Taken 2 | Liam Neeson Action Movie Review

Liam Neeson is back to kick some ass, but did we miss Taken, or is this sequel mistaken?

The first Taken was a flat out action ride that pulled no punches and attempted no twists. It delivered on its promise and was one of the coolest movies of the year. The inevitable sequel has now hit theaters – but is it just more of the same, or does it surprise audiences yet again? Are Dan, Jeff, and Alex taken by Taken 2?


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YaBoiFruitSnacks says:

Jeff is the reason why I’m subbed to the channel. hes so awesome!

MrNicvdb says:

The FX poster that Mikey points out is for season 2 of American Horror Story… Which I for one hope you guys review, considering its a completely new story.

Liam Gray says:

these guys voices are so high when they try to exemplify something.

Thinker101 says:

Omg these guys are illuminati. From Left to Right you can see on their jerseys an Eye, the twin towers and a black jacket (signifying hell).

Thomas Giles says:


devilmikey00 says:

Ya Luc Besson movies tend to have this problem. I don’t really get it either. If kids want to get into R rated movies it’s not like it EVER stopped me when I was under 18. Even easier now that you can just buy tickets from a machine and it’s not like the kid ripping them is going to ask your age. I don’t understand why action/horror movies always get ripped up in the editing room while comedies are perfectly fine being R. I’d like to see evidence that PG13ing a movie increases profits.

Joe Kresl says:


TheWisestWizards says:

Hope to see you guys review the first few eps of American Horror Story S2.

Vincenzo Fierro says:

The best noise cut at the end of a friday episode. Great job Mikey!

2nd3rd1st says:

“but did we miss Taken, or is this sequel mistaken?”
Mike Gaines, honorary member of the pun-theon of wordplay greats. xD

Christopher Heatwole says:

What was Jeff referring to when he said “What’s with the chortles?” I feel like I’m going to shoot myself when I find out.

TerrelleGrahamReviews says:

Good review 🙂 just to add,it was established in Taken 1 that the family were Turkish so that’s why they decided to set the film in Turkey

siik says:

best outtakes ever

GrifterUno says:

I guess people forget that Liam Neeson was the original “Darkman”…still one of my fave movies (and comic book character) ever! = )

devilmikey00 says:

I’ll wait for the uncut DVD. I heard this one got taken to the editing room to be PG13ified.

TakeoJustin says:


gfsockmonkey says:

“*burp* phooo…enjoy that” LMAO!

Christian Stoleski says:

Liam Neeson is a badass

Christian Stoleski says:

Just watched the fist one love it

iain mcmanus says:

so true, this thing will get as far as opening weekend then it will die through word of mouth being so bad, it deserves the hate. we deserve more from cinema.

azhar414 says:

I actually like this sequel.. its what I would have wanted and more…

Brent Galloway says:

That noise Dan made in the outtakes! Lol

tlovehater says:

Mike has always been awesome

Ian Frankenberger says:

Somebody count how many times they say the word “taken”

popou says:

2:06 Bless you Alex, bless you.

Adam Cate says:

nice “chortle” at the end

iain mcmanus says:

it most certainly did. the action sequences are almost unwatchable. hell the first few are. and the last kill looks like he simply touched his face and killed him

Christian Stoleski says:

i loved takken

3furre says:

Chortles! Chortles everywhere!

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