The Mummy (2017) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror/Action Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru reviews THE MUMMY!

THE MUMMY (2017) was written by David Koepp, Christopher McQuarrie & Dylan Kussman, directed by Alex Kurtzman and stars Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, Sofia Boutella, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance & Russell Crowe.

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Jimmie Aganien says:

Hey,The Horror Guru! I love your video! I know this comment is marked as spam,that’s because it contains a link. But please check out this video! 🙂

Rose Weldon says:

The Mummy – showing how you can rip off “An American Werewolf in London,” “Lifeforce” AND “Birdemic: Shock and Terror” in the same script!

hybrid22003 says:

There was jokes?
I dont remember any.
I have to say I agree 100%

Danny Knightmare says:

well I figured this movie was gonna be a by the numbers film. I’ll eventually check it out.. but you just confirmed my suspicions

hellotychelle says:

this mummy is so lost. Sorry.

Sergio thomas says:

isn’t the idea of monsters fighting monsters from Marvel’s howling commando’s

OLE SammyOLE says:

Screw this dark universe! Give me a reboot of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!

Rayn Wolfsbane says:

I didn’t think Dracula Untold was that bad

stainshield says:

@The Horror Guru what Universal should have done was cast Channing Tatum instead of Tom Cruise.

Keith Pasculli says:

This movie sucked! I don; t say that much but whoever thought of mixing Mission Impossible and a classic horror movie should be making popcorn in the lobby of the theater and not making movies.

Stingy Jack says:

I disagree with you on Sofia Boutella as the Mummy, I thought she and her performance was compelling. Beyond that though I agree with everything else you said. Russell Crowe was great, as was his character. And all the rest of it felt like a bunch of good ideas that weren’t developed and came across all the worse for it.

Irrefutable Matt says:

ehhh @ this movie… it just made me want to watch brendan fraser’s the mummy.. so i came home and watched that straight after

Iliana Gonzalez says:

BEARDY GURU!! Also pissed hearing Sofia Boutella was wasted, loved her in Kingsman

derek evan says:

They fucked up,Dr.Jekyll wasn’t even a Universal Monster,that was Paramount I think. It should’ve been Pretorious,everyone’s real big on the Gods and Monsters quote but don’t seem like they ever saw that movie before. calling it “the pilot” is nail on the head,perfect insult for the weird new era of corporate mandate shared universes.

AngellusRavenix says:

So basically, this movie’s very premise is less researched than the old “Mummy’s Alive” cartoon.

John Manning says:

What sucks is that there is somebody who could fix this shared universe. In fact, there are a couple people I can think of that could make these movies great remakes that respected the source material. Guillermo Del Toro, Mick Garris, John Caroenter, Eli Roth, Rob Zombie, this list can go on. And this whole universe situation really sucks for us horror fans. Instead of these being small, suspenseful horror tales, they instead have to be big, dumb action flicks for idiots. Why? Because that sells. And the things they choose to copy just make no fucking sense. I can understand copying the Marvel formula on a monetary level, but straight ripping off “an American Werewolf in London”? Really? Did they not think people would notice? If you couldn’t tell from this comment, my clams have been steamed to the point of boiling. I’ve loved the Universal monster movies ever since I was a little kid (I even loved and still love the Brendan Fraser remake!) Hell, even “Van Helsing” I found to be enjoyable. But that movie wasn’t trying to set up a series of twelve movies that haven’t even been written yet. This movie is nothing more than a bland, forgettable product, using nostalgia from horror fans to steal their money. I think RedLetterMedia summed up this movie best with one word: “pathetic.”

Cheesiest_CheesePuff _ofThemAll says:

#throwback (for every new video u make an older videos source material is referenced!
“The Mist”

Ariella Kahan-Harth says:

WHY WHY WHY IS SET SATAN NOW? THAT’S RIDICULOUS! Honestly, whenever Hollywood makes mythology-themed films, they ought to have Rick Riordan on speed dial.

GiVeNuP96 says:

This movie is bad but Jake Johnson in my opinion was the only positive in this flick.

