UNCHARTED – Live Action Fan Film (2018) Nathan Fillion – REACTION & REVIEW!!!

An UNCHARTED LIVE ACTION FAN FILM starring Nathan Fillion & Stephen Lang! HOLY COW!!!! This is our REACTION & REVIEW!!!

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the huglife says:

The switch to “game mode” is when i said “TAKE MY MONEY!”

OblivionKisame says:

Am I the only one who recognizes el Tigre as the dude who beat up the rock in run down

Acemage says:

Because of this fan movie i´m gonna go buy me a ps4 and play the games. Anyone wanna bye a xbox? 🙂

Joseph Hill says:

Ryan, dang it.. U3 is 2.99 at GameStop. There is no reason not to own it by now!

Red Hood Fan Series says:

Such an excellent film!!!

Gothamyte says:

Fuck Tom Holland. Nathan Fillion IS
Nathan Drake

17 AC says:

Seems to take place between Uncharted 2 and 3.

Evan Harris says:

This takes places between 2 and 3…he loses the ring in the 3rd Part :D. But man…this is PERFECT!! We need this on the big screen!!!

Nat Kezxy says:

I’m still feel like watching Cayde cosplay Nathan Drake……

Ki11a TJ says:

Uncharted series would be cool

Halos tv show is already green lit cant wait

saimone sakisi says:

Kitty got wet lol

enjoyingincubusXD says:

Bruce Campbell would be a perfect sully, his performance in burn notice is proof enough

John D. Galindo says:

This needs to go on Hulu, Netflix hell even Amazon!!!

DASamX5453 says:

Only heard 1 Crap out of Nathan’s mouth…need more than that…I know that it’s short and like a teaser and it wouldn’t be the rest of a movie before we would hear it again but it’s not Drake till he says Crap a lot LOL

Shot Bro says:

People r way more into this than they should be, only coz Nathan Fillion is a fan favourite for this role. He’s not bad, but feels too much like Brendan Fraser. The more I watched the more I realised he’s a parody of Nathan Drake, not actually Nathan Drake. To make sure even, I went ahead and replayed Uncharted 4 and I was right. Maybe he could be Nate for a tv show, but definitely not for a movie, Nolan North has deserved that spot. It’s his role, he writes his own dialogue, he does most of his own motion capture stunt work, he does the motion capture for both body and face of Nathan, he does his voice and he even looks the most like him of any actor, since IT IS HIM.

samuel bird says:

Make it a damn TV series with 20min episodes and binge

Crashv01 says:

Lets just keep it a fan film…

joe manga says:

Loved it when the camera pulled back like the action sequences when you played the game. That was awesome! Well fans brought back Serenity (Firefly) let’s see if we can do the same for this!

Aj Q says:

I think judging from Nathan Drake’s outfit and the fact that Sully and Elena are journeying with Drake, I would say this takes place between 3 and 4.

Not that it matters. The Uncharted games are known for being their own standalone adventures that don’t require much knowledge of previous events.

The Reel Rejects says:

Original Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5CZQpqF_74
How awesome was this?! Which video game do you want to see a fan film for?!?!

Charlie G says:

That one dude looks like JusReign

316 Studios says:

Awesome. Lang is such a good actor,kinda ify on him doin Sully. Just didnt think he sounded like him. Bruce Campbell would be a good Sully..lol.
I don’t know what the hell they are thinking with the movie they are doing but using Tom Holland and doing a young Drake he just killed it for me I care nothing for seeing it, unless half of it will be him Young and the other half will be the Drake we all know. With this fan film… I could definitely see you this as a Netflix type of series, that would be badass.

Quisim Bryant says:

I’m thinking that it would be awesome if you guys reacted to the Final Fight fan film called “The Broken Gear.” The production value on that short is solid, and the music is fantastic.

Varun Uchil says:

Blake Lively would’ve been good as Elena

ShaeCouture says:

Guys when you get to Uncharted 4 you will REALLY see how this fan film captures the style. The office scene looked like a higher quality Uncharted 4 cutscene, and the melee fight early on had exact animations and everything from Uncharted 4.

DrakeMarvell says:

This movie needs to happen, especially with all of these actors that are in this short film. They could even reshoot this entire fan film to be the opening scene before the title of the movie even shows up, of course using the same actors as in the fan film.

Ajarmetta says:

Tells you the difference between tru fan of the games then hollywood greed

rad eb says:

Uncharted is the best.

Colin Breslin says:

This needs to be a Fucking Movie this is perfect

RYVALr r says:

Trop stylé

Walter Tupia says:

I feel the producers didn´t want to take the risk and quietly let this “fan movie” in youtube to test the cast with us. If it was so… yes, you can do the movie with this Nathan and Sully. They have the look, the style, and the chemistry and those are the most important things to have success in a movie.

Mr. Ḹḗṃỏŋ says:

I have to say, Fillion did an amazing job at playing the character, Spot on. Hopefully naughty dog sees this.

Adam Devo says:

He runs like an old man

s3m4jno5w4d says:

Your audio levels are wrong

Ary Sobral says:

We need this film already before Nathan gets too old.

PixelFoundry Gaming says:

*You haven’t played Uncharted 4? That’s nuts. That drives me nuts.*

DASamX5453 says:

Opening shot with the water reminded me of the beginning of Tomb Raider And The Cradle Of Life LOL Both..great shots…

DuU even says:

This needs to be a real movie

Benji Price says:

This would be sick as a 1hr long episode series where Nate and Sully go on different adventures.

Isaias Lara says:

When I first saw this I thought it was an actual uncharted movie.

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