The Problem with Action Movies Today


Chris Stuckmann describes some of his problems with action movie filmmaking today, and provides some possible solutions to fixing them.


Svein Grimstad says:

This video is so professional that you deserve an Oscar for it. It’s really really good! I agree about all you said, very good points. About Lucy, I love that film, Scarlet is a fantastic actress, but I agree she should have met more resistance, even though she became more and more limitless. Indiana Jones is a great example of a human and very likable hero. What about Rambo? Specially in First Blood Rambo was a vulnerable and kind of likable character. He had some mental issues, war trauma with flash backs, but we get to feel sympathy for him. All that he’s going through, before his big revenge at the end. In Rambo II he’s nearly invincible when he sneak into the camp, unseen like a ghost, to free a POW. Then he fight bravely for a while, before his captured and goes through hell on earth that night. Then he become nearly invincible again, but we root for him as he kill the bad guys one by one. All though all his skills in warfare, he would need to have a lot of luck to make it out of the jungle, and fight back as he did. No way it could have been done, but his escape was the most intense, exciting and action-packed I’de ever seen in a movie. Still I’m not sure if he was a hero or a anti-hero. I would love to hear your opinion about these movies. The third Rambo film was just medium good, very unrealistic battle at the end. The fourth one was a gut awful bloody slaughter. But still I think Rambo is the best action hero ever.

David Harris says:

Man, I love Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise

Mike Souza says:

Speed Sucked donkey Balls

mclightning88 says:

OK, the first image with the woman is NOT something I want to see at 1am.

Yann Suñer says:

Brilliant analysis Chris! Love your reviews and please oh please! More Hilariocity!!! Cheers from a fan in Barcelona (Spain)

Elijah Ford says:

raiders of the lost arc is an adventure movie

chaz docherty says:

the problem with chris stuckinhismum he thinks he can write a good script and he has a face that needs punching kicked…………terrible actor

Goatman _ says:

The only movies i go see is the one my kids want to go to. Last time i went to a movie that i wanted to see was Gladiator

Max S. says:

The Red Dawn remake was especially bad because while the original is character- and conflict-driven, this is just a run-of-the-mill shoot the redshirts-movie.

david smale says:

I’m surprised you didn’t use Seven Samurai as an example of how to do action perfectly. Still the most relatable characters, experiencing their own personal breaking points, all couched in the most beautifully filmed action sequences ever.

Deskcrasher says:

Wow awesome vid…subscribed!

Solomon Russell says:

I hate the arena segment of the Hunger Games. We literally have no idea how this game is supposed to be played, it’s just a bunch of large teenagers murdering little kids and it’s in the middle of a national park. Nothing makes sense at all during this game, what’s worse is that we never see the audience watching it and reacting to the carnage. The inclusion of cheap CGI dogs offended me to no end. No connection, no context, just pointless violence up until the end when they are about to poison themselves.

Mighty1 says:

To call it a crime drama is actually better than just call it a superhero movie. It’s also a thriller.

They Don't Reply Back says:

the problem with scarlet johansson

Tarw says:

I 100% agree with this video. A great action scene is also about the fall and rise of the protagonist/s. This is why I like Mad Max Fury Road. It has great action sequences, a thought out plot and the fall (many times) and rise of Max, Furiosa and others in the film. During that finally action scene, my heart was pounding and it was intense and epic due to the whole movie building up to it.

TeriosShadow15 says:

This is what i felt what was wrong after watching Resident Evil: Vendetta. Fight scenes in that film were cool but way too choreographed to the point of absurdity(Business man knows Kung-fu perfectly, Gun-Fu fights)There was barely any tension in the fights, characters feel invincible(Villain doesn’t get single scratch in fist fight)

Reinhart Alvaro says:

Spot on video, most hollywood movies are motivated by money, Executives hire famous people who then reuse famous and successful techniques (then failing), thats why everyone used Shaky cam after Bourne but no one succeeded in making it work again, hollywood needs originality in music, writing, story, theme, characters like in John Wick and Kingsman, anyone can make a high budget action scene with professional actors and amazing visuals like the MCU, all they need is money

malmstring says:

I think a lot of people would agree with these sentiments.

Matthew says:

I couldn’t agree more on shaky cam. Such a annoying trend in filmaking. It worked amazing in Saving Private Ryan so I guess they decided it has to be used everywhere.

I do however disagree on your analysis on SW prequels fights.
Their duels look like dancing because sword fighting is, in a sense, dancing, especially in the Jedi order where they have various styles and disciplines. And it’s not boring or predictable.
And let’s be honest; a good lightsaber duel is something OT didn’t really have.

The Phoenix says:

The original shaky cam was done by James Cameron in Terminator 2. In the scene in the hospital when Sarah snaps, the previously still, slow-zooming camera is suddenly handheld and very shaky, to sweeten the contrast between her pre and post snap state. It was amazing and done very well. It had a purpose. It had a meaning. And, most importantly, it was only there in the scene where it was relevant.

Henry Garcia says:

I am a huge fan of Chris Stuckmann and so inspired by him as a person and his reviews, he truly seems genuine, down to earth and a savvy smart film lover and I hope to review films myself soon because of his channel (a mecca for fanboys, anime, film, and game lovers). I’m so glad you know what great films need and what makes them better. Your analyzed and explained videos are so helpful and awesome as well. keep it up man and thank you for encouraging my love of film and giving me hope that some people won’t forget what great films are and how they should challenge, entertain, educate, and engage the audience just like your reviews and videos do!


English not my native language. But Lots of thank you soo much soo much for your simple english. And normal tempo speed of talking. Lots of thank you brother. It helps me a lot to understand… keep it up brother.

James Ebola says:

All the movies today suck…

Bobzilla Stop motion studios says:

What music is used it’s awesome

Khajiit Is Innocent says:

Everybody’s gonna know you died scratching my balls!!!

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