda cool it was setting up for a sequel indeed and it was a baseless conclusion and I saw it coming a mile away and the narrative retcons the 1st film. I loved it as a Movie alone, but like the incredibles 2, it was a disappointing sequel. Good movies, Bad sequels

ThaRedPitbull-Mix says:

The ending of this movie left me feeling unfulfilled. I knew that there might be a sequel after seeing the first Sicario but at least the ending felt like a real ending.

Jairo de Jesús says:

I was going to watch this… was.

bawniey says:

For anyone that liked the movie sorry but too many conveniences and the ending was stupid and Del Torro got shot in the fucking head and lived…ridiculous.

KeeganTheKourageous says:

Not gunna lie, i liked this one better than the first

Xavier Cosme says:

I’d also give it a 5/10. Action and acting were good but everything else was subpar IMO

Ayy Lmao says:

very mediocre movie, not even comparing it to the first.

TheNocturnal says:

Different director fools

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jarhead0099 says:

Too much groupthink…do you guys ever disagree on a movie?

Adolf Hitler says:

I think angry joe should just do review for movie , forget about video games

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