The Happytime Murders – Movie Review

When making a live action puppet/human world, why not make it a live action raunch crime comedy? Here’s my review of THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS!



Davie L arts says:

avenue q meets rodger rabbit?

Dragonfly1Scorpion says:

That ending of the review though 😀

Blue Stars says:

@JeremyJahns – How was Crazy Rich Asians?

eve van kaathoven says:

Not sure if any production could do raunchy puppets as well as Avenue Q tbh..

Trunk Films says:

Muppets the prono

nuttin butt love C says:

Didnt crank yankers and Dave Chapelle do this already? Key and peele too

MisterE1976 says:

Cool review, decent film, Rotten Cotton >Rotten Tomatoes.

Scott Nopper says:

That silly string incident reminds me of TED!

Scott Nopper says:


Rob Pchow says:

Waffles waffles waffles crispy golden waffles

Soo Kute says:

I want to see this movie

michaelparadiso96 says:

I really liked the movie a lot. My only problem was the editing. It was a bit choppy and it felt like things were missing. But I still ended up loving it when I thought I was going to hate it.

Paul Damasio says:

Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer. Your thoughts?

Jared Wales says:

Basically…. it’s like a darker Who Framed Roger Rabbit, with Muppets instead of cartoon characters.

Vasilijan Nikolovski says:


xKami102x says:

What the fuck Jeremy did you just… Oh. It was silly string.

iamlsusam says:

I have no interest in this movie!

eric brown says:


Dahlia Rose says:

Will you ever do a video on the Godzilla trailer shown at Comic Con?

Mal Hearne says:

Puppet version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit

LightningProductions says:

This was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen

kenneth minear says:

law and order episode with puppets meets new jack city sausage party, eh 6.

Tom Ives says:

Melissa McCarthy? Eeeeehhhhh….
Puppets?…no, not seeing it…

JFLD8 says:

2003 called, it wants it’s horny puppet schtick back.

jdzencelowcz says:

I expected to hate this film……I loved it!!!!!!!!

purplefreak3 says:

I thought the movie was great, it exactly what the trailer made it out to be.

Fire Dust says:

The 22% Rotten Tomatoes score this movie has is most likely from mothers who took their kids to see the movie despite the commercials making it clear as day that this is not for kids. Some parents never learn.

3 A-Holes says:

This does look pretty funny. Glad I’m not the only one who thought so JJ

Caboose Wannabe says:

Just finished watching it, the movie was okay. The beginning was good but from there on the jokes were hit or miss. I especially enjoyed the bloopers from the credits, one of the jokes where the girl visiting Phil mentioned the “Big as the Titanic” bit actually made me cracked up and wished it was actually said in the film.

Can’t say I was disappointed, just wished that those puppet jokes were given more thought and were more clever since the film was relying on the jokes to carry the audience through the 90 minute runtime. Take the film for what it is based on the trailer and I think you may find it a decent flick in the end.

the fox gamer says:


De Selby says:

finally a movie about my 2 favourite things: Happytime and murder.

kemuael says:

I’ll pass don’t like raunchy comedies.

Liam says:

2:15 Well, may I interest you in Meet the Feebles (1989)?

mdude625 says:

“It got in my eye!” That’s what she said.

ReeLoy Kenjins says:

I enjoyed it for what it was. I do get why there are people didn’t really like it because of the style of humor. I did enjoy watching the puppets getting killed because that was fun and I thought it was worth watching.

MR white says:

how the fuck you didn’t review wild tales ?????????????
i just watched it and its fucking amazing

KrazieKennie says:

There is a Netflix series called ‘The Fuzz’ which has a human puppet society where puppets are second-class citizens who live in the ghetto, but instead of a murder, its investigate a new drug out on the street. It was pretty good. So I’m looking forward to this movie.

Lexi Hansen says:

Want more raunchy puppets? Avenue Q.

skyavalanche says:

You will hereby be known as Spoogey Johns

Geeksmithing says:

Something about Mary!

nondjmaster says:

Crazy Rich Asian please.

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