Skyscraper (2018) – Movie Review

Dwayne Johnson’s homage to Die Hard and The Towering Inferno, Skyscraper (2018), has arrived! So does it live up to it’s inspirations? Is it at least a good time at the movies? What did you think of the skyscraper trailer?

This is my Skyscraper (2018) movie review!


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Wikipedia Summary
“Former FBI agent and amputee Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) lives in the tallest and “safest” skyscraper in Hong Kong with his family. The skyscraper itself, known as “The Pearl,” houses several floors that function as their own society, and despite the risks highlighted by Sawyer, who is the building’s head of security, his bosses insist that it is impenetrable. True to Sawyer’s belief, the building comes under attack by terrorists who set the building ablaze, forcing Sawyer to take action. Matters are complicated further when he finds himself framed for the attack, and his family trapped above the resulting fire line.”

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber

Produced by
Beau Flynn
Dwayne Johnson
Hiram Garcia
Mary Parent

Written by Rawson Marshall Thurber

Dwayne Johnson
Neve Campbell
Chin Han
Roland Møller
Noah Taylor
Byron Mann
Pablo Schreiber
Hannah Quinlivan

Music by Steve Jablonsky
Cinematography Robert Elswit
Edited by
Michael Sale
Julian Clarke

Production companies

Legendary Pictures
Flynn Picture Company
Seven Bucks Productions

Distributed by Universal Pictures


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Jack Auerfeld Vlogs says:

Can you rank the 3 seasons of rick and morty I’m a huge fan of you and if you did it I would be really hapoy

Brick Factory Productions says:

I noticed you were wearing a Hotel Artemis shirt. Did you see the movie? Did you like it?

bardlover6 says:

I like Dwayne Johnson but I think I’m skipping this.

Christopher Curbeloo says:

If it shows up on FX I’ll watch it if not I’ll probably not see it lol

? ? says:

You never rated the despicable me movies like you said and I really want to see this

SirTyJensen says:

I agree Skyscraper was fine.

Davey Gorre says:

I think this is a movie that just keeps you at die and of your Seat the whole movie of you watch it in the cinema you know everything is going to be oke but it is still so breath taking this movie

Rufaro Asuquo says:

The movie is awesome

RanchKing says:

Can u rank the walking dead seasons??


your intro music is too catchy

FilmKritik Vlog says:

Nice work. Have you reviewed Fanny Khan (Indian Bollywood Movie)? I have tried reviewing it. Your suggestion would really be appreciated.

ApolloNiR - says:

Sean could u rank all the predator movies and also the alien movies and also both apthe alien v predator movies

AwesomeLewis64 says:

Do all drawne jhonson movies ranked

Matt_23 says:

You should have a lot more subs!

Anthony Mandanici says:

I really like tune at the beginning of your video

Anthony Mandanici says:

Sean where do you get your t shirts from?. Because there really AWESOME !!

Jake Orion says:

Honestly so many scenes that were just so unrealistic. Like one floor being on fire and they couldn’t put it out. But half the building on fire and it gors out in 30 sec.

Davey Gorre says:

Please rank high school musical

That other guy Not Lord Jack Pig says:

I like to compare Dwayne to Chris Pratt. They are arguably the two most popular faces in acting right now. Chris is in much more popular movies like Lego Movie, Marvel, Jurassic World, and he is really in special movies. Dwayne on the other hand, has just started throwing himself out there to the highest bidder. I swear if Dwayne was not in this movie it was be a straight to dvd movie! He just does random movies that people only pay attention to because he is in them, and I can’t imagine how much money he is making. That’s just me

Hassan Alamoudi says:

Do top 10 best tv show

Dazaheth Manzanares says:

I am the big fan of Dwayne Johnson The Rock he’s my favorite actor

Nader Bahu says:

I saw a trailer for it in a movie theater to watch antman and I felt it spoiled the whole movie for me

Rohit singh says:

Why they always take Dwayne Johnson in big budget movie as Dwayne has average acting skills ??
Plz bro answer it !

Talk Nerdy With Me says:

ummm same die hard and towering inferno reference? and we both have thor hammers and lightning blasts on our banners or intro? ummm how did this happen????

Nerds network says:

My final statement die hard (kids in the building too)

Jonathan Puentes says:

Rank all the deaths in the MCU please

Sam cribbs says:

This movie looks like a dumb, fun action movie. Nothing special, but it looks entertaining enough for me to want to see it.

Thomas Kishman II says:

The movie was horrible.
Die Hard is better
Save your money

Macho Toast1122 says:

Please find better music for the intro

King Kat says:

Always loved your videos, Do you think you could review the spy kids movies? I think there funny 🙂

Leon Franko Dedic says:

Great review and great intro.I totally agree with you.

Braxton Savage says:

You didn’t talk about the duct tape sponsorship

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