What I liked about Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action! (Spoiler Free Review)

Things I liked about the live action movie after I saw the premier. I have more opinions now that I’ve seen it again on Netflix, so I hope to expand on those soon!

(I liked it better than Milos at least).


sosuke kurosaki98 says:

The movie was crap

Tyler Klotz says:

I can’t believe you saw the same movie I just saw. I couldn’t even finish this movie. I found it absolutely horrible.

Kingpinn02 says:

I mean, I didn’t think it was terrible, but I didn’t think it was good. I just took it as junk food. As a fan of both animes, I ate up the fan service and live action versions of scenes. But the special effects are terrible (Alphonse doesn’t feel real to me and Gluttony made me laugh) and the actors were a bit to over the top at times (Hughes was adorably similar to his original counterpart, though).

Master Dono says:

It WAS good
I just finished it
I thought is was gonna be bad like attack on titan live action

Hugo W. says:

So as somebody who is a fan of FMA 2003 and Brotherhood, I can’t say I was hyped for this film, and I’m glad I wasn’t, I finished watching it recently and… wow…. how do I even put this into words… This was a terrible live-action adaptation!

I can imagine the director and scriptwriter for the film going through the source material of FMA, both the manga and anime, and going “You know what, I don’t think making our own original arc for the Elric brothers is a good idea, why don’t we stay on the original story and cram all the memorable moments from the anime and manga into a film, people like those moments right?” The story of this film is trash, not because it’s not original and tries to separate itself from the main story to make something interesting, but because everything about it so rushed. Let’s look at an example, the death of Trisha Elric (and don’t shout “Spoiler!!!!” we all knew it was going to happen). This film doesn’t bother introducing Trisha or making us feel any sort of emotional attachment to the Elric brothers and Trisha, a summary of the scene in the film goes a bit like this:

Elric Bros: “Mom come play with us!”
Trisha: “Okay kids, here I come!”
*Trisha falls over and dies, cue funeral scene.

There is nothing that explains why she dies and nor does it make us feel any emotion, something which the anime did better because it took its time to explain the relationship between the Elrics. Next on the list is the alchemy and how it’s presented. Alchemy is the fundamental core of FMA, and yet this film can’t even explain it properly to an audience who hasn’t watched FMA before. They open a shot of a transmutation circle with materials being transmuted into a toy…. And that’s it, that’s our introduction shot of alchemy, with no explanation except something about equivalent exchange… transmutation… for anyone who hasn’t seen FMA before, all of those terms are confusing, make no sense and simply doesn’t tell them anything.
I’m going to move away from the story because otherwise we’re gonna be here for a while. (Also Nina, after she’s been turned into a chimera, never brought up again, she’s never killed, she just disappears for the rest of the film which is around another hour and half of film left).

So I’ve seen a lot of arguments about casting an obviously Germanic race as Japanese, and I agree that the actors should’ve been Western instead of Japanese because the Japanese actors feel and look out of place, can you imagine the confusion there’s going to be when Ling comes in, looks Chinese or Japanese, except there is no difference in race with any of the characters.

This is in line with an argument against some live-action manga adaptations from Japan including the “Attack on Titan” adaptation (which no one seems to be mentioning funnily enough) – For those who aren’t aware, the cast of “Attack on Titan” are similar to FMA as in, most, if not all the characters are in some way European, while one character, a woman called Mikasa, is stated to be “half-Japanese”… So when did it make sense then to cast ALL the characters as Japanese AND THEN say they’re European?

You can argue all you want about white-washing in Hollywood, but Japan is just as bad with Asian-washing, “Old Dog” is a brilliant film, and by far my favourite manga adaptation to date, “Ghost in the Shell 2017” despite being Americanised, is still not a terrible Hollywood adaptation (boring as it was, it tried to keep the core theme of the original film, even if it did go for the whole American “Freedom” stuff at the end which I didn’t approve of, but I’m just glad it was still aesthetically the same).

The acting was terrible, the actor who played Ed, doesn’t know how to throw a believable punch, the voice actor for Al sounds like a 38 year old man with a deep voice trying to emulate a child and failing. And finally, OVERACTING IS NOT FUNNY! Whoever thought overacting in a manga/anime adaptation is funny, is wrong, it makes characters look ridiculous… it’s live-action so make the reactions real and believable not cartoonishly bad. For that matter, let’s look at the costumes… I’m sorry, all the characters look like they’re wearing cosplay, cheap cosplay, which is reinforced by the fact that the characters are wearing wigs (Winry isn’t even blond).

It was stated in an interview with the director of the FMA 2017/18 film that the special effects would rival that of Hollywood. There were instances where yes, the film had good visual effects, the armour looked fine for the most part. But then came moments like Trisha’s funeral scene, where it was really obvious that everything was under-exposed in lighting for some kind of effect when it’s blatantly obvious it was filmed in plain daylight and then retouched in post-production.

Hell, even the scenes like the moment Al loses his body and Ed loses his arm and leg, all of that was filmed in daylight rather than night-time with candles to give that ominous feeling the anime’s had. Nina’s chimera revelation, the anime had a sense of style, either by darkening everything by being in a basement, or again… night-time with a colour effect to place emphasis on the deranged mind of Tucker. None of which is reflected in the film who just thinks dramatic scenes filmed during the day are more dramatic (*wink wink nudge nudge, they are not dramatic at all).

The lighting is also just as bad because of the fact that the light is everywhere, there’s no use of shadows that is prominent and everybody just looks flat because there’s no shadow, or backlight to separate them from the background, everything is either under-exposed or over-exposed in terms of lighting. That’s another thing, the backgrounds, it all looks like it was filmed in either a Studio or just all filmed in the same house, white walls everywhere, there’s nothing that stands out, you’ve got the chance to… I dunno, paint the walls, add posters or some kind of decoration to make people or the environment stand out.

