Turbo Kid (2015) movie review sci-fi action adventure

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My review for the retro action sci-fi film Turbo Kid!

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DarkWestFilms says:

Have you heard of a film called Some Kind of Hate? Not perfect but has some good elements.

Armon Pennick says:

U did it great its been one year I been subbed to your channel good show man

Erick Flores says:

Not like kungfury!

MurhBoh Designs says:

I fucking loved the movie cried about Apple

giles cam says:

you gotta review last shift great horror genuine scares

Mario mario says:

I don’t think anything will happen to kids if they see some blood and cussing haha but good review

Dominic Nicholson says:

Just watched it. Absolutely spot on review as always. Good film.

Mladen Kulic says:

I had a lot of fun,watching this movie.

Rufusofthedead says:

thanks for doing what you do

D-DAY703 LA says:

Your beard is getting insane lol But you’re still the number one reviewer in my book, keep up the good work!! Now I’m off to rent turbo kid!

TheKeggie says:

Totally agree that Apple made ‘Turbo Kid’ an enjoyable viewing experience although i didn’t like what happened to her at the very end, a bit too downbeat for this type of film. My one major negative is that the gore was completely over done to a point where it lost any of its impact or used wrongly for comedic effect like his parents death scene. Still a good, fun and entertaining movie that deserves to find a bigger audience.

O.CRZ says:

Review Area 51 it’s on Netflix #itsucks

Sam Bickle says:

Awesome video review! I am very excited to see this.

Hi it's Me says:

I looooved Turbo Kid. Definitely agree that Apple made the movie.

BryceMakesFilms says:

Awesome film review, you also have a great channel! And hey, if you want to help each other out by subscribing to one another let me know! 🙂

Omar Sotelo says:

saw it on threater and it was awesome

bigdave6633 says:

Your awesome, goodshit

Armon Pennick says:

Are u going to review Cooties?

vahsharo1980 says:

this video fucking ruled i loved it and bubble she was a feel good char. and i thought this movie had a little bit of terminator kind of stuff in it mixed with madmax and little bit of thunder cats and bunch of stuff added to the mix. so if you like blood and more blood and the 80s you will prob like this.

TheKeggie says:

Have you managed to see ‘COOTIES’ yet? Look forward to your review of it soon.

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