Uncharted (Fan Film) Starring Nathan Fillion! – Review

Fans have wanted an Uncharted movie starring Nathan Fillion ever since the game came out. We now have ourselves a 15 minute fan film, and that’s probably better than any monstrosity that Hollywood could give us in the for of an Uncharted movie. Here are my thoughts!

Watch Nathan Fillion get his Drake on here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5CZQpqF_74


Rich R says:

Loved it. Agree the studios would botch a feature film. How about Youtube make the movie in this style.

Jeremiah La Joie says:

I was actually expecting you to mention who you’d prefer to play sully lol still curious Mr. Jahns.

MrBla342 says:

Give Fillion some time to workout and get lean then get a proper stunt team and we are good to go!

greg herried says:

I can listen to Jeremy anytime!

Metal Boss says:

Make it a Netflix series and it will do perfectly fine.

FeelsModMan says:

it’s like the best video game movie ever made dude bro don’t care if it’s 15 min long FeelsGoodMan !

Amanda Nicole says:

I legit loved it! If it becomes a YouTube Red or Netflix Original series, I will get a subscription without question. But what a cliffhanger though!! Please pitch this to people who will do it right!

Created A Show says:

Hey, I love to see more

subject_17 says:

I love how the camera worked like in game when it entered the combat scene. Absolutely genius.

Sketch with Neelo says:

Im from philiphines and we learn about ferdinand magellan

Rick Sanchez says:

The best part was the camera trick to simulate a trasition between “cutscene and gameplay” after he jumped out of the window… So well done!

Joey's Lawyer says:

Get off my feed.

ansa0627 says:

For someone who wasn’t very interested in the games, just saw a walkthrough of 4, this was good, but not that good. Honestly mediocre at best, I’m sorry. Fillion was good but not athletic enough for me, that running scene was horrendous. Still would like to see a full length movie from seeing this.

Sunset Rider says:

Loved it when the fan film went full “third-person action game” mode.

TheBraunMachine2011 says:

This was awesome but is it wrong that I’m hoping for a Last of Us live action film now after seeing this Uncharted live action fan film?

Raymond Kenny says:

I always felt like Nathan Drake was modelled after tom cruise

DANzwKU says:


Iriz Iziad Abdullah says:

IMHO, they shouldnt’t make video game movies. But a tv series like on Netflix is much suitable for the storyline such as in Unchartered. Even MGS should be a tv series instead of a movie. I’d enjoy it much more as i would be looking forward to watch new episodes of Unchartered or MGS or Assassin’s Creed. Some sort like Arrowverse.


I thought it was great!

TheGreenday240 says:

I wish this ends up becoming a Netflix film.

The Bumblingidiot says:

Correction. Natha Derek. Was written and modeled. After Nolan North not Nathan Fillion.i thought Fillian was OK. Fun fact. North and Fillian are the same age. So why did they not ask him to do this. It needed that Nolan North flair. It was missing is subtle nuances. It was a solid. yep already forgot about it.

Iriz Iziad Abdullah says:

Oh and btw, I’d enjoy a Nathan Fillion starring as Nathan Drake tv series. It would be like watching Castle again but way way better.

subservient8 says:

I have played all 5 of the uncharted games and love them all. Even with all this hype I was a little worried but after watching it but after I did I am definitely onboard. the point of my comment is at Stephen Lang and I disagree because I thought we played Sully EXTREMELY well. It might not be his looks per se, but his mannerisms and delivery were almost spot on for me.

Anonymous says:

This was a dead on clip of uncharted. Hope it becomes a movie, as the game was perfect.

Gavin Werschler says:

Wow you’re a cunt muchly

Tosin Balogun says:

It made me smile like a child. Oh my goodness, if only the Hollywood hunchos would listen!!

Gentle Breadcat, Esquire says:

Sully has done time

DarkFlameMaster 2105 says:

For sully i wouldve picked george lopez father in law from the show.

Anime Station says:

The only thing that is bugging me about the trailer is that Nathen comes off less cocky/witty but more asshole/dick with his dialogue

Rhino Thunder says:

