Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Movie Review

I was privileged enough to go to the premiere for this! Kubota is probably the cutest thing ever helppppp.

Thanks for watching!

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Pinkus Dean says:

I was really looking forward to watching this but I have hemophobia even that fakest of blood makes me faint T^T

Pranav Jaswal says:

Give me a link to download tokyo ghoul 2017 movie

Ngọc Minh says:

i have to wait for nearly a month for the release date in my country :<

Tomas says:

Is the move already released online?

Exiled Gawd says:

Just watched it earlier today. Let me give you a blunt review on it. No spoilers.

Don’t hold too high of an expectation. Yes the trailer was very promising but really the fight scenes was disappointing , you will feel like the intensity which was brought out from the anime was not present in the movie. As this is what i was really looking forward to in the movie i really left the show feeling unsatisfied.

The actors were fine i would blame more towards the production team with poor animation and directing.

Gustav Ekberg says:

waaaaaaaaat was the CGI bad????? the trailer had pretty good CGI

Jason Atkinson says:

I got to see it last night. It’s better than the anime, obviously has nothing on the manga but the acting was incredible and I actually didn’t mind the cgi. I felt like they needed more time on making us care about Kaneki though. Other than that I enjoyed it ^^.

Nagisa Shiota says:

But did they show my gurrlll Hinami’s kagune? :((

John Holmes says:


Isreal Chavez says:

Yesss thanks for the revieww

Jacky C says:

watched the movie last night it was amazing and for some reason they made it R13 in my country

Chandamita Mazumdar says:

Is there a link to watch the movie?

Vandal FashKat says:

i thought the trailer looked like it might be a pretty good adaptation.

Caleb Says Stuff says:

Great review. Just subbed. Check out the review on my channel

Yugy Shay says:

Im excited, Im going to have wait a long while for the movie but I was wondering if the movie was based of season 1 and 2 or only based of the first season ,either way I cant wait lool your so lucky :’)

QuirkyTurtle says:

Where can u watch the movie?

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