Venom Movie Review: A True Turd in the Wind

Sony releases its first attempt to build a live action Spider-Verse with Venom. Ruben Fleischer directs this film from the world of Marvel that stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock along with Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Woody Harrelson, and Jenny Slate. One of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen when Eddie Brock acquires the powers of a symbiote, he will have to release his alter-ego “Venom” to save his life.

Perri Nemiroff sits down to review the movie and offer their impressions on the film. She gives you a non-spoiler take on the storylines, acting, direction, story and faithfulness to the source material. Perri also tells you what worked and what didn’t work for her in the movie and if she sees a universe being born from this movie. Let us know what you thought of what Perri and Haleigh had to say about the film in the Comments sections below. Remember to Like and Share this video on your social media and to Subscribe to the channel.

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VzAmPliFiEdzV says:

Did anyone actually watch this movie?? I loved it — typical old fashion superhero origin story… I really don’t understand. I feel like I watched a different movie. Everyone I saw it with loved it as well… I feel like something fishy is going on….

Adam Armstrong says:

Well im going to see the Movie anyways

kityhawk2000 says:

Okay I have no interest in Venom, but is it now Colliders trend to flip-off the movies they don’t like in the title of it’s reviews? Why do I even need to bother watching the videos in that case? You’ve already your opinion abundantly clear in the title.

Drostan Graves says:

This chick dont even sound like she has any knowledge of venom or any comic books. Shut up n let people form their own opinions by watching the movie

bonesintube says:

I agree with with you Peri that Carlton Drake wasn’t a good villain. It might have been different if the movie was R rated as it should have been. The lack of character development of anyone but Eddie Brock was the biggest problem but in saying that, I laughed a lot and still really enjoyed the film as a mindless popcorn movie. The thing that made me scratch my head the most was seeing Woody Harrelson. Not sure that he’s going to be right for that character. I give the film a 7. 5.5 seems a bit harsh.

Isaiah Kayode says:

Sony You screwed
Venom not once but twice

Tyler W says:

I strongly disagree. I thought it was pretty good.

Chalposh says:

Not sure who posted it first but IGN called it turd in the wind as well lol.

lilgamerguy says:

Make a sequel, keep Tom Hardy, make it rated R, get a better director and better writers, focus more on the relationship between Eddie and Venom, have a stronger villain (Carnage)

Sam T. says:

please don’t put the actual review in the video title. thanks.

Lord L says:

I don’t know who you are. What are you trying to say? Can you explain at all?

Gooner Of Titan says:

Venom and Eddie make out looool, I’m not paying to see that.

eric Vandiver says:

Well since you all loved the trash The Last Jedi then this movie must be great! I’ll def be going to see this if you clowns don’t like it. Thanks shills.

Rodd Thunderheart says:

No. You’re not a comic fan. So STOP trying review this “properly” The Life Foundation is lifted from the comics. Makes sense that it’s funded from paranoid rich people. Read some ACTUAL goddamn comics before you get all “Judgey McJudge” ON THIS…

****SPOILER TALK!!!****

The astronaut who survived the trip (then died) was named Jameson!! (A nod to John Jameson in the 94 series) Eddie Brock loses his job.. His apartment.. (They sorta “threw” girlfriend on the pile but only drove the story better) again.. He debates committing suicide..

5 symbiotes. Agony, Scream, Phage, Lasher, & Riot. (Appears in movie) Two of them are women! (Agony & Scream) and 2 women bonded with symbiotes!! (Dr. Skirth & the homeless lady) the other remaining 2 were shown… As Riot looks for Venom.

The symbiotes are shown to not bond fully because the bond ALSO has to be MENTAL.. BUT they could clean that up in 2.

The symbiotes talks to Eddy and begins to form an emotional bond (“I LIKE you Eddy…”) And FURTHER… It LIKES his ex… cue..
LADY VENOM!! (albeit temporarily) but ANOTHER NOD to the comics.

Riot remarks that he’s bonded better and therefore a stronger host…

Even if he had the white spider it wouldn’t have made that much difference. Riot and Venom looked the same and I could still tell them apart fighting. Gray and Black. It wasn’t hard.

Lastly we ALL were waiting to see Cletus Kasady and yes guess who plays him… Best line to and with…

“There’ll be Carnage…”

topdogrlg says:

Sony are experts in shitting the bed. All their franchise films are complete flops. What a waste.

Saul Davis says:

This woman needs to stop saying the relationship between Venom and Eddie Brock, it’s the symbiote and Eddie, together they make Venom, little nit pick but it’s annoying lol

Sir Hooks says:

Just watched it I really liked it 79. Yes could’ve been better if rated R but still glad they made it. Can’t wait for part 2 you’ll see why at the very very end;

John Luther says:

Venom was awesome – ignore this MCU shill review from the MCU shill site. My audience loved it as well and applauded at the end – it’s action was on point – had humor that was appropriately dark and truly launches a Symbiote Universe of films. The crowd went nuts at the end credit scene. Collider – time for you to stop this MCU bias…it’s embarassing.