Cobra Kai was surprisingly really really good. The Uncharted live-action fan film starring Nathan Fillion was really really good for a 15-minute segment. I completely agree with Jeremy when he says that if YouTube has any brains don’t make an offer on this to try to make it a full-blown YouTube Red series. Maybe someone from Netflix might see this and we might get an Uncharted Netflix original series. I don’t know how this is going to go and I don’t know if this is just the first act in a series of videos making live-action Uncharted episodes. I want more of this because I thought it was really well done and I’ve watched play throughs of the entire games on YouTube that are about 3 hours long sometimes for hours long but the thing is that it does feel like watching a movie because of how well done the Uncharted video game series is. Maybe they could use this as a pitch to make a full-length Uncharted movie or even start a franchise based on Uncharted. I’d love to see a full-length Uncharted movie that was very very close to the video game a lot like the recent Tomb Raider movie. Everyone compares the airplane on the waterfall scene from the newest Tomb Raider game and the newest Tomb Raider movie and I’ve even seen a side-by-side comparison and it’s almost shot for shot at least for that scene and I only say that because I haven’t seen the full movie but when they compare that scene it looks fantastic and it looks like they did use a lot of the story elements from the video game and it looks like they did try to give us video game movie that’s still cinematic enough to work as a movie but still captures all the feeling of the video game. I think Nathan Fillion may have been 10% to much sarcastic compared to Nathan Drake played by Nolan North in the video games. One of the aspects that makes these characters so great in the video game is not just the animation which looks fantastic even on the PS Vita but also the voice acting and the specific voices that they use. When I hear the voice of Sulley in this 15 minute short film and even want to look at Sully in the short film I just remember the bad guy from James Cameron’s Avatar. I also want to point out that the vehicles in this short film felt a bit to clean compared to what I’m used to seeing and the Uncharted video games. I feel like location was also a bit to empty I would have to say that I will respect and say that the writers and producers and director of this video did a very good job and definitely accomplish everything they sent out to make. If any chance see do end up making this into a series or they end up making a full length movie whether it be on YouTube red or Netflix or whatever or gets a major release in theaters but I do think that we need to bring in the good Folks at night to collaborate with the writers in order to help this project feel a bit more authentic in the world of Uncharted. That’s not saying that I do not like this movie because I definitely enjoyed this live action short film very very much. I saw a full length Star Wars movie that was of course a fan film that was released on YouTube several years ago and it was very well done in I also like the fact that even though there were Jedi in the movie it was removed from the main storyline that we know as Star Wars. It was a side story that had nothing to do with Luke or Anakin or any of the other main characters. It turned out as far as YouTube goes it was a very well done production and told a fantastic Star Wars story. Just going back to Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake I would say that one of the things that I find iconic and memorable about Nolan North as Nathan Drake is the voice of Nolan North. He has a specific sound in his voice that I connect with Nathan Drake. The same goes for Sully with the sound of the voice being the connection to that character for me. I remember Disney Channel did a lot of direct to DVD sequels for a bunch of animated movies and some the animated movies got animated series made out of them. The thing is with Disney they actually trying to find people who have very very similar voices to the high budget actors in the original movies. They tried to find voice actors that sound like the original Hercules voice actor in the original Aladdin voice actor and the original Tarzan voice actor and for the most part they succeeded and while you can obviously tell just looking at the animation by itself DVD or TV series based on a very high production valued animated film you can still see that they tried to make it look like the original and they tried to make it sound like the original. Nathan Fillion is a fantastic actor and I think everyone’s going to agree with me but his voice does not sound like Nathan Drake and I think everyone will also agree on that as well. I feel as though we need more context behind this scene that took place both leading up to the scene and what comes after the scene to give us the full story. I felt like Nathan Fillion was fighting a drug lord more than someone who was in search of the treasure for evil maniacal purposes. I also felt like mapping out the house with the smartphone and the compass was a bit beyond Sully’s capability and knowledge. That just doesn’t seem like something that the characters from Uncharted would actually do and it doesn’t seem like a gadget that they would use. Also I want to say that the location feels like generic evil guy mansion in the middle of nowhere number 5. How many times have you seen some rich drug lord or whatever evil rich bad guy in a movie live in a mansion out in the middle of the desert so far away from society like this because I feel like that happens so so often. Overall I’d say this was enjoyable and it’s a good introduction to what may become a feature-length series or feature-length film. I would definitely go see Uncharted the movie in theaters. I would definitely watch Uncharted the movie on YouTube red or on Netflix and I would definitely watch Uncharted the series on YouTube red or Netflix. I will would love to see more of this.

Belbecat says:

Lang was such a good Sully but yeah his face is just naturally too “hardass sergeant” lol

John Brown says:

Captain Malcom was modeled after the archetype of the space smuggler, started by Han Solo. Nathan Drake was modeled after Fillion himself from his role as Malcolm. We might never see Fillion as a post-Ep6 Han Solo, but at least we can see him as Nathan Drake.

salamander337 says:

This role is perfect for Nathan Fillion! It should take place after the 4th game where they have a daughter. That older Drake should fit Nathan’s age and there you have it a Uncharted movie(or TV show) that continues off of the games. No need for a remake of the first game.

alex hovis says:

You should review Never Hike Alone.

Justin Harrison says:

Yes next cobra kai

Local Warlord says:

Nope, nope, nope it has to be filmed by Christopher Nolan and screen written by Neil druckman

Miss Munchkin says:

LOVED IT! Didn’t think Filion was too old, it’s how old Drake is in the last game.

Aidan Campbell says:

Hollywood: We don’t know what we’re doing, our head’s up our ass.

Jeff Arellanes says:

Loved it

Jamie Barclay says:

Ok…. Why can’t Nolan north just star in the film?

andre vickers says:

Have you ever been paid to make a good review on a bad movie???

SquidStone says:

Nathan Fillion has an accurate facial silhoutte of the Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake.

PhantomMatrix says:

Only true fans know how to make video game movies!

DragonSlayerVlogs says:

Im surprised noone talked about Nathan Fillion saying “Kitty got Wet” in the fan film. Like that was the best line in the film.

Bengali Boi says:

I would prefer a Netflix series of Uncharted

al zolez says:

Lang is not at all who i pictured as sully but once you see him its great! Id love to see more of him in this character.

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