Jon Stewart says:

In regards to the DCEU I don’t know how much hope there is since most of Justice League is directed by Snyder and the rest will be directed by Whedon.

Word Unheard says:

While I didn’t hate this movie as much as you did, I did see its many flaws. Dr Jekyll seemed to have been tossed in as an afterthought. You could have removed his character entirely, and it wouldn’t have mattered at all. I mean, he’s basically supposed to be the Tony Stark of this “Dark Universe”, but he came off more like Hawkeye. Also, Jake Johnson’s character was stupid, annoying, unfunny, and a blatant ripoff of Griffin Dunne’s character in An American Werewolf In London. One bright note was, that he wasn’t in the movie that much.

Finally, Tom Cruise becoming the mummy at the end. Wtf? He becomes a character who is fighting to keep his evil under control. That sounds familiar…oh yeah, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! Not only did they rip off a character from An American Werewolf In London, but these lazy bastards actually ripped off a character in their own movie.

mothangel says:

The sense I got from the trailer was “pretty, but boring”. Like so boring that that pretty exterior of yours won’t even earn you a sympathy-handjob… Yeah definitely not gonna waste my time and money on this movie… So sorry that you had to though  :/

August Anderson says:

When will you be on count jackula’s stream?

JT Zimm says:

Hey Guru, just came here to tell you to check out an amazing Japanese horror film called I AM A HERO. If you haven’t seen it yet, I think you’ll love it. I even liked it better than Train to Busan–which is about the best endorsement I can think of.

Nick Kurtz says:

Supernatural Impossible

Lone Wolf says:

I always thought the Wolfman remake kicked off the monster universe. Oh well….that was better than Drac Untold anyway. I hope they don’t ruin the Wolfman for this universe. Fingers crossed.

Jack Goodman says:

It just copied my FUCKING film.

mr. Obsidian says:

Why this flick have parallels with american werewolf in london w exposition from main character’s death best friend/

kalackninja says:

middle aged, tom curse is like 70 man

scream queen shaw says:

The Mummy with Tom Cruise . . . ugh

Paladin Demo says:

I’ve been avoiding the mummy reviews until now because I wanted to see for myself.

Max Nyström says:

Give me a hhn movie or game

Kocok Paws says:

Random white dude…ruining hollywood movie by miscasting since forever

San Qiang Li says:

Y’know, I just got back from watching the new Transformers. What is it about Egyptian-style female villains that make studios go for them? Suicide Squad has a ridiculous one, this movie is all about her, and Transformers has one for sequel bait, and that last one was made with Chinese associates, not Egyptian. I mean, seriously, why?

Mr.13 says:

Because of course they had to make it Satan. Fucking hell can we just get one mythos oriented film were the idiots in charge don’t try to turn it into Abrahamic apologetics?

stainshield says:

You know I would have had Channing Tatum as Nick Morton for better chemistry with Annabelle Wallis and for actors/actresses this is who I would have gone for, to be Victor Frankenstein and his wife Elizabeth I would of had Javier Bardem and his wife Penelope Cruz for those roles whereas for The Monster and Bride I would cast Brock Lesnar as The Monster and Eva Green as The Bride.  Sofia Boutella can stay The Mummy, Del Toro, Evans, and Jackman can reprise their roles as The Wolfman, Dracula, and Van Helsing.  For The Creature From The Black Lagoon I would have Brian Steele as The Gill Man, for The Phantom Of The Opera I would pick Christopher Lambert and Andy Serkis can be The Hunchback.  Russell Crowe can stay as Jekyll and Hyde, as for an all star cast this is who I would pick for The Dark Universe series, The Rock, Idris Elba, Ewan McGregor, Sam Worthington, Brendan Fraser, Chris Hemsworth, Jing Tian, Rinko Kikuchi, Damon Wayans Jr., Jade Smith, Gemma Arterton, Liam Nelson, Daisy Ridley, Jason Momoa, Erick Elias, Danny McBride, Seth Rogan, James Franco, Rodrigo Santoro, and Tiya Sircar.

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