Legion DC says:

“A true turd in the wind”
you’re not giving it a 5.5 out of 10.
your phrase gives it a 0.

Sux Man says:

The Reviewers can say whatever they want. #We_Are_Venom

ThePetemarvel says:

No YouTube channels want too like this film cus Sony most likely didn’t give out any freebies .

Joao Ferreira says:

Came directly from the theatre this movie is great. Watch first and make your own judgement.

Review This! says:

I honestly loved the movie

Robnoxious says:

Thanks to Kevin Feige and the MCU, fans aren’t gong to except these lesser quality attempts at making comic book films. We’ve been spoiled now. We know what these properties could be like if the right people were involved.

Do yourself a favor, Sony… sell the Spider-Man property back to Marvel, where it will be in good hands.

Nug King says:

Anyone else get weirdly aroused when Fem-Venom started making out with Tom Hardy?

DeathStarKitty says:

There were 2 movies going on at the same time and only one of them was kinda entertaining. I’d watch Venom in another movie but not the one that they set up.

Warren Perkins says:

Yes they should took the r rated route

Ben Akin says:

Review: Tom Hardy and Venom are amazing, everything else is TRASH ☹️

Lenin Verdezoto Pozo says:

The most of the times you are criticicing movies, yo don’t get acountability to the product you are criticicing. You are supposed to be a profesional group of critics with an hability to separate your subjetivity from the product you evaluate. In any other job, a worker it’s economicaly and ethicaly responsable for the end of their product fabrication, and they lose their money trough fines or suspension in case of a bad batch, or a bad ending of the product or service. In your case, you are so free that it doesn’t matter what you said, if the product is good or bad, your critic ends online or publicated, and you are not held acountable in monetary or ethics measures in case of failure. It piss me of that with a little bit o education in the system that you suposed to be experts, yo can’t have a good educated prediction refering to the movies or shows you review. At difference that other really few critics you are just paided ignorants that had an oppinion. So don’t critic movies, when the people that makes them are superior in every term to each and every one of you.

Nick Zanini says:

I liked it

Raymond Rodriguez says:

I thought it was great

Mortified Penguin says:

Still better than The Last Jedi

brad freeborough says:

Anything non MCU gets bashed nowadays.
Yes venom is unrelated to Spider-Man
But did they get the character right: YES.
The film isn’t groundbreaking like we’d hoped but it’s still a good film. Wish people would stop bitching purely cos it’s not MCU

Christopher Schott says:

Want my two cents ? The film is a watered down version of the possible Venom movie they could of made..
The problem with these studios is they only want to make money .. Trying to integrate into this stupid universe building garbage ..
I agree the Eddie Brock , venom relationship was well done .. It’s fine …. But the bloodless violence .. We want R rated ..
The movie should of been a Logan …not.a Action movie without menace …
Yes. The film could of been totally Evil Dead and intense ..and funny as Hell

michael elliott says:

Has it bombed yet??

EM LBC says:

Watch the movie! It’s worth it!!

taba247 says:

We are all assuming that it was Sony’s decision to drop the rating. What if, Disney pressured Sony into dropping the rating so it would be easier to integrate it with the MCU Spider-Man. What if Sony wanted a rated R rating and Disney made them change it since this was in association with Marvel.

Edwin Ortiz says:

Just put Venom in a spiderman movie.. Everyone else in this movie besides Eddie Brock sucked

Jason Was Here says:

This movie was good she don’t know s h i t.So was the Predator I’m so sick of people acting like Democratic sheep agreeing with nonsense.Go see it for yourselves it was good not great but good.I guess that’s why I liked it so much bc these reviewers all seem to agree with each other and I disagree with them.It was a 4 out of 5.

Pandah Sykes says:

I feel like a lot of people are saying the same things ; certain things don’t “work” in the movie and I get that … but to assume that certain characters are in there to serve super specific and cliche purposes is a mistake IMO .

Lots of people coming into this movie expecting something formulaic but maybe they weren’t going for that ? Almost like Dr strange not really being a typical superhero movie .

Yasmine Escobedo says:

Sony sucks.

Sultan Shaikh says:

Just keep the animated series with Sony, and let Disney take live action stuff!

Connor Daniels says:


zed0711 says:

It is not unique if it is a deadpool movie which is essentially what you looking for…essentially I loved they played it from the lethal protector comic, my only fault is that it was rushed.

As for carlton drake he and riot goes hand in hand as maniacal alphas, and ahmeds duality was good.
This wasn’t anything other than an establishment of Venom, ITS IN THE NAME. On that not look at it like that and you’d find it pleasing, and yes those laughs were intended.

Critics cannot criticise something they know nothing of.

Alejandro Flores says:

Well y’all haters can go fuck yourselves. This was good. It was a lot like the comics. The film also had that comic vibe to it, which I appreciated. Venom looked awesome and Tom Hardy played a good Eddie. Y’all just choking on MCU’s balls

Franchise Fanatic says:

I loved it

Bruno De Marques says:

Liked it. It was a B

flinty braz says:

I saw it tonight. It’s horrible. Just silly. Meh at best.

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