The Worst Movies of 2016


Chris Stuckmann
P.O. Box 1028
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Chris Stuckmann discusses his least-favorite movies of 2016!


LegoManiac101/SansYesBarneyNo vgcp says:

The only good thing for me about Assassin’s Creed was Jeremy Irons.

Rose Doesn't Know says:

Holy fuck, a like for the impression dude! A pleasant surprise! ^^

Wait… Why wasn’t Ghostbusters (2016) on here!?

Eric The Viking says:

Lol blackmail on spacey

Sean w11 says:

Where is suicide squad

Gasmilla Suarez says:

you watched max steel ? You deserve an award

under thunder says:

Lmao “mommy I want to go home, I want to do something else”

Tristan Manuel Acuña says:

I had a feeling he would burn or tear that poster after posting the video

A says:

Nine Lives takes is in a whole new light now that we know what we know ehh? I knew that damn cat was snuggling too much!!

Dee Lynn Scott says:

Following up the blackmail comment about 9 lives…. now we know who was being blackmailed and why

Papa Boat says:

i actually liked collateral beauty

CrazyComic Guy says:

Chris I love your worst films of year videos. They’re better than watchmojo’s, plus i agree with your rankings more than theirs

Moon Emoji says:

Wait?! Assassins creed came out in 2016?!

Robert Nickel says:

I was gonna watch 9 lives because my cat died and the movie poster stood out to me on Prime when I saw it, but hell idk anymore lol

YaLocalProdigy ! says:

Max steel has a 0% on rotten tomatoes

The Database says:

How the hell did this come up when I searched Brimstone reviews? I’m so confused.

Tambourine Man says:

starwars cookie xmas jumper…. yea boi

thoghe mouth says:

wheres batman vs superman

Ya Boi says:

Subbed the second I heard the beavis and butthead impression

Mark Cerne says:

Wait…gods of egipt is only a year old?? The fuck I though it was like 10 years old by the quality…

Iron Kyan says:

I havent seen Cell but just by looking at the cover art I could tell it was not a good film….

anik monette says:

Norm of the North kinda had a competent trailer, though: I remember being interested in it at first…then people watch it and I was bombarded by negative reviews, so much that when I tried to watch it last year I was annoyed even before seeing it, and shut the movie off after 15 minutes of viewing! XD

Evan White says:

I got a ton of requests for a review of Nine Lives when it came out. When I saw it, it made me question why I review movies

craftboy TDE says:

i liked inferno

I am the Walrus says:

“Somebody had to have had crazy blackmail on these people.” Well I guess now we know what they found out about Kevin Spacey

Unknown User says:

max steel got 6.3 million dollars at the box office but had a 10 million dollar budget so your not the only one who watched it

Mildly Amusing Channel says:

The “Nine Lives” piece of shit should not be confused with the 2005 movie “Nine Lives”, which was actually pretty decent for a “daily-life” drama (normally such films bore me to tears, haha).

Also it’s crazy that people are still adapting King’s stuff, considering how many absolute stinkers have resulted (“Dreamcatcher” perhaps being the most hilariously bad of all). Maybe if they’d stick to King’s material instead of adding their own poorly-thought-out plotlines.

Alex The Dinosaur Lord says:

are those cookies edible?

Steve Smith says:

considering the budget to max steel was only $10 million, that idea of making it to keep rights actually makes sense

Gastón Venegas Rodríguez says:

Where is The 5th Wave??

Justin Katsopolis says:

Which is worst Nine Lives or The Emoji Movie?

Jose Saenz says:

I liked cell

H5Z7 says:

Here’s my list on the topic
#7) Jane Got A Gun & The Little Prince
#6) The Thinning
#5) Alligent
#4) Batman V Superman
#3) Norm Of The North
#2) Gods Of Egypt
#1) Trolls

DISHonorable Mentions:
-Dance Camp
-Ratchet & Clank
-Unicorn Island
-Suicide Squad
-Assassin’s Creed
-Shut In
-The Huntsman: Winter’s War

MelonBrix Studios says:

An uncharted movie wouldn’t be bad

Omar Gabriel Tafur Tafur says:

Warcraft? Dirty Grandpa? Allegiant? Ice Age Collision Curse? Angry Birds? Ghostbusters? London Has Fallen? Zoolander 2? Office Christmas Party? Jack Reacher Never Go Back? The Purge 3? The 5th Wave? Fifty Shades of Black?

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