The Raid 2 – Action Movie Review (HOLY SH-)

The Raid 2: Berandal is one of the greatest action movies ever made. It is a serious step-up from the 1st one and raises the bar for action filmmaking. Check out my EPIC review for this AMAZING film!

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dgwn says:

i watched 2 times and the last time i went with my mom. She’s laughing at painful scenes and i was like..wait is my mom a violence junkie?
Nice review btw you’re on fire man keep it up.

Rex Narada says:

Awsome review..!!! 

Mean Kitty says:

what? I’m a girl and I’m eighteen and I still watched it. It’s awesome!!!

B N says:

As an Indonesian, i am proud. Fun review man

Namaste says:

in the Raid 3, Rawa will be recruited by Japanese Yakuza. took him to japan.

Reddish Red says:

don’t stop me to watch The Raid of Hollywood version! I need to compare somehow. Like the way you present it! 🙂

Tuan Kulop Besor says:

Just watch the RAID2 …jaw dropping ..(counting !…) ..

Pedro Henriques says:

Agree in all!!! The Best Action Movie Ever! But… let´s see what´s coming on the 3rd part… even greater??? WOW!!! Hope so! Very cool review! 😎

Spellchant says:

LoL! Great review man. Funny and awesome at the same time; a friggin double whammy!

Oh and just a suggestion, you’re channel has potential but you really should learn a thing or two about SEO.

Keep up the good work bro!

Iyan Rokhadiyan says:

Great and interesting review… 😀

Azalia P says:

I’ve seen it and it was awesome!!

El Bana says:

You are the only reviewer who can spell indonesian names right so far…congratulation dude 😀

Ascomaxx magz says:

Nice guy. Nice review. Great movie.

zori hughes says:

calvin youre right it was epic

gacha moongirl says:

Good review … Need spin off for hammer girl and bat man

vawa-ID says:

i brought my gf to watch this, she closed her eyes.

Install Gentoo says:

Fukken subbed man! Do more!

orangekytten23 says:

ha! went with my mom and we both fuckin loved this movie !!!

Petir Garda says:

REALLY really good review and video, hope to see u making more review vids, keep it up!!

Clint Eastwood says:

I can tell that you had some hard times learning to pronounce UCO. great job, dude lol

Iman Rianda says:

watch it twice, and i really like to watch it again

alex groot says:

lol… im 15 and im going to watch it sometimes

Zee says:

I’m pretty sure he broke his camera at the end.

B4G4Z says:

I have see it 3 times, still wooooooowowowowow

Kicky FSU says:

lol epic jawdrop

randy marshole says:

The beginning skit had me in stiches, 18 Hours 17 Minutes 31 seconds after watching The Raid 2, lol.

Anwar sadat says:

yeah great review dude, this movie make history like “Enter the Dragon”

Monsieur PussyCat says:

I’ve seen it with my Mom, my Sis, and my Bro. The best action movie I ever see.

Arif Widodo says:

Hahaha i like ur review and so funny dude. Keep it up

R Dany says:

hey.. I watched it as date movie, and my gf fucked up

Bening says:

What I thought about this movie? Dude, it’s already 1 month and I still can’t move on from this fandom! QwQ

DonPandemoniac says:

The car chase and how they filmed it, absolutely phenomenal.

Banyu Alam Badru says:

Mantap, dude !

Billy Fabill says:

Untill u see the night comes for us.. lol

Mikolyyyy says:

i saw it 2 days ago. And it left a feeling in me after i saw it lol. The fight scenes raised the bar for martial arts movies. The only complaint I have was the pacing and few scenes tht shouldnt have been there like mad dog(not sure what his name was in this film lol)  and his families ordeal. It didnt add to the film.

Deden Purnamahadi says:

nice review, mate! keep up the good work!

Ari Sari says:

good review! I watched ur review on the raid 1, and it was good too. U actually did ur homework, something that some reviewers just never bother    😀 keep it up!!!

Kit Teguh says:

I saw it with my ex-gf. She started crying halfway through the mudfight. Yeah I guess it was a bad idea showing it to your misses.

Robert Corbell says:

Great movie with some pretty cool action. Btw, love your channel and the fact you look like a clone of my ex, Alex. 🙂

Amidy Siregar says:

gareth evans directed “Merantau” before the raid. and in my opinion better than the first raid movie

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