Samsu Uddin says:

Period !

husna hilmiati says:

Somebody can help me .. how i can download thats movie.. the raid 2..

Arifin Nuzul says:

What a brutal movie. Indonesiaaaa, where have you been this long…. Why didn’t you do a film such as this awesome before.

And bay the way, have you seen the latest Iko Uwais movie, Headshot.? This also will be such a damn brutal one

Kurnia Gusti says:

This is the best Indonesian movie i have seen…there will be a 3rd part and will come out next year or something like that because iko uwais have a contract with the producer that he will make a sequel…THE RAID….

molaskar laskar says:

thank younfor your reaction 🙂 #ProudIndonesian

James Juanda says:

Just search for “best fight scene of flash point”

Dulkidul Makdulsup says:

I don’t think that Gareth Evans could have done the same gem had he was given some Hollywood resources. This awesome project would not be possible without the long list of those well known names from the Indonesian film industry, artists, and talents.

tdvc YT says:

cmon. not giving it 10 because its not ‘MERICAN is kinda dumb


who you think is best fighter in martial art movies right now?

Reza O'Line says:

lol.. im a man.. but i dont like The Raid.. i just dont like it..

Kartini Kartini says:

this movie are epic my fav action movie so far

James Juanda says:

Hahahahaha..Calm down .. calm down…

The live commentator says:

It was really good but I think the first one is a better action movie just because something is simple does not mean it is bad the first one I never have seen anything like that

James Juanda says:

Hey hey take it easy man….that’s my opinion, don’t get mad on me…

Lex Crisiya says:

best indonesian action movie so far.

Samsu Uddin says:

Care bears the movie ,I’m sorry but have that seat

matt jeconiah says:

Good review..from indonesia

Boomrock E says:

Headshot, in my opinion was the closest we got to The Raid 2 since its release. We also have Beyond Skyline coming out on Dec. 15th (Iko’s American debut). I think it’d be cool if you reviewed that when it comes out.

blackcamelify says:

Best Fight Cutscene of THE RAID 2 BERANDAL Movie “The Hammer Girl”   hammer time

Nightshade Project says:

I got spoiled about information that Mad Dog & The Assassin (Kitchen Battle) became Enemy Of John Wick In John Wick 3.

the boredboride says:

Still i cannot watch this movie in theatre in Japan… 
I lost my patience already… hahaha

John Smithers says:

aw shiet, we see mr edward janus at the autocross up in stratford CT right now son lol

nTo says:

Great review! I am Indonesian, still, I need to watch it twice to understood the plot.

cutthe27 says:

Gareth Evans said he’d never do an Iron Fist(Marvel) movie because he won’t dumb down his action sequences.

James Juanda says:

Just search for “best fight scene of flash point”

Kevin Ruud says:

it’s been 2 years past..but still can’t find other action movie which is so intense like this one..Chilling but cool…

Uh1GO 11Kbeta says:

Hey HumpMasterRace, 2 years later, do you still have the same opinion about The Raid 2? If not, which action movie did top R2 ???

Frans Sardi says:


ActionHero2000 says:

This movie takes multiple viewings to really understand the plot and the character names, that’s what I love about it, it doesn’t treat me like I’m stupid. And of course the action scenes are amazing and extremely intense.

RoninjoeChronicles says:

This film is tight as hell!!!! Can’t wait for The Raid 3.

ivan djoeharie says:

the raid 3 is gona b f*in awesome!!!!!

Ismi Tia says:

you confused at first because it isn’t in english? well i’m indonesian i get real confused in the beginning too

Solidus says:

Check out Gareth Evans latest short sequence called “Samurai Silat” ! it’s frikkin awesome! choreographed by Gareth Evans, Yayan Ruhian and Cecep A Rahman!


i like how you review and your reaction, gold

Robin Themaster says:

kebanyakan ngomong kaya tukang sendal…

filthyagent36 says:

Saw both ready for part 3

Forboarders Byboarders says:

If you thought this was good then watch HEADSHOT – Netflix epic fail with no English subtitles….Retarded!

Andra Ghitha says:

Would you watch the raid 3?

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