And finally, the Homunculus, again, emo cosplayers, Gluttony, looked terrifying at first, and then his power appeared and suddenly he looked like the punch-line of a terrible walking joke, Envy is kinda just there and Lust, well, there’s nothing about her that is really interesting… or lustful about her, it’s like the Homunculi were just… there…

There are so many more things wrong with this film which I’m sure many other people have already picked apart, particularly on Youtube and other sites, I tried watching this film with the hope that it would passable but it didn’t even reach that level. I watched this film as objectively as I could, trying to pick the good from the bad, but the bad vastly outweighs the good. This film is not worth a rewatch nor is it worth anyone’s time. Get yourself a cookie and watch something else!

Mathsgeek 10 says:

is this of a joke or am i the only one that hated the movie. that envy costume tho!

cas cal says:

You liked it?…shit!… I thought it was bloody awful

Evan AGM says:

This is a bad adaptation

333pinkelephant333 says:

Just because other anime-to-live-adaptation movies sucked, doesn’t make this one good. It’s relatively better..but that’s like saying eating rotten, moldy bread is better than eating feces.
The biggest failure is that this movie relies too heavily on its audience being familiar with the original story. Well, granted most people probably are familiar with the original manga and the 2 anime series but I am a firm believer in adaptations standing on its own and this movie fails hopelessly at that.
The characters needed to have developed more fully, the world/stage built more thoroughly, and the conflict between the characters displayed in depth. But all we get is about a minute’s worth of explanation on how Ed and Al lost their body without having told anything about what happened to their parents, how they came to learn alchemy, or what it took for Ed and Al to start their journey. The movie also forgot to mention that the world they’re living in is ruled by a militaristic government or why some people view the military as the devil or why alchemists who join the military are considered “dogs of the military.” Without knowing the history about the Ishval genocide and the oppression of the people by the corrupt military officials, Ed’s conflicting emotions about joining the military have no meaning.
Not to mention, the homunculi, who are pivotal to the central plot of the original story, were absolutely worthless characters in the movie! Not only were they laughably easy to defeat, but they served 0 purpose! They could’ve been easily replaced by any of the random human soldiers or alchemists and the story would be no different. They stop Ed from finding out the truth by killing Dr Marco but then what? Ed never learns anything from them like he does in the original manga! WHAT WAS THE POINT THEN?! It’s hinted that homunculi are responsible for creating the zombie soldiers and the stone but that doesn’t mean much when Gluttony is actually the one who’s going around eating all the zombie soldiers lol
We never even learn about what Hughes found out that ultimately ended in his death. Maybe it was supposed to be the big reveal in the future sequels but it seems stupid for something that big to get discussed but not get resolved or even brought to the surface in the movie.
The only positive about this movie is how cute the actors are. I mean damn Roy … who are you and where have you been all my life lol

Aria Antoinette ritcherson says:

It wasnt bad tbh, I kinda understand why it was rushed tho, I mean to think there more than 50 ep in the series and putting them all together in a 2 hour movie? Yup I’d say it wasnt as bad as the death note one.


I love how indestructible the mannequins were in this movie

CheetahPaws says:

In my opinion the movie was poorly shot with terrible CGI and I feel as though they missed some very key points and themes from the manga/animes. I think the problem was that they were trying to follow the manga too closely, which is something that is very hard to translate into live action well. They were trying so hard to smash multiple chapters/episodes into one movie that everything seemed rushed and uncreative.

belmorra24 says:

Are you kidding me, the live action movie looks like a bunch of cosplayers reenacting 1% of the plot…

culer O'connor says:

Very fair review I believe that this movie made justice as much as it could it did bother me all cast being Japanese with blonde wigs tho, but other than that it was good and the villains damn!!!! The look exactly a like loved that, but in would love to see fürer Bradley as the main villain

Mark aman says:

Turned it off. Ha2f to go back and finish it. Dissapointed big time

Mario and Sonic Plush Bros says:

Will this follow FMA(2003) or FMA:B

CUZ I jut finished Fma(2003) and Idk if I need to watch FMA:B to watch this movie

Samwise The myth says:

It’d fucking awesome.. it stayed ture AF

Dudyk cabul says:

This movie was terrible to be quite honest.

TorbjørnMain says:

“FMA is my favorite series”
“This movie was actually really good”
i’m sorry but you can’t have both i’m afraid.

Santi Orussa says:

ok, this video hyped me so much that when finally watching the movie i was really disappointed, but hey, i’m happy that you enjoyed it(?

MF Blaziken says:

Such shit

bandotaku says:

You know what else is cool about this movie? Mustang is played by Dean Fujioka, who is the same Dean Fujioka that wrote and sang the song “HISTORY MAKER,” the opening theme of Yuri on Ice!

Andrea O'Dell says:

Japan: *tries to stay true to the source material but most of the time fails due to the amount of story that’s hard to apply in one movie*
USA: *Just takes the title and does their own shit*

This is why I prefer Japan over the US. I watched the movie and… I will say this, at least it was recognizable unlike AoT.

Killer Veemstar says:

I personally didn’t like the film. The pacing was off and clunky due it the time span. I really hated how they casted everyone, especially due to it basically being confirmed that Amestris is parallel Germany. Due to the run time so much was rushed and left enormous plot holes. The CGI was pretty awful for 2018. I have a massive list of legitimate critisms. A few good things. Hugh’s looks good, Al looks good. All the costumes where brilliant, the amlcamy effects which the best part of the CG and the acting was good. I can’t think of anything else I like at all.

Ivy The Twisted says:

I’m afraid to watch this. FMA is too near and dear to my heart.

Robert Perez says:

I thought it was actually okay for how it turned out

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