The Live Action BLEACH Movie was DOPE!!!! Must See for Bleach fans!

I really hope this gets the recognition it deserves!

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Hanzo Kuraiken says:

Now for the next objective… The Bleach Anime Return!!! 😀
Thousand Year Blood War Arc!!!

Dominic C says:

Did they nerf inoue tits?

Lawliet Uchiha says:

i wouldn’t gotten excited 2 see “byakuya kuchiki do senbonzakura kageyoshi!!

Remy LeBeau says:

The movie might help the bleach series

Howya Doin says:

Alright! Hell yes! My #1 favorite anime has a good ass live action movie! I want to see it!

Lawliet Uchiha says:

im SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rotten tomatoes gave it 93 percent. HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH!!

Dhariel Villanueva Garza says:

Whrn is it coming to América??

Sabrina Nuñez says:

Anyone know if it will hit US theaters.??

ʟᴏʀᴅ ᴇxᴘʟᴏsɪᴏɴ ᴍᴜʀᴅᴇʀ says:

Hear that, bleach haters, suck my 15incher


Nouri Shire says:

Nice review. Jaymes Hanson was able to see it in Japan with subtitles. Why couldn’t you?

Glittermarsian says:

Glad to hear!

Владимир Кисьов says:

Was there announcment in the end of the movie about the anime ?

A Bh says:

Was there an ending credit scene or announcement?

boradis says:

How was the music though? I always loved the anime soundtrack.

Noob Gaming says:

Are there surprise characters that weren’t shown in trailers? Or even Ichigo’s Hollow mask?

momohjimoh mohammed says:

Tanks man, have been nervously waiting for a review and am glad it was good

Just Someone says:

Dude you need to watch Gintama live action its best anime live action from so far what I have seen

Yuri Sakura says:

There’s still so many Japanese BLEACH fans that complained “if only Rukia’s hair was short” it’s even preventing them from watching the movie which sucks. I personally have gotten used to her long hair but maybe she can cut it before her sentence back in Soul Society or sth? idk it just sucks one thing is still preventing some fans to watch Bleach even tho they hear that it’s getting some pretty good reviews from people that went to see it.

CasualGamePlayz says:

Out of all the anime live action films I have seen.

Death Note 1
Death Note 2
Death Note L Change the World
Death Note Netflix
Assassination Classroom 1
Attack on Titan 1
Tokyo Ghoul
Fullmetal Alchemist
Ghost in the Shell

Tokyo Ghoul has been by far my favourite. It stayed very true to the manga, it got the tone right, like REALLY right. The casting was almost perfect, the costume design was fantastic, the Kagune looked alright for the most part. They re added scenes that the anime cut.

It was far better than the travesty of an anime Tokyo Ghoul received.

In the past year or so It seems we have been getting more consistently good/better anime live action adaptations.
Fullmetal Alchemist was largely fine to me but suffered from being a singular movie, otherwise it had some real potential.

Vision white says:

Where were u able to see the movie?

mayuri Linder says:

Thanks for the review. I’ve been waiting for one.

The Cringe World says:

i am so happy people are liking it. I was waiting a lot for a review. I just hope it does good financially as well and they go for sequel or anything and at last give us the Anime adaptation

Emanu Stark says:

Nice vid
You Bleach Brave Souls bro

Hisui Hyena says:

MYV represent!! Glad to hear he did a good job with Byakuya! You should check out his music!

jaggerjackize says:

Is it in theatres or online? Cuz I didn’t see it listed in the showtime. I REALLY want to see this movie!

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