Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review | Action Movie Breakdown

John and Ellis break down the good and bad of the latest Star Wars film! 3 categories, unfiltered opinion, all fun!

How did you feel about the movie? Waste of time? Best Star Wars film yet? See how your opinions line up and let us know in the comments!

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Jorge Miranda says:

you Will watch the next Star Wars movie ✋

Classic Modern Review says:

Nice review guys. I enjoyed this movie and I didn’t care about the diversity as some are making it a big deal. I think the hate on it is so over exaggerated! it has dumb moments but some great moments to. If you guys are interested feel free to check my quick review of star wars out and see what you think? see ya 🙂

Deandre Jackson says:

is the score out of 5 or 10? im assuming 5 but i could be wrong. I agree with most of your points. Its a big blockbuster movie that has high production value, beautiful vignettes, and that classic john williams score is awesome. As far as the writing goes its a mess a complete disjointed mess. Im a fan but im not even talking from as a fan boy just a critical thinking person. This movie has to be measured on what it is a sequel to TFA and the 8th movie in the star wars franchise. Im glad Rian Johnson wanted to subvert our expectations and make something new but in doing so he completely undercuts the narrative set up in the previous film and even TLJ itself at times which leaves massive plot holes. Let me give examples of the stupidity in this film

1.The overall plot this movie is literally moments after TFA and the resistance just destroyed the star killer base but apparently they recovered extremely fast and the resistance felt more of an effect than the first order, why lol? Oh and the best thing they could think of for this movie was a slow chase threw space where resistance is about to run out of fuel while the first order is seemingly unfazed by the RECENT destruction of the star killer base. Why dont the first order just hyper jump ahead of them and besides them. They literally just trail and follow them because plot, WHY?

2. why did luke leave a map in TFA just for us to find out that he went to the island to be left alone and die, WHY?

3. Holdo not telling poe the plan was just ridiculous yeah i know the movie pushes this narrative that poe was responsible for the death of all those soldiers and was wrong. You can argue based on the movies logic since they were being tracked anyways and wouldve just been destroyed later he and the bombers bought the rest of the resistance time to get to new salt hoth. Of course holdo is active general and doesnt need to tell him anything but that doesnt mean its a good idea; she doesnt tell anyone her plan. Its the most incompetent shit i have ever seen. I mean literally people just watched 90% of the whole fleet destroyed and are on pins and needles, again WHY?

4. Las vegas Star wars edition this is the most pointless side mission i have ever witnessed in star wars. This whole plot couldve been avoided if holdo just communicated like a normal fucking person. Cool they save space doggies but end up leaving slave children great message and hypocritical coming from disney, i dont buy that shit. Dont get me started on rose and how she brought nothing to this film, Again WHY?

5. LUKE FUCKING SKYWALKER trying to murder his nephew in a fleeting moment of weakness which i would buy if the writers gave us a compelling reason why but they dont were just supposed to take their word for it. Even if he did try to kill his nephew he wouldve tried to right that wrong. AGAIN WHY!!!

I could keep going but overall this film is trash i mean straight trash if this were any other movie critics would destroy this mess but since its star wars and did something different were just supposed to accept this pile of ass! My main reasonable objective problems with this film is it lacks a coherent plot that connects to it previous films, It lacks context meaning it expects you at times to fill in the blank and just go with which is poor/lazy writing, its trying to hard to be different it forgets to try to tell a compelling story all fans would enjoy, and the movie feels disrespectful to star wars and fans of the OT(that more opinion but you can make a great argument for it). This movie spends too much time telling me how i should feel in stead of giving me a good reason why i should feel. This movie feel self indulgent, preachy, and pretentious hamfisting social messages that in a good movie wouldnt be a big deal but they throw them in at the expense of what we love about the franchise and most importantly the plot, which is criminal. Im glad you guys enjoyed but the more i think about the movie the more problems are just unforgivable from a writing perspective. The characters end up in the same space they start little to no development of any significance. the twists were fine but i feel like why waste audiences time building up shit that ultimately don’t matter. Couldnt we have spent this time you know developing the characters you want us to care about? this movie spend so much time trying to deconstruct Luke, his character, and Star wars quite frankly they forget to develop rey as a believable non mary sue character we want to see in the future. As it stand i dont give two flying fucks about anyone of the new characters. Disney apparently wants to kill the past and doesnt care about the past why should we as an audience care about these new bums. Finn had glimpses of greatness, went from being potentially force sensitive to a space janitor man miss me with that bullshit im out! legitimately here me out if Michael Bay made this movie would it still get rave reviews? the answer is a astounding NO. 4/10 and 1.3/5!

Jeff Trujillo says:

This movie was garbage. RIP Star Wars it was fun.

Jon Parra says:

Kylo-ren is a little boy throwing a tantrum. How you gonna be 29 and look like a 16-year-old. He is the new Jar Jar Binks……………..i Hated Jar Jar Binks

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