WESLEY SNIPES Action Movie Reviews! (Passenger 57 + Murder At 1600 + US Marshals)

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Episode #150: Wesley Snipes
In the second episode of “Action Movie Month”, Jon profiles three 90s action films starring Wesley Snipes; his breakout turn as the titular character in “Passenger 57”, as a Washington DC cop in “Murder At 1600”, and as a fugitive in “U.S. Marshals”.

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Tonight’s Films:
• Passenger 57 (1992) — Overcomes its formulaic story with interesting characters and a fun tone, 5/10.
• Murder At 1600 (1997) — Unimpressive procedural presented with some interesting twists, 6/10.
• U.S. Marshals (1998) — A fun, and above-average chase film, even if nobody asked for it, 7/10.

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• The Fifth Element (1997) — http://micropoll.com/t/KB75rZVPps
• RED 2 (2013) — http://micropoll.com/t/KB75rZVPpt

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TotalRewatch says:

 U.S. Marshals was enjoyable and yeah that swinging towards the train platform was done old school and awesome! About the upcoming Bruce Willis movies.

Striking Distance was a bit slow after such a rush opening scene but I think it was OK. 5/10
Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies of all times (Also BW my fav actor) and the pace, sets, story and action scenes were nicely done. Luc Besson is a genius cinematographer. 8/10
Red 2 was seriously a bit more simple than the first one and the plot was not at all working for me. Still think it was decent for what it is as a movie, just a fun-to-watch-not-to-think kind of movie. 5/10


The Fifth Element: A must watch for any movie lover. Its what an action movie is all about: a strong, edgy, resourceful tough guy, a sexy gal that needs saving when the going gets tough, and plenty of hilarious comic relief in between the fantastic sci-fi action. I personally LOVE this movie 10/10. 

Volvagia´s Blaze says:

the fifth element:  very polarising this one. on the one hand, the models and the designs tare very well done, though i will admit that you´ll love them or hate them, and the acting isn´t half bad. on the other hand the plot is just as ludicrous as “Stargate” and the characters, aside from bruce willis, are obnoxious. overall a glass half full/ half empty situation 6/10

dabomber1300 says:

Honestly, as cheesy as the first one was, the Blade trilogy are my favorite Wesley Snipes movies.

Wesley Rocco says:

Jon Paula, Movie Reviewer by day, Action Hero by night! Awesome work on the intro.

Meme Lord says:

Love it

Aaack Aardvark says:

Wow, action packed intro.

That was brilliant +Jogwheel  , your acting skills are improving a lot.  Congrats on the 150 episode!

BobaFett99 says:

Striking Distance: Great Premise, poor execution. writing issues make this great piece of potential suffer, 5/10.

DDay says:

Jon I can tell your loving that SWAT vest way too much!

TomPTV says:

Haha Loved the intro Jon!!! 

Sam Coren says:

BLADE movies though

Dustin Krueger says:

Hey Jon, the intro looks freaking awesome, you’re a hotshot with a gun

pokemaster123ism says:

The Fifth Element: a fun adventure with awesome effects. 9/10

Mary Sith says:

What an fantastic intro! I bet it was worthy you nearly getting shot at 0:48 xD

grindcoremaniac says:

Jon, have you reviewed Demolition Man? i can’t remember if you did or not. if not, that would have been a good one to review. the sheer ridiculousness of that movie makes it quite enjoyable. Edit: never mind haha

Icebears4ever says:

The Fifth Element: Overrated sci-fi, with poor acting and a poor script. It is fun to watch, but not a good film. 5/10

MetalmaT says:

My favorite Snipes movie is Blade. In fact I really like all 3 of them but the 1st is obviously the best

L Pendergast says:

The Fifth Element: Although it’s a bit too over the top and it’s humor is a bit stale. It’s a rock solid popcorn flick with inventive visuals, impressive action sequences and a rather interesting story. 8/10

NinjaWarriorRabbids says:

Red 2: Why did they make it?! It’s less organised, inconsistent, and just feels like any other bad sequels. 2/10

Jogwheel says:

Spent a lot of time putting together the intro skit for this one, so I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for watching, as always!

Garrick Groover says:

The Fifth Element: The story, characters, and action are great, but what really sells this film is the setting and visuals. 9/10

Daniel Molloy says:

bruce payne was the bad guy in highlander 4

BobaFett99 says:

Red 2: The great cast returns in this surprising, fun and action packed ‘popcorn’ flick, 7/10.

Griever 2112 The Nerfing Lionheart says:

The Fifth Element: I really enjoyed it. It’s one of those great popcorn movies, action packed, comedic dialog and larger than life characters. Plus a staple to any good popcorn movie, it is quotable, very quotable. 8/10

BobaFett99 says:

The Fifth Element: Overrated. Has it’s moments but is ultimately convoluted and bloated, 4/10.

NeverSaySandwich1 says:

You should’ve reviewed Blade!

Dyonus says:

Fifth Element: A fun sci-fi romp filled with hilarious moments, awesome action scenes, and an interesting style never really duplicated in any subsequent films. (Maybe for good reasons.) One of my all-time favorite movies. 8/10

sfighter00 says:

Good episode as always. Are you gonna do a trailer commentary on the “Fantastic Four” teaser sometime? 

Zombiekilleryamato says:

Am I supposed to be familiar with striking distance I have not seen it or have access to and will not buy it wish it was the last boy Scout

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