Tokyo Ghoul (2017) Movie Review

What did we think of the live-action adaptation of the manga horror series?

Tokyo Ghoul: The Movie – Live Action Trailer:

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Youssef Assem says:

You cannot cramp up 24 episodes in 2h it’s normal no time for depth or faithfullness of the show

Rich Homie says:

I love this theme tune! ❤❤❤

Rafael Kishihiro says:

in the anime, the blond human friend is so cute.
they choosed a non cute actor.

wedner calix says:

so to sum it up. it’s an “ok” movie. one that you don’t really need to see, but can if you have nothing else to do.

lukalul says:

Pls tell me is this in theaters or on an online site??

samuraigundam0079 says:

I like the music playing in the background of this video. Is it from this film?

Jerry Joseph says:

I hope they reboot the anime season 1 was meh besides the end and season 2 was totally garage

Cyrus Wu says:

Oh man, I want them to animate the latest chapter with the dragon

kaneki ken says:

How can i watch full ?

Scream Oxford says:

How-about stop making anime adaptations

Mr. CatHazBuRgErZ says:

I don’t know anything about Tokyo Ghoul but it looks cool

DiepSpartan119X says:

Better than American death note Netflix only japan can make anime to live action very right

Capt'n HBG says:

pls tell me they play unravel in the movie


This actor, the one playing Kaneki, is from the Deathnote drama in 2015 isn’t he?

Clayton Dias says:

ill stick with the anime thank you . yall fuckin it up with real humans. na na na

Fascist Gamist says:

It’s ign,lol

Mr. Lazyness says:

At least ign played that sweet “unravel” during the review

Sebastian Michlieas says:

What’s next? Hellsing Ultimate live action? Wait don’t do it! This live action version is better than Netflix Death Note

Abdul Aziz says:

Meh i’d rather watch an uncharted movie instead lol

Oliver De Leon says:

Love the fact that you used Unravel as the bgm

HippityDoppity EatShitProperly says:

*Sigh* another anime series movie adaptation gone wrong

C3N-GAMING says:

Cow boy bebop

mega dude says:

the best live action anime of all time is CORY IN THE HOUSE

Mathias Fischer says:

And where can I get that movie? Anyone a idea? I’m from Europe btw.

Irfxn Mkhls says:

Probably the live action that I wont regret to watch

Adrijan Stipanović says:

Ouu no..

Kima Xeo says:


Arkham Jones says:

Miranda. n______n

Sunbreaker7 says:

First Death note, now this. When will they learn that anime doesn’t turn well in real life. It’s (Anime) that makes anime good. Like if you understood what I mean.

Shion The Hollow says:

Just a shame the main actor looks about 30. At least with a younger looking actor you can get away with over-dramatic scenes.

Zane Palmer says:

I saw this Monday. My friend is a big fan and i went with him. I’m a big anime fan but I never watched this so i literally had no clue what to expect. That being said I’d give it a 7.5

NightSoul says:

Still better than the terrible anime

Nitrogoxygen says:

how many times does she say gool

Oguzhan Kaygisiz says:

where can i watch this?

Tanner Mumm says:

when will Hollywood learn that anime and video game adaptions just don’t work…

R3verse says:

Can someone tell me where I can watch this? I’ve been searching everywhere and haven’t found anything.

Gilbert Davis says:

Well at least they didn’t fill Tokyo with white folks in a Tokyo story. They get a 10 for that.

Christian O says:

FU Ign, the movie was badass, on track with the anime

Youssef Assem says:

Pff please leave anime alone attack on titan dragon ball death note and now this pleasseeeeeee

Jephree Mika says:

Stop scrolling, manga/anime spoilers ahead!!!

Thabiso Mhlaba says:

This dude played Light in the Death Note Live Action TV series.

Caleb Says Stuff says:

I thought this much better than the IGN review says. Check out my review on my channel for a different opinion.

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