Tomb Raider Movie Review: A Decent Action Movie

The new Tomb Raider movie starring Alicia Vikander as Lara croft is a close adaptation of the 2013 reboot game. Does it do the original justice? Find out in Mike Rougeau’s review!

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Epzzz says:

Had to stop, this “review” is far to spoilery, this sucks.

NoWayJose says:

You are supposed to review the movie not describe everything that happens in the movie!

Allan Sh says:

Is Sam in the movie?

GunsmithCat says:

Dear Filmmakers.
Next time you do a video game adaptation, follow these easy steps.
1. Do not add any story elements that are not in the game’s story. Just like a book adaptation, adapt the story as 1:1 as possible and only leave out stuff from the source material if you have to, in order to have an acceptable movie lenght / runtime in the end.
2. Break the story of the game down to it’s most basic and important plot points / Story beats. Then make sure to have all of these most important plot points in the movie’s story. Again: do not add or alter anything. Leave out stuff if you have to – but don’t try and make up your own – it WILL fail.
3. Think about what the biggest action setpieces and most memorable moments from the game are and make sure to have them in the movie. In Tomb Raider’s case that would be scenes like: Lara climbing the radio tower. Lara sliding down a slope with a crashing airplane right behind her. Lara escaping their captors. Lara escaping a burning temple. Lara rescueing her friend fomr an ancient goddess, etc. Again: Don’t make up your own scenes or setpieces – it WILL fail!
4. Make sure you tell the game’s story in the correct chronological order – as seen in the source material. Don’t mix things up. Things are the way they are for a reason. If you change anything, it WILL fail!
5. Do not add any characters into the movie that are not in the source material. Don’t make up your own shit. Because if you do, your movie WILL fail!
TL;DR – Just adapt the fucking game and don’t try to do your own thing. Have some respect!
P. S:
Anime live action adaptaion film makers: Follow these rules as well please

azertz99 says:

I thought the artefact they would use would be the one from rise of the tomb raider since the story is about her father…
I really thought they would just use the beginning and the setting of the first game to start the game…
But if they sticked with Himiko, where the he’ll is Sam?!?!?!?
I would have prefered an adaptation just about the first game instead of some merging between the two and some Indiana Jones style movie…
Now let’s just wait for the third game and them the adaptation of it.

Golgo 13 says:

Stop telling us the plot.

Stathis X GR says:

camilla luddington should play in the movie like the game

René Jossen says:

Tomb Raider had a theme in the old times 🙂

And I agree upon Resident Evil, also the first Silent Hill Movie.

Ukaran says:

The first Silent Hill is my favorite.

jmk says:

What are you talking about? Tomb Raider has a theme song. Very iconic.

Sam Doubrava says:

Jacked jacked jacked jacked jacked jacked jacked jacked jacked jacked. I did 10 push ups every time you said jacked and now I’m jacked.

Professor Zoom says:

Is it just me or do Americans really butcher Lara crofts name

adieraditz says:

wait, is review… where the star goes???

cirrus070 says:

Take a shot of tequila whenever you hear “grounded” or “groundedness”

John Kearney says:

Didn’t you just spoil the movie by comparing it to India Jones